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User Reviews

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Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.7
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.1
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.9
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.9
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.1
Overall User Score (14 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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Character customization is bafflingly basic and bosses can be annoyingly cheap. On the other hand, the game is gorgeous, with top-notch production values and voice work. It's fun to develop relationships between Mike and the game's various other characters. The stealth gameplay is pretty good, if a little too easy sometimes. The game makes you feel like a real spy, complete with all the research-based legwork. In those respects, there are few games like it. Whether or not you like Alpha Protocol is probably going to depend on your proclivity for spy lore itself. But if you've ever wanted to be a secret agent, you could do a hell of a lot worse.
Games Master (Aug, 2010)
Alpha Protocol's a technical turkey but it's also a gripping, innovative and deserving of both success and a sequel. It might look like a dog, but dig deep and you're in for an undercover treat - it's a stonking feeling when a game we were expecting to stink turns out to be a revelation. If you've any interest in RPGs that also deliver explosive action, don't let this double agent slip through the net.
Vandal Online (May 28, 2010)
Alpha Protocol es un gran juego, que quizĂĄs no llegue con toda la expectaciĂłn que merezca, y que puede ser considerado uno de los tapados de este año precisamente por esto. La apuesta de Obsidian y Sega es arriesgada y valiente, intentando sintetizar varios gĂ©neros en un juego con acciĂłn, exploraciĂłn, rol y libertad de movimiento, que se queda lejos de tĂ­tulos como Metal Gear o Splinter Cell en lo que se refiere a narrativa cinemĂĄtica y epicidad de la historia, pero que los ridiculiza en libertad de acciĂłn y a la hora de darnos la sensaciĂłn de ser un espĂ­a. Esperemos que no pase desapercibido, aunque su mayor problema es que para muchos puede quedarse demasiado a medio camino en los numerosos gĂ©neros que toca. A nosotros nos ha parecido uno de los juegos mĂĄs innovadores y meritorios de los Ășltimos meses.
1UP (May 28, 2010)
Finally, it's probably worth mentioning that Alpha Protocol isn't a terribly long game. You could probably blow through the main plot in about a dozen hours, depending on how sidetracked you want to get with optional missions. That's not actually a bad thing, though. So much of the dialogue and story changes depend on your choices that it's absolutely worth revisiting at least once after the credits roll.
4Players.de (May 28, 2010)
Egal ob plumper Beat'em Up-Nahkampf, Sturmgewehrgeballer oder ĂŒberzeichneter Bosskampf - das wird alles schwach inszeniert, zumal die Kulisse mit ihren kargen Explosionen, und technischen Defiziten hoffnungslos veraltet wirkt, so dass Projektilkitzel gar nicht erst aufkommt. Das ist dennoch ein ebenso cleveres wie mutiges Spiel, denn es zitiert bekannte Motive aus Splinter Cell: Conviction, Mass Effect 2 und Metal Gear Solid 4, um daraus ein eigenstĂ€ndiges Abenteuer voller Intrigen zu entwickeln. Und obwohl dieser Neuling nicht ĂŒberall die QualitĂ€t der Vorbilder erreicht, grafisch ernĂŒchtert und einige KI-Aussetzer der bösen Sorte zeigt, habe ich ihn richtig gerne gespielt. Obsidian bietet nicht nur eine inspirierende Mischung aus Stealth-Action und Rollenspiel: Sie zeigen auch, was hinsichtlich offener Dialoge und Konsequenzen noch alles möglich ist und treten damit endlich aus dem Schatten ihrer kanadischen Vorbilder!
3D Juegos (May 28, 2010)
Si pasamos por alto algunos problemas como su poca intuitividad y su pobre apartado gråfico, podemos descubrir en Alpha Protocol un videojuego francamente interesante en todos los sentidos. Buena historia, campaña larga y muy rejugable y, sobre todo, la lograda sensación de que realmente somos nosotros quienes trazamos nuestro camino: Algo fundamental en un RPG como el que nos ocupa.
TheSixthAxis (Jun 07, 2010)
You might think based on the objective outline above that Alpha Protocol is probably worth a 6 or 7, and can be safely skipped over. I would ask you to think a little deeper about whether average graphics and niggles with the cover system are deal-breakers. The two people I asked for their impressions during my time reviewing Alpha Protocol both dismissed it as boring because it had too much dialogue and reading material, and not enough action. Normally I hate those kinds of games so I felt their pain, but for some reason Alpha Protocol grabbed me and kept me engaged. For me, the versatility of the story, the way the flow of the game can be altered and the fact it kept me interested enough to finish it and then play it again far outweighed any issues I had with the controls.
