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Digitally Downloaded (Oct 03, 2014)
Although the deluge of dialogue may turn even the most ardent of JRPG fans off, Ar nosurge is an emotive title that we’re fortunate to even have the option of purchasing in the West. On the surface, when looking solely at its visual presentation, it may seem like any other JRPG currently and due to be available for the beloved PS3. However, and this isn’t to mock or underplay the excellence of other JRPGs that deserve attention, beneath the beautiful yet misleading façade is a unique, singular sci-fi narrative. By enforcing a system of communication and bond development amongst its characters, Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star achieves what great novels and only the most lovingly crafted virtual experiences can: it offers the opportunity to not only interact with the characters but to, possibly, form memorable relationships with them as well.
ZTGameDomain (Oct 22, 2014)
Spanning well over thirty hours with five different endings, there’s a great deal of fun to be had in the world of Ar nosurge. It’s just unfortunate that the lack of localization for the prequel ends up hurting the full enjoyment of this great sequel.
RPG Site (Oct 14, 2014)
Despite the annoying setbacks in its localization, mixed performance and confusing introduction thanks to a lack of context, Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star is still an excellent game that offers a huge amount of content for players to sink their teeth into, including a simple crafting system. Most notable to me is the excellent execution on its memorable character development and presentation, topped off by a downright brilliant soundtrack. This title is certainly worth the time of any fan of the JRPG genre.
Game Over Online (Oct 03, 2014)
Ar Nosurge is greater than the sum of its parts. The storyline is too goofy to take seriously, with a cast that you can get behind on a surface level, but aren’t fleshed out enough to really hook you for a significant length of time. Still, the battle system is really fun to use and is so exciting that it’s worth playing through the game just to keep using it. The inclusion of the visual novel sections is a welcome change of pace too, even if they aren’t my personal favorite thing in the world – they’re well-done. The graphics are strong at times and in some regards, but the characters don’t seem to fit into the world well. The soundtrack is strong, and probably the best overall feature in the game. The voice work falls short of reaching those heights, but it’s reasonably good despite the limited script.
NZGamer (Oct 07, 2014)
Visually, this is Gust’s most impressive Ar title. With cell-shaded characters it’s obvious Gust has squeezed the most out of the aging PlayStation 3. All the environments look distinctly different, one minute you’re in a bath chaining with one of your girls, the next you’re out destroying machines in a corridor, or inside a church surrounded by religious types who want you to convert. From the battle system, to the alchemy any Gust fan – or JRPG fan in general – would be hard pressed to find a better game for their money. Overall, this is definitely a must own for JRPG enthusiasts.
Impulse Gamer (Oct 10, 2014)
Given the lack of Japanese RPG’s on the next-gen consoles, Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star will keep most fans of this genre appeased from start to finish with a whopping 100 hours of gameplay. Sure, there are a few glitches in terms of graphics and grammar errors in the game but overall, it ticks all the right boxes for a fun JRPG.
3D Juegos (Sep 25, 2014)
GUST ha realizado un buen trabajo conformando este JRPG musical y de carácter Sci-fi para PS3, siendo una de las experiencias roleras niponas más curiosas de cuantas hemos disfrutado en los últimos años. Su desarrollo es bastante peculiar y entremezcla numerosos elementos, dotando a la aventura de una variedad destacada. Es cierto que por sus numerosas particularidades no es un juego destinado a todo tipo de usuarios, más bien lo opuesto, pero aquellos que quieran adentrarse en un JRPG claramente diferenciando del resto seguramente quedarán satisfechos por lo que es capaz de ofrecer esta odisea rolera.
MAN!AC (Nov 25, 2014)
Sehr textlastiges Rollenspiel für Anhänger komplexer Japan-Kost, Visual-Novel-Einlagen und ansehnlicher Anime-Mädels.
