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    The football fan's football game receives a makeover that'd make Beckham jealous

    With the likes of FIFA, This Is Football and ISS providing fast and furious arcade-style football kicks, it's been left largely to Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer series to tackle the more methodical and tactical simulation side of soccer. Last year's PES2 was essentially a tightened-up update of its predecessor, but Pro Evolution Soccer 3 sees Konami's Tokyo division completely rebuilding everything from scratch - with quite spectacular results.

    Take the ball out onto the pitch for the first time and prepare to be dazzled by the reworked and massively improved player animation. Now, they'll react realistically to any situation, using their feet, body and head appropriately based on the height, direction, position and velocity of the ball. Watch as players desperately stretch to deliver a pass as the ball lies just of their reach, or receive a mid-air ball with their feet, only to knock it over their own head and carry on running on the turn - you will be impressed.

    PES3 offers an unprecedented level of control on and off the ball; the right analog stick and R2 button are now used to give you immediate access to a variety of tricky, skilful manoeuvres. Spin the stick, for example, and you'll perform a deft 360-degree turn; double tap it to either side of your player's running direction and they'll perform a rapid shimmy to take the ball away from oncoming defenders. Manual passing is also possible by tipping the stick in your chosen direction and clicking down on the R3 button to deliver inch-perfect passes and defence-splitting through balls.

    Master League mode has benefited from expansion once again; you'll have to work much harder to fight your way into the big leagues, and negotiating and purchasing players requires a smidgen of financial nous. You'll find yourself striving to build the finest team possible without falling into debt on account of your star players' extortionate wages. Victory in Master League matches (and indeed, any matches for that matter) earns you PES points that can be used in the all-new PES Shop to purchase new stadia, kit and secret options. Pro Evolution Soccer is by far the finest instalment of the series yet, and possibly the greatest football simulation ever.

    • Hugely improved player animation and ball physics

    • Perform stepovers, 360 degree spins and more using the right analog stick

    • Referee now makes advantage and handball rulings

    • Purchase bonus features in the PES Shop

    • Expanded Master League mode

    Contributed by DreinIX (10672) on Apr 15, 2008. - Publisher's site:
    The world's most popular soccer game returns to America! With its pure soccer approach, Winning Eleven has become the clear favorite of soccer fans everywhere and is widely regarded as the definitive soccer gaming experience. The series returns to North America with Winning Eleven 7, representing a mammoth step forward over its predecessor. Every element of the game has been tweaked, reworked and enhanced resulting in the most realistic and pure soccer experience available.

    • More players, teams, stadiums, crowd effects and strategies

    • All new game engine resulting in the most realistic game in the series

    • 100's of new animations and picture-perfect player models

    • New features for Master League including a new player search engine

    Contributed by Sciere (585891) on Dec 26, 2004.

Atari Australia Press Quotes - Windows:
    "Pro Evolution Soccer 3 is the beautiful game. No other videogame has ever captured the framework of the sport so completely, and ground its subtlest qualities between the vector units of Darth Vader's toaster, as this season's edition of the game. Anyone with an appreciation of football simply must own this.. 10/10" -

    "Ultimately, whether or not you buy PES3 comes down to just one question: do you like football? If the answer is 'yes', then you need this. You need it more than you need oxygen" -

    PES3 is as close to perfect as things are going to get for a while - in terms of gameplay, at least. 10/10" - Rewired

    "PES3 is not just a game, it is the beautiful game." "The best football sim ever. The evolution starts here." "PES3 curls a free kick around the hapless FIFA." - 94% PC Powerplay

    Contributed by Xoleras (66712) on May 21, 2004.

Atari Australia website - Windows:
    With the Pro Evolution Soccer series rightly regarded as the pinnacle of console football titles, the Tokyo-based team has risen to the challenge of out-performing its predecessors and Pro Evolution Soccer 3 is certain to set new standards for the football genre. As befits a series widely regarded as the definitive football experience for console, Pro Evolution Soccer 3 represents a mammoth step forward for the series, with every aspect of the game massively reworked, with new player models, on and off the ball moves and key additions to the Master League incorporated into the new game. Specs of PES 3 PC

    Minimum specs:
    OS: Windows98/Me/2000/XP
    CPU: PentiumIII 800MHz
    Graphic/Video Card: DirectX8.1 compatible video card with more than VRAM 32MB
    DVD Driver
    Main Memory: 128MB RAM
    Hard Disk: 1Go or more free space
    Sound Card F100% DirectX8.1 compliant
    Controls: Keyboard (Game Pad with more than 3 buttons recommended)

  • From the outset, Pro Evolution Soccer 3's improvements are obvious. The game's menu screens have been simplified to cater for the wealth of new modes on offer. In addition to the series' renowned cup tournaments, friendly matches and a new, four-division Master League, KCE TYO has also added a 'Shop' element to the game. This adds additional depth to the series, as players accumulate points via the training and exhibition modes. These in turn can be traded for new stadiums, crowd effects, teams, players, strategies and hair styles, rewarding the player for prolonged play.
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 3 has also undergone a radical aesthetic overhaul, with KCE TYO renewing over 80% of the in-game animations, and a new graphics engine allowing the greatest level of detail seen in the series. Combined, Pro Evolution Soccer 3 benefits from players that not only look identical to their real-life counterparts, but move like them, too. Similarly, the players have improved AI and ball physics that allows them to pull off moves specific to particular situations. As such, long-range drives are now more controllable than before, while players can flick the ball over a defender with their heel and perform deft turns to bypass oncoming defenders.
  • This level of detail is further expanded with a wealth of smaller ideas. Players now have facial expressions which change depending on how the game is going, while injuries are more visible with the addition of head bandages and strapped limbs. In addition, the crowd now plays a larger part in the proceedings; with the popularity of teams reflected in how full the stadium is, while they will also be dressed differently according to the weather the match is being played in. The fans also benefit from a number of new stadia, as KCE TYO continues to add to the big game realism Pro Evolution Soccer 3 enjoys.
  • With a multi-player mode accommodating up to eight players, referees playing the advantage in foul situations, the option to control one player as opposed to switching between them, and new modes to select referees and switch fatigue on and off, Pro Evolution Soccer 3 is certain to set new standards for a console football game. Every element of the game has been tweaked, reworked and enhanced resulting in a game where every flick and trick of the real thing can be intuitively performed.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66712) on May 21, 2004.