GamersGlobal (May 28, 2010)
Die oben stehende Wertung ist im Laufe des Tests immer weiter abgebröckelt -- zu Beginn wirkt Alpha Protocol noch ungeheuer faszinierend. Dass trotz spĂŒrbarer KI- und BedienungsmĂ€ngel und der alles andere als optimalen Balance immer noch eine 8.0 herauskommt, spricht fĂŒr die inneren Werte des Spiels. Dank Fertigkeitensystem, schlauem Waffen- und Upgradeprinzip und vor allem abwechslungsreichen Missionen ist die Zeit als Agent Thornton ĂŒberaus lohnend. Nur wĂ€re eben noch deutlich mehr drin gewesen. UnverstĂ€ndlich finden wir insbesondere das Fehlen einer deutschen Synchronisation. Schlussendlich ist Alpha Protocol kein Titel "fĂŒr die Masse", sondern ein Spiel fĂŒr Liebhaber, die bei den DesignmĂ€ngeln ein Auge zudrĂŒcken, um die ziemlich einzigartige AgentenatmosphĂ€re und Entscheidungsfreiheit zu genießen.
RPGFan (Jun 09, 2010)
If players can overcome this intense list of problems born out of sloppiness and carelessness, Alpha Protocol can be an entertaining game. It can't be taken seriously and there are many games that offer more fun with better graphics, audio, and competent writing. In fact, there's no reason to play Alpha Protocol until you've beaten its progenitors. For the best stealth experience, play Thief. For multiple ways to accomplish missions, play Deus Ex. For third-person shooting in an RPG framework, play Mass Effect. In other words, for those still interested, Alpha Protocol should be low on the to-play list. Not Alpha, but Omega. Dead last.
SegaFan.com (Jun 21, 2012)
Una intentona de renovar los juegos de espionaje y los RPG occidentales, casi nada, por parte de Obsidian que se queda un poco en tierra de nadie. Los cambios prometidos estån ahí, pero tal vez no son del calado esperado, la parte técnica no acompaña y el control no es todo lo bueno que sería deseable. Tras un proceso de producción tan largo, es inevitable sentirse un tanto decepcionado por el resultado final.
Impulse Gamer (Jun, 2010)
At the end of the day, I dearly wanted to like Alpha Protocol, especially after some of the cool trailers and hype over the year. The game definitely needed more refining to smooth out the gameplay and how Thorton interacts with his environment, including some of the graphical issues. This review may sound a touch negative but it’s not all bad as the storyline is quite good and there are some great boss battles along the way and their choice system is pretty damn impressive.
PlayStation Lifestyle (May 28, 2010)
Alpha Protocol does have its flaws in almost every corner, with its frustrating mini-games to the way the game handles combat as well as pretty poor AI. However, this game is a fresh take and face on a new franchise which includes an involving storyline paired with a new twist on character interaction making Alpha Protocol a fairly enjoyable game. Obsidian Entertainment has succeeded in some aspects with blending a healthy dose of 3rd person action and complex RPG elements into one immersive and intriguing experience along with a high degree of freedom - something which should be experienced by anyone remotely interested in RPGs or stealth games.
Gamereactor (Denmark) (May 27, 2010)
Overordnet havde jeg det dog sjovt med Alpha Protocol. Det er et ganske fint lille RPG, og isÊr historien og de mange valgmuligheder gÞr sig positivt bemÊrket. Det er et godt spil, men jeg sidder tilbage med en fÞlelse af, at det burde have vÊret endnu bedre. PÄ den mÄde lever det ikke op til mine forventninger, men jeg vil stadig mene at det er et bekendtskab vÊrd. Og jeg skal helt sikkert grave nogle gamle savegames frem igen, for at se mere om, hvad der ellers kan ske, nÄr jeg trÊffer nogle lidt andre valg, og redder nogle andre personer, for sÄ godt er spillet.
Eurogamer.pt (Jun 01, 2010)
Alpha Protocol embora seja um jogo interessante como histĂłria, peca por ser demasiado fora do tempo. GrĂĄficos datados, jogabilidade presa e inconstante, pequenos erros de polimento final e muita coisa ainda por ser feita. Se colocarmos tudo isso de lado e assumirmos que o jogo tem esses erros e quisermos viver com eles, no final Ă© um jogo gratificante.
