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SPOnG (Aug 12, 2009)
A strong game of cricket that lacks something in the batting department. Annoyances such as POV combine with niggles in team selection – when swapping a player, you can't compare stats to the player being swapped with – to drop a few percent. On the upside, bowling and fielding both work elegantly and combine to produce an very enjoyable single and two-player outing.
Game Arena (Aug 07, 2009)
Ashes Cricket 2009 is the best cricket game in 11 years. Not since Shane Warne 99 has the pitch captured my focus so well. That said, it's not flawless - the only licensed names are the Australian and English teams and the graphics are admittedly not up to scratch against other sports games. The punishing learning curve will definitely scare off more than a few punters (their loss) but once you learn the intricacies of the game it's a rewarding and balanced game - something I haven't seen in a long time. It's a must have for any fan of Cricket, and a wicket keepers mitt slap in the face challenge for EA Sports to do better.
IGN UK (Aug 05, 2009)
But for its several shortcomings, Ashes 2009 plays a convincing and highly enjoyable game of cricket. Its greatest success is in managing the balancing act between bowling and batting – a hurdle at which many cricket games fall, but one that’s deftly dealt with by developers Transmission. The languid charm of a full test is captured well, making it the ideal game to while away lazy summer afternoons, while the more dramatic pace of Twenty20 makes for an equally engaging multiplayer experience. Labelling it the best cricket game available might be the faintest of praise given the complete lack of competition, but fans of the sport should be pleased that their only option is such an accomplished one.
Good Game (Aug 10, 2009)
This is definitely one of the better cricket games in recent years and I found it rarely became too repetitive or predictable - even against the AI. Fun stuff. I give it 8 leg-spinning rubber chickens.
Times Online (Aug 02, 2009)
The essence of a notoriously complex sport has been captured well here, and online play adds extra meat. The Ashes atmosphere is beefed up further by commentary from legends such as Ian Botham and Shane Warne.
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (Aug 07, 2009)
Ashes Cricket 2009 is, as the Aussies say, 'a little beauty'. It's by far and away the best cricket game that money can buy, which is good news for fans of the sport as it's the only cricket game being released this Ashes summer. Even though there is a distinct lack of content on offer in the title, Ashes Cricket's gameplay depth more than makes up for these shortcomings and provides a gaming all-rounder in the process.
HEXUS.gaming (Aug 11, 2009)
Overall, Ashes Cricket 2009 offers a technically adept and considerably challenging game of cricket. Thrill-seekers may be put off by its slow pace and stiff challenge, but hardened fans of the sport should delight in the fact that it delivers a tactically impressive imitation of the popular summer sport, in which defense is just as important as attack.
Ultimately Ashes Cricket 2009 delivers where it matters most: on the field of play, And like the Caribbean genius who fronted this series for so long it does so spectacularly.
PlayStation Universe (Aug 12, 2009)
Overall, it's clear that Transmission Games has gone a little further than most to deliver an authentic, fairly deep, yet simple to play cricket game that has an accessible control scheme, but still manages to deliver enough depth and challenge to appeal to hardened cricket fans. There are some good features that run alongside the gameplay too, including the confidence building system, which if you perform well, gives you an increased chance of bowling that perfect googly or hitting a six. There's also an adequate range of customization options, including a player and squad editor, which should appease those players looking for a more complete cricketing experience. Despite the few issues we have with Ashes Cricket 2009, it's still the best cricket game on console this year. And though, admittedly, you haven't got much of a choice elsewhere (none in fact) we can't see cricket fans being disappointed with this challenging and tactically-rich game of cricket.
Good Game (Aug 10, 2009)
it’s an improvement over 2007’s Ricky Ponting International Cricket and I think it delivers that balance of arcade fun and simulation really well. 7.5 short-pitched rubber chickens from me.
The short matches are good fun but they hardly capture the true spirit of test cricket. And given that the name of the game is Ashes Cricket 2009, we're betting that's precisely what you'd be wanting...
GamesRadar (Aug 10, 2009)
The short matches are good fun but they hardly capture the true spirit of test cricket. And given that the name of the game is Ashes Cricket 2009, we’re betting that’s precisely what you’d be wanting…
70 (Aug 06, 2009)
Ashes Cricket 2009 is a solid recreation of the sport and this summer's big sporting event, but it's lacking spark and feels a little slight in terms of depth. Play with a friend as opposed to the AI and you'll likely be able to have fun up to and beyond the end of the Ashes series, but as a next-gen sports sim it doesn't feel as though Codemasters has done enough to push the series forward.
AceGamez (2009)
To some, cricket will always be more boring than a Geoffrey Boycott commentary on a Geoffrey Boycott innings [Guilty as charged! Ed] but while it does have its shortcomings, Ashes Cricket 2009 manages to combine the strangely therapeutic properties of the sport with the intensity of one of the most storied events in sports history, and that is a feat that would have left many other developers well and truly stumped.
GameSpot (Aug 24, 2009)
The variety of modes and accessibility of controls make Ashes Cricket 2009 an easy game for players with only a passing interest in sports games to pick up. Ultimately fans of the sport will enjoy it the most, though they'll have to overlook its visuals and gameplay problems. It's good for a hit around the park during the tea break, but this game won't be replacing watching the real Aussies or English players take up the bat and ball anytime soon.
Gamestyle (Aug 16, 2009)
In summary Ashes Cricket 2009 is a surprisingly enjoyable cricketing experience. Codemasters and Transmission must look to the Indian Premier League and Twenty20 cricket for inspiration about how to galvanise their presentation and attract new fans to the game.
Thunderbolt Games (Sep 12, 2009)
Ashes Cricket 2009 is a decent effort, but one that falls short both by being too complex in its mechanics and too simplistic in its gameplay. The foundations have been laid for solid subsequent entries provided a number of bugs and issues are addressed; namely questionable AI, disappointing visuals and the ability to continually succeed by using the same tactic. Hopefully Transmission and Codemasters will listen to the feedback and we could have a solid and very accessible sporting series able to compete alongside the Top Spins of the world.
Boomtown (Aug 14, 2009)
All this leaves Ashes 2009 in the usual camp of if you're desperate for a cricket game to play against friends, there is no better option. If however you're looking for a deep and rewarding single-player experience, where a Test