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WinBack: Covert Operations Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Main Menu
All cinematics are using ingame graphic. The chopper with special ops team going to greet the badguys.
A brief introductory to your team members before you reach the randez-vous point.
Jean-Luc Cougar, main protagonist.
Not all women are nice... not when they start shooting at your with a heavy caliber gun.
One of the bosses that was pretty good at sniping down your comrades. It's time for your reply now.
Hide and shoot will be the regular tactic to use all the time, if you wanna play safe.
Objects that are destroyable will be marked with red cursor.
Shooting at multiple targets may be a bit tricky, but you'll just need to be quick at your feet.
Depending upon your health bar (lower-left corner), background music will be more or less intense.
A green flash indicates a correct hit, either by you or the enemy.
Always remember to reload, running out of ammo can put you in a most difficult predicament.
Laser traps are constant in this game, and will kill you within a touch. Only way to disable them is to find their power box and destroy it.
Checking out the map.
Checking the status of your team.
One of the first boss fights, first one to reach zero on the health bar loses.
Pow! Right in the chest, but there's still chance for victory as there are many medkits around in boss battles.
On the helipad... soon to see a chopper with enemy reinforcements.
Blue flash indicates items you can take, or objects you may interact with.
Surprise behind the box.
Caught in the crossfire.
Shooting behind the corner can sometimes stretch up to be longer than expected.
Whatever you do, don't expect enemies to just stand calmly and shoot back. Sometimes they can roll, duck, find better cover, or even come at you.
Shooting enemy in the back is one of the most certain way to make a kill with a single shot.
However, when you're shot from the back, you will loose much more health then otherwise.
Using machine gun is best when targeting distant foes.
Sneaking in a crouch mode.
Depending upon your and the position of an enemy, you will uncover fully or just enough to roll back in cover.
Blasting stuff in multiplayer mode.
After some heavy explosion, smoke effect is nicely done, especially if you're in the middle of it, can't see squat until it clears.