XGIII: Extreme G Racing Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

The game's licensing screen is followed by an animated race sequence in which the text "In A Race Where Losing Is Not An Option/The Only Way To Survive/Is To Display On Two Wheels" is displayed
When the start=up animation is complete there's a screen with the white XGIII logo shown against a black background. That is quickly replaced with thew start screen
The main menu. left/right or up/down scrolls through the icons on the right which are XG Career, XG Team Career, Load Data, Versus Game and Options
Starting an XG Career. If the player waits long enough the scrolling text gives the background to the game
Starting an XG Career. The first step is to select a team to drive for. There are eight teams with two drivers per team
Having chosen a team and a driver the player then selects the game mode. Up/down scrolls through the menu icons shown in the upper right
At the start much of the game is locked. Here the time trial mode was selected but all the courses are locked.
Playing in the league. The first course in the Lithium Cup is Muon Harbour. The player must finish better than seventh to earn credits
There's a fly-by of the course and then there's a 3-2-1 countdown to start the race
The race is underway. The background shifts around the player quite dramatically - especially on the bends
The side lanes on some parts of the track are coloured. Purple replenishes ammunition and green recharges shields
When the race is over the game runs a rolling replay showing different camera angles. This shows the player passing through the shield recharge lane
In-game it is possible to switch the camera angle to see who's coming up behind you, useful for rear facing weapons
Credits earned in racing are used to upgrade the player's machine
The player can change the default race view to cockpit mode