GamingEvolution (Jun 30, 2010)
Alpha Protocol is a 2010 release of Ubisoft’s 2007 release of Haze. While the game didn’t live up to the hype it was given, it does feature several next-generation elements that simply weren’t executed perfectly. While I’m able to overlook faults within the game if I like what I’m playing, many will see these same faults as a reason to avoid the game altogether. With no support for multiplayer at all, you really have to be fan for games like Mass Effect, while also open to invest time into a game that won’t win any awards for visual presentation. Alpha Protocol is a title that just didn’t have enough time and money put behind it for it to have all its ideas fleshed out fully. For those who have already purchased the game, I say stick with it to the end as it is worth the ride. For those who haven’t picked up the game, I recommend a rental only if you are both into shooters and RPGs as you may not enjoy the experience.
Atomic Gamer (Jun 01, 2010)
Alpha Protocol suffers from a lack of focus and an insistence on eccentricities over basic, solid action. It's a core problem that winds up looming over almost every firefight or action situation. Even though the developers talked about Mass Effect's signature mix of third-person shooter action and RPG elements being the inspiration, the formula just wasn't applied properly here. Alpha Protocol can occasionally - even often - be lots of fun due to its unusual cast, and its innovative use of RPG systems under the surface will satisfyingly dictate the many outcomes the player can get, but ultimately it just doesn't work as a whole. Obsidian, I'm looking for you guys to redeem yourselves with Fallout: New Vegas. Make it happen so that all my kind and loving words over the years aren't for nothing.
Game Revolution (Jun 08, 2010)
If there’s one thing that is certain about Alpha Protocol, it’s that you’re going to have an opinion on it that at least one-third of gamers will disagree with. Ignore the RPG part and you might trade in the game after two hours; ignore the third-person shooter part and you might replay the game three times over. In short, it needs a sequel to get everything right. Look beyond its obvious faults and Alpha Protocol isn’t frustratingly bad, but frustratingly good; that is, if you care to look that hard.
RealGamer (Jun 30, 2010)
As a pure role-playing game, for me Alpha Protocol doesn’t really cut it. Despite some good elements it seems too structured and restrictive, especially when compared to other RPG’s - a key fact which may put many role-playing fans off. Alpha Protocol maybe a role-playing game in name, but for me it felt far to much like an average third person shooter.
PlayLipse.fr (Jun 14, 2010)
Et c’est vraiment dommage car en passant outre ces dĂ©fauts, on dĂ©couvre une excellente expĂ©rience que l’on a envie de suivre jusqu’au bout, et mĂȘme de recommencer. Tous les Ă©lĂ©ments pour faire un bon action/RPG sur l’espionnage sont lĂ  mĂȘme si certains sont mal intĂ©grĂ©s. Enfin, le soft reste jouable une fois que l’on s’accommode des dĂ©fauts liĂ©s au gameplay, l’évolution est intĂ©ressante et on parvient mĂȘme Ă  s’amuser, surtout que le tout n’est pas des plus linĂ©aires. Maintenant vous avez donc le choix : vous arrĂȘter Ă  l’enrobage et laisser passer une bonne expĂ©rience comme on n’en fait plus beaucoup, ou passer outre et dĂ©couvrir un titre « beau intĂ©rieurement » avec notamment des dialogues de qualitĂ© ou encore l’approche infiltration qui est Ă  prĂ©fĂ©rer Ă  l’action pure et dure.
Game Informer Magazine (May 28, 2010)
Ultimately, however, Alpha Protocol is a game riddled with missed potential. Just like Agent Thorton, Alpha Protocol performs much better on paper than out in the field.
Extreme Gamer (Jun 12, 2010)
'Alpha Protocol – The Espionage RPG’ might need some personal, psychological help. It is obvious that we are dealing with a classic case of a split personality. In one hand, you have an interesting role-playing game with some innovative and standout features, and in the other you have a broken action game that seems light years behind the competition. ‘Alpha Protocol’ sure makes it hard to enjoy, and the second you start to capture a vibe, it breaks. If you can look past the negatives, ‘Alpha Protocol’ has some intrigue that will pull you in, and quite possibly interesting enough to play through twice. However, that is only if you can accept the lackluster mechanics, broken action sequences and dull production values. I'm not totally discounting 'Alpha Protocol.' It deserves an "A" for effort. However, as a buy or a rental, this one comes down to a cautious rental.
Obsidian has clearly got the ability to produce really superb AAA titles but seems to lack the clout of their rival Bioware in terms of being able to say when a game is ready or not. The tragedy of Alpha Protocol is that, hidden behind the mass of technical failings is a superb action RPG bristling with choice and driven by some inspired storytelling. Each glimmer of hope that you see through the cracked venir of graphical glitches and all to regular system crashes will spur you to play your way through the game and maybe even try it again to explore some alternative character choices. Still, you will be haunted all the way by the game that could have been had Obsidian been given more time.
Alpha Protocol is not a terrible game by any stretch of the imagination. Instead it is a collection of truly next-generation ideas wrapped in a last generation package. It is hard to ignore all the faults and technical hiccups the game brings with it, even if the dialogue system is truly revolutionary. If you know what you are getting into before taking the plunge the game definitely can satisfy your number crunching RPG need. Everything is based on stats and dice rolls, and as mentioned the branching story and interactive dialogue truly is amazing to see pan out. Alpha Protocol is a game with fantastic ideas that simply falls victim to the staples of poor game design and shoddy production values.
Game Informer Magazine (May 28, 2010)
With a history including games like Knights of the Old Republic II and Neverwinter Nights 2, the team at Obsidian Entertainment knows role-playing. Alpha Protocol isn’t necessarily a counter-point to that expertise; the RPG systems under the hood are solid. I just wish that I could experience them in the context of a compelling espionage adventure, not a last-gen third-person shooter.
GamingExcellence (Jul 10, 2010)
All of this comes together into a generally underwhelming package. Alpha Protocol could have been a really good game, easily on par with Mass Effect, but it fails in almost every way. Even the simplest of aspects to the game are pretty badly flawed and it's pretty inexcusable. This is a game that was supposed to release in October of last year and then had a six month delay at the last minute to be bettered up. If this is the finished product it definitely makes one wonder what the extra time was spent doing since this is just a fairly bland product.
Jeuxvideo.com (Jun 01, 2010)
Le problÚme d'un RPG/Action, c'est précisément d'arriver à mélanger deux genres qui n'ont pas grand-chose en commun. Or, Alpha Protocol est en rupture constante, d'un cÎté on trouve une progression dans laquelle le joueur est habilement impliqué, effectuant des choix souvent décisifs, de l'autre un gameplay qui n'arrive pas à s'adapter à différentes approches et se montre donc bancal, frustrant, bùtard, dans lequel on ne sait jamais sur quel pied danser et qui souffre d'écueils déplorables. Dommage, car avec un équilibrage de meilleure qualité et des finitions plus soignées, les aspects purement RPG d'Alpha Protocol auraient pu donner tout leur potentiel en impactant efficacement les mécaniques de jeu.
Digital Chumps (Jun 01, 2010)
Alpha Protocol had so much potential. It had all the elements planned out perfect to make this a great game. Regretfully, it seemed like the game didn’t get enough time to finish up as what you get feels like three-fourth of what was planned. Still the story is strong with this one and it may interest you enough to make you look beyond the game’s faults. For me, there were too many things to forgive and not enough forgiveness to go around.
PSFocus (Jun 03, 2010)
Helaas bevat Alpha Protocol te veel minpunten om een goede voldoende te scoren. Het enige dat ons weerhoud om deze game een onvoldoende te geven, is dat het je toch weet te vermaken en het je per gamesessie enkele uren weet zoet te houden. Het is de eerste game in zijn genre en wat ons betreft mogen er best meer games met dit thema gemaakt worden. Het combineren van spionnenwerk, actie en RPG-elementen weet te vermaken, maar helaas is de afwerking en kwaliteit toch ondermaats. Het vele malen uitstellen van Alpha Protocol is de game niet ten goede gekomen, maar hopelijk zal men ooit een vervolg maken waarin alle minpunten zijn weggewerkt.
