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PSX Extreme (Oct 23, 2002)
V-Rally 3 is an excellent racing game, and is a must-have title for the year. I find myself, too often, coming back to V-Rally 3, and diving through the career mode as a new driver, taking new paths by signing different contracts, and whatnot. Visually, it's one of the most gorgeous racers on the market, and thankfully it plays as well as it looks. It controls remarkably well, and features a ton of replay value, so you will be getting the bang for your buck. By now if you don't get the picture, let me put it in blatant wording: V-Rally 3 is a must have, 'nuff said.
IGN (Nov 05, 2002)
In the year 2002, V-Rally 3 offers the best rally racing experience on PlayStation 2. The game offers an extraordinarily pretty front-end, a great set of options, choices and car modifications, with actual visual details portraying how your changes would affect the car itself, and a good physics engine. It also handles really well, and the progression from the 1.6L to 2.0L is a nice, smooth transfer from easy to hard competition.
GameZone (Jan 09, 2003)
Rally fans should not miss this one. They don't even have to question its quality by renting it first -- it's that good. Like I said before, a quick test drive is not enough to form an opinion of this game. It's very time-consuming and takes quite a bit of patience at first. But it's worth it.
Gaming Target (Jan 29, 2003)
V-Rally 3 squarely rests in the “love it or hate it” category of gaming. Those who master the quirky control will find the game to be challenging and rewarding, while the other set will find the game frustrating and probably stick to the much easier 1.6 races to keep the enjoyment level high. While not the first choice for a rally game (the cheaper, but much harder to find World Rally Championship is the PS2 rally king), V-Rally 3 is a good choice for rally fans looking for a tough game. While Colin McRae 3 is right around the corner, this title should keep you busy until then.
81 (Aug 04, 2002)
Trotz des gestiegenen Realitätsanspruches bleibt auch der neueste Teil der V-Rally-Serie ein Arcade-Spiel - und macht als solches auch Spaß. Die Schwächen des Karriere-Modus nimmt man erst nach einigen Stunden richtig war und auch die grafischen Schwächen offenbaren sich erst nach der ersten „Hurra“-Phase. Weitestgehend uneingeschränkt überzeugen kann eigentlich nur der Sound. Wer allerdings nach einem Hardcore-Rallye-Spiel sucht, ist mit dem doch schon älteren WRC und vermutlich auch mit dem im September erscheinenden dritten Teil von Colin McRae besser aufgehoben. Mit etwas Feinarbeit hätte man sicherlich noch mehr aus dem ambitionierten V-Rally 3 herausholen können, doch andererseits kann ich mir wahrlich schlechtere Spiele vorstellen, um mir die Zeit zu vertreiben.
80 (Jun 25, 2002)
Un titre qui parvient à proposer un compromis équilibré entre simulation, réalisme et accessibilité. La prise en main est assez délicate mais la maniabilité sous son apparente difficulté offrira de bonnes sensations de conduite même si le sentiment de vitesse n'est pas toujours au rendez-vous.
Overall, V-Rally 3 is a highly challenging racing game that’ll keep your fingers on their toes from the moment you pop it in your PS2. If you’ve never or rarely rally, it’s the perfect rental for a weekend test drive, and a definite keeper if you can keep up with what it throws at you.
GameSpy (Dec 13, 2002)
Rally racing plays so differently from most other racing games that you may have to attune yourself to a whole new set of necessary gameplay techniques if you're new to this subset of the driving genre. Paying careful attention to your navigator's turning instructions, and learning how much to brake when sliding into turns, while also compensating for the game's over-steer can be quite engrossing. If you think that you're up to wrestling with sensitive controls, then V-Rally 3's formidable package would be well worth investing in.
GameSpot (Nov 05, 2002)
V-Rally 3 has support for Logitech's USB wheel-and-pedal combo, and it will also let four players compete at once. You can unlock four unique cars by finishing first in the two championships, and you can use these cars in the game's time attack mode. Add V-Rally 3's deep career mode to all this, and it becomes clear that there's a lot of game to be had here. Ultimately, the only glaring mark against V-Rally 3 is its problematic control, but if you can see past this issue, then you'll likely enjoy this game. However, with so many other rally games on the horizon, you might want to consider waiting and weighing your options.
58 (Sep 13, 2002)
Overall, V-Rally 3 might have some fun facter hidden somewhere but the design flaws make it so hard to discover that most people won't even bother trying to find it after having played for a couple of hours. I suggest that you go out to buy Gran Turismo 3 in budget or Gran Turismo Concept if you're into racing.
50 (UK) (Jul 18, 2002)
What makes V-Rally 3 really annoying is that it could have been so much better with a little more thought. As it is all the best bits are hidden away behind a couple of hours of tedium driving a deliberately trashed car in the career mode. If you have the patience and determination to unlock everything you'll eventually find some amusement, but the process is so painful that most people will probably give up long before they reach that point. Throw in regular frame rate drop-offs, sloppy presentation, and huge save game files that chew up somewhere in the region of 2Mb of your precious memory card, and this is one rally game you can probably live without.