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WRC II Extreme Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Title screen. This is taken from an official PS2 magazine cover mount PBPX-95514 (2002).
The main menu. This is from a demo version where only the time trial is available
In the demo version there are only three circuits available. These are Cyprus, Italy and Monaco.
The Car selection screen. In the demo version there are only two cars available this Skoda and a Peugeot 206.
Before starting the time trial the player is treated to a video montage of rally cars while a voiceover describes the circuit. Cyprus, for example, is slower than most circuits
Having described the circuit the game waits for the player to start playing. While it does so it shows a fly-by of the track. This is Cyprus in the demo version
This is the standard race view. The co-driver gives an account of the track ahead and the game shows direction arrows. Both can be disabled.
An in-car view
The end of run results. This run timed out which is why the figures don't make much sense. This is followed by an action replay
The post race action replay can be viewed from many camera angles
The demo was released at a time when the full game had not yet been finished