IGN (Jun 01, 2010)
Obsidian's Alpha Protocol offers an original setting and the power of choice. It's a game where you decide the fate of a majority of the cast, giving you the sense that the story is guided as much by you as it is by the designers. With a number of ways to customize the experience – you can play as a stealth agent with a silenced pistol or bullet-spraying berserker – it initially seems like everything should be in place for an entertaining role-playing experience. But Obsidian fumbled this one, badly in spots. A more rounded cast of characters could have helped out immensely because it's difficult to build up any emotional investment with the stereotypical personalities wrapped up in this twisting tale of conspiracy and global domination. Imbalanced skills, glitches, dim-witted enemies, and repetitive encounters further undercut the entertainment, making Alpha Protocol a game you can safely pass by.
@Gamer (Jun, 2010)
Ultimately, Alpha Protocol is too ambitious for its own good. While it succeeds in some areas, it misses the mark in others. If you're tolerant enough to endure a repetitive mission structure and so-so shooting, the absorbing story and memorable characters are enough to satisfy the espionage-obsessed.
PlayStation Universe (Jun 02, 2010)
Alpha Protocol is all ambition with little follow through. This espionage-RPG attempts to draw players into a world of lock picking, Saudi terrorists, and secret government conspiracies, but does it so ineffectively it is hard to maintain interest past the first mission.
D+PAD Magazine (Jun 08, 2010)
While we refrain from using the term ‘unique’ in any capacity, somehow the result feels fresh enough to warrant at least a single playthrough. The tutorial is cack-handed and off-putting, motivations can be tough to follow and the shooting is some of the worst we’ve seen in recent times until sufficiently levelled-up. On the basis of such hefty criticism based on so many development mistakes, Alpha Protocol may sound like a title to avoid, yet there’s something about it – be it in the pacing of the middle stages or in the tale itself, which escalates as choices made begin to unravel – that results in a troubled experience positively bursting with sequel potential. Flawed yet fun, Alpha Protocol is a choice-based shooter with enough appeal for the story-driven gamer. Everyone else should choose to rent, even if it’s just to watch Thorton mince.
Gamer.nl (Jun 08, 2010)
Alpha Protocol doet op het eerste gezicht meer fout dan goed, met knullige animaties en een verouderd uiterlijk. Later laat het ook zijn betere kanten zien, zoals de sterke personages en de interessante mogelijkheden tot het ontwikkelen van je eigen personage. Toch laat de game teveel steken vallen om de fouten door de vingers te zien.
videogamer.com (May 28, 2010)
On paper, Alpha Protocol sounds incredibly alluring, combining the best elements of the role-playing and action genres with a refreshing concept. In executing that concept, however, the game falls apart at the seams. Ignoring the dialogue system, Obsidian's latest plays like a substandard third-person shooter. Despite its myriad of shortcomings there's a moderate amount of fun to be had with Alpha Protocol. It's a game that's more enjoyable than it probably should be, a game that's better than the sum of its parts. There's a lot of potential hiding under the flawed shell, and although Obsidian has failed to coax it out this time around, I hope somebody does the concept justice in the future.
Eurogamer.it (May 31, 2010)
Se speravate che Alpha Protocol potesse rivelarsi una variante contemporanea e incentrata sullo spionaggio dello splendido Mass Effect, sfortunatamente dovrete scontrarvi con il muro della delusione, visto che i numerosi problemi del titolo Obsidian rendono il gioco adatto unicamente per gli appassionati irriducibili.
Giant Bomb (May 31, 2010)
If you decide to play Alpha Protocol, just know that your main enemies over the course of its 15-or-so hours will be its collection of misery-inducing technical issues and the clash between its action and role-playing elements. There are parts of Alpha Protocol that I feel are totally amazing and absolutely worth seeing, but you'll have to trudge through a lot of very disappointing stuff just to see it.
Ultimately, Alpha Protocol is a title suffering from so many quality control issues that it's remarkable that it made it onto shelves in such an unpolished state. But beneath the glitches and somewhat bland gameplay lies a spy tale which makes us wonder if Tom Clancy is on Obsidian's payroll as it weaves a tale of international espionage at its finest; full of double-crosses, cheesy Europeans and more intrigue than you can poke a stick at - with a side helping of plot cliche for emphasis. Alpha Protocol is a commendable attempt at story-driven, role-playing action which sadly doesn't live up to its promise, leaving many of us to wonder at what it could have been with a little more polish.
GameSpot (May 28, 2010)
Alpha Protocol's ambitions are commendable, and if you're a role-playing fanatic, you'll enjoy investigating its intricacies. It's unfortunate that its various ingredients are so undercooked. The flaky cover system, the mediocre production values, the fundamental blemishes gone unchecked--these elements add up quickly and drag the experience down. The elaborate storytelling and character progression are impressive. It's too bad that the gawky, glitchy gameplay can't rise to the same standard.
PSX Extreme (Jun 01, 2010)
But hey, it works out well. It’s really a blessing because it’s the only thing that kept me playing for a while. Eventually, though, all the severe problems began to pile up and infect most every movement I made. Nothing seems catastrophically bad but at the same time, nothing seems right, either. This game feels and looks very, very outdated and anyone who plays it will recall many games that did something better; we’ve seen far better role-playing, action, and stealth mechanics and in all honesty, I doubt this game would’ve been considered anything special even four or five years ago. We’ve already heard bad things about the development process and in the end, this is one project that should’ve been nixed. I just can’t figure out why someone somewhere didn’t stand up and say this would bomb
I mean, it’s painfully obvious. I just don’t get it.
Console Monster (Jun 16, 2010)
Alpha Protocol is a series of highs mixed in with too many lows – it’s a bit like snorting cocaine; sensational until the comedown and the septum wears away. When it's working it’s brilliant fun, making you feel like a spy, the rest of the time is an exercise in either manic depression or frustration. There are certainly hints at the end of the game for a sequel. Perhaps if there is, Obsidian Entertainment can fix the many problems with the game design; if they can achieve this, then Alpha Protocol 2 could be a killer game. As it stands, there are far too many issues with the current title that destroy much of the enjoyment on offer. There is rough diamond hiding here with lots of interesting ideas and had it been buffed a little more it could have been a corker, but it's just not enough. Ultimately this is a very infuriating game.
XGN (Jun 20, 2010)
Hoewel Alpha Protocol zeker potentie had, mist het aan afwerking. Er is gewoon te weinig aandacht aan de details besteed. Zo loopt je personage erg houterig en is de AI erg matig te noemen. Ook zul je met grote regelmaat vervelende bugs tegen het lijf lopen. De verhaallijn is wel erg goed uitgewerkt en ook heb je de mogelijkheid om het verhaal op tal van punten te beĂŻnvloeden met je keuzes. Al met al is Alpha Protocol een tegenvallende titel geworden, die je met wat overweging uit de budgetbak zou kunnen plukken.
The A.V. Club (Jun 07, 2010)
Protocol flops hardest in its action sequences. The convoluted controls never feel natural; even switching guns is a clumsy chore. The camera pushes in too close, limiting your vision. And the behavior of your bumbling enemies can hardly be called “artificial intelligence.” The game complements their Keystone Kops hijinks with hilarious graphical glitches, like Day-Glo madness glittering across the hero’s torso, or an entire mansion wing disappearing altogether. Moments like these—not the less-frequent flashes of ingenuity—define the tone of Alpha Protocol, a game daunted by its potential and resigned to falling short.
Gaming Target (Jun 01, 2010)
There's much more worth mentioning here - the lobotomized AI, the nonexistent collision detection, the bare-minimum sound design, and cliché characterizations - that make Alpha Protocol feel like a four-year old game. Not even a bug-free release or patches to help make it more playable would save it. If that were so, and the asking price was thirty dollars, I feel I could recommend the game. Sadly, this isn't the case, and there are so many games under sixty dollars that succeed where Alpha Protocol failed - GTA IV, Mass Effect 2, Mercenaries 2, and Splinter Cell to name a few. The developer couldn't finish it; in fact, it doesn't even seem like they played it. Why should you?
Kombo.com (Jun 01, 2010)
AP has the appearance of a high budget, high quality title but fails in execution from being toppled over with the weight of what it tried to accomplish. Ideas were stacked on ideas without any real care to finish or remotely polish anything. The game is a RPG but that can't excuse it for featuring poor shooting mechanics since it was obviously an area of gameplay the developers wanted to include. Something went horribly and drastically wrong during the development of AP because all that is left over now the game is complete are a bunch of unfinished ideas that had potential but were squashed under mountains of technical deficiencies that make it hard to pick out the good parts.
GameGavel.com (Apr 01, 2011)
It’s got so much potential that it is almost a great game based simply on how many things it tries to pull off, but that same ambition is it’s own detriment. The game’s supports buckle under the weight of it’s own ideas, and at the end of the day, this title is crushed by it’s own inability to bring ambition to the point of fruition. And in case you needed that in one sentence
 I want a sequel.

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