Air Conflicts: Secret Wars Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Splash screen.
Main menu.
Campaign map.
German troops are advancing toward Tobruk.
When you are using cockpit camera, you can look around.
Free camera lets you adjust any angle round the plane... and you can see they didn't put much attention to our protagonist which looks rather generic.
Enemy AA emplacements will fire if you get into their range.
Mission objectives.
Enemy fighters are coming into visible range.
Taking off... flying enemy plane will boost your stealth.
You need to anticipate enemy plane movement and fire a bit in front to hit the target.
Enemy fighter going down in flames.
Using missiles to take out enemy fuel depot.
Firing missile at the enemy patrol, before explosion.
Firing missile at the enemy patrol, after explosion.
Sometimes the line between mercenary and smuggler is blurred.
World War I missions are played through a story told flashbacks.
Protecting the allied ships.
Different planes have different and somewhat authentic cockpits.
You should choose the most appropriate plane for the mission, assuming you have it unlocked.
Junkers Stuka s surprisingly strong fighter-bomber and well armed at that.
Too many bombers to fend off... no matter how many you take down, more of them appear.
With a bit of luck and upgrades, you can increase the chance of scoring critical hits.
Some bombers have multiple machine-guns and allow you to fire at the enemy from the rear or side point.
This recon mission just turned into running for your life kind of mission.
Emergency landing went fine.
WWI missions are much slower than WWII ones and don't yield you any points or unlockables.
Strafing at the invading infantry.
Use bomb marker to help you hit the ground targets.
Following the tracks to reach the guard posts and take them out before the train reaches them.
Enemy train station taken out by using special skill that slows down the time and provide you with a steadier aim.
Enemy bombers coming in.
Cockpit adds to authenticity, but covers the vision.
Protecting the ground troops against the bombers.
Tailing the enemy.
Enemy general, prepping to skedaddle.
Chasing the high-ranking enemy general trying to escape.
Flying over Berlin.
Escorting heavy bombers.
Flying over pyramids.