Eurogamer.it (Sep 24, 2014)
Dando per scontato che vi piaccia il gusto esotico che solo una produzione giapponese fino al midollo di questo tipo può avere, il jRPG di Gust offre parecchio in cui affondare i denti e si lascia spolpare per parecchie ore, anche se in varie occasioni gira volutamente ed eccessivamente in tondo.
Vandal Online (Sep 24, 2014)
De los juegos de rol de PlayStation 3 vistos en los últimos meses Ar nosurge es uno de los que tiene una personalidad más marcada. Un argumento denso, al menos en cuanto a mitología de su universo, combates con una pequeña vuelta de tuerca a las batallas por turnos y un sistema de progresión complejo, para aficionados al género que priman un sistema profundo por encima de gráficos vistosos. Advertimos, eso sí, que probablemente no sea el mejor título para introducirse en el género o retomarlo tras unos años. No es una historia fácil de seguir –y más con la ausencia en este territorio de su precuela- y hay que conectar con su acción para disfrutarlo realmente. Si sólo buscas una historia ligera donde la lucha no sea uno de los focos de atención, hay mejores opciones.
Ar Nosurge is a confounding and constantly unfolding theater of romantic ideas and sci-fi absurdity. Although some of its mechanics can be dodgier than Cambodian child labor laws, and much of its content will detour some reverent moralists, it’s an engaging, frequently touching adventure about love, ambition and overcoming uncertainty. Sure, you’ll find a clutch of content that wouldn’t be out of place on the confiscated laptops of registered sex offenders, but beneath its roughly textured surface hides something beautiful; an impressively crafted, surreal exposition of human connection. It’s as messy, disjointed and confusing as it is brilliant, cavernously deep and emotionally charging. Forgive its flaws, though, and there’s a lengthy — albeit dialogue heavy — adventure worth its weight in nuts and bolts.
Push Square (Oct 09, 2014)
Even though it’s probably not going to be winning any awards, Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star is a unique title that tries to do something new. JRPG fans should definitely check it out at some point, if only as a filler between bigger things. Anybody else would be right to be hesitant, although if getting to know characters inside-out is something that you’re constantly looking for, then this might be one to consider. After all, there aren’t many games that take that idea literally.
Multiplayer.it (Oct 17, 2014)
Non ci è dispiaciuto tornare nell'universo di Ar tonelico con questo Ar nosurge, ma dobbiamo ammettere di essere rimasti un po' spaesati sia dalle lacune nella storia - incolmabili senza consultare fonti esterne o giocare la visual novel giapponese... - sia dall'inconsistenza del gameplay, che alterna allo splendido sistema di combattimento lunghi e noiosissimi dialoghi tra personaggi fin troppo stereotipati. Al di là di queste problematiche, Ar nosurge è sicuramente un jRPG valido, consigliato però solo ai fan sfegatati del genere e a chi è disposto ad approfondire la trama per vie traverse... o a lasciarsi trasportare senza farsi troppe paranoie.
IGN Italia (Oct 18, 2014)
Assunto che amiate il genere, costellato in maniera quasi ridondante di scellerati sofismi nipponici, Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star restituisce una sensazione di già visto, senza cadere, però, nel girone dei titoli mediocri. L’importante è soprassedere su un comparto tecnico obsoleto ed essere pienamente consapevoli della logorroica struttura di gioco.
Gaming Age (Oct 15, 2014)
Ar nosurge is really, really, really not for novices. Not only is it a sequel to the unlocalized, Japanese-only Ciel nosurge, it's also a prequel to the whole Ar tonelico franchise, which Wikipedia informs me is somewhat sprawling. It's such a huge game that not only does its NeoGAF thread have required reading, its required reading is just a condensed version of this massive multimedia behemoth. Essentially, you don't go into Ar nosurge just for its own sake, you're going into it because you're already deeply immersed in its universe and the characters and peoples who populate it.
LaPS4 (Sep 23, 2014)
Dado que es una propuesta que puede no gustar a la mayoría de jugadores, no podemos recomendar fervientemente el título a la gran mayoría. Sin embargo su mejor baza se encuentra en que el videojuego une las historias de Ciel nosurge y Ar Tonelico, así que si ya habéis disfrutado de ellos, aquí veréis que se expande aún más la historia, creando así un universo rico en detalles. Es más, habrá algún que otro personaje que os sonará de antemano si sois seguidores de la saga. Por otra parte, que el videojuego no esté localizado a nuestro idioma (y más con el rico universo que posee) puede echar atrás a más de un usuario.
PlayStation Universe (Oct 02, 2014)
An over-complicated story with pacing issues holds this RPG back from its full potential, especially since the prequel was not released in English first. Those who enjoy reading will no doubt have fun. A tedious magic leveling system can also scare away new fans embracing the series. Only RPG diehards and TK fans will immediately gravitate towards it.
PlayStation Lifestyle (Oct 06, 2014)
The campaign is quite lengthy, there is a ton of story to read through, and there’s even essentially choose-your-own-adventure stories inside other characters’ minds. However, the story is very quirky, and although developer Gust attempted to go deeper in characterization, a lot of the drama that unfolds feels at about the high school level. If you like an RPG with a lot of reading and Japanese style, then by all means pick this up. But if you’re a Western RPG fan, best look elsewhere.
Gaming Nexus (Dec 22, 2014)
Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star is the product of a team that's got a great thing going for it, but doesn't want to let go of the conventions of the past and embrace the new mechanics that exist out there. It's a very vanilla title that doesn't do much to advance the series, but is definitely going to please the die-hard fans.
Everyeye.it (Sep 26, 2014)
Anzitutto, gettati "in medias res", abbiamo avuto difficoltà a ricostruire le vicende che avrebbero dovuto farci capire il background dei protagonisti, e la comunque interessante mitologia del mondo di gioco. Le molte idee inserite dagli sviluppatori, tuttavia, all'atto pratico non si concretizzano in una struttura di gioco unitaria. Il titolo si divide in fasi di combattimento con qualche elemento di originalità, momenti che sembrano visual novel, ed un sistema di potenziamento dei personaggi che recupera ritmi e modi di una “sim date”. L'impasto risulta non solo eterogeneo, ma male amalgamato. Tutto questo porta ad un senso di disorientamento, spezzando spesso e volentieri l'azione di gioco e delineando una progressione generalmente frammentata. L'estrema pedanteria e prolissità dei dialoghi, unita ai costanti episodi di freezing completano il quadro di un prodotto in cui si è voluto inserire sin troppo, ma con poca oculatezza.
Gameblog.fr (Oct 12, 2014)
Avec Ar nosurge : Ode to an Unborn Star, Koei Tecmo propose bien entendu un JRPG de niche, enclin à certains clichés, mais propose aussi des idées de jeu originales et assez rafraichissantes pour que l'on pousse la curiosité au-delà des prémices bien trop complexes d'une intrigue encombrante. Les belles mélodies portent également cette aventure située entre SF et fantasy.
RPGamer (Oct 30, 2014)
Ar Nosurge is an interesting game that suffers from a lack of tender love and care on the localizer's part. There are tons of great ideas on the developer's side, but the localization is really what soils a lot of the experience in this game. Furthermore, while the world and story are fascinating, it relies too heavily on a game that North American and European RPGamers do not have access to in English, meaning there's a lot of extra leg work on their part to work towards understanding Ar Nosurge's story in its full context. Ar Nosurge is a game that made me wish it had received more attention from its localization team, but sadly it didn't.
Game Revolution (Oct 14, 2014)
In short, this game is entirely underwhelming. The storyline tries to be interesting, but just appears a muddled mess of stereotypes; the characters themselves look alright, but set pieces are empty and boring and littered with invisible walls pointing in only a few directions for exploration; and the battle system isn’t much for “battling” at all, even against the “tough” boss characters. If you need a way to waste your time, I suppose this would work. But if you’re looking for something to grab you for hours on end and make you care about anything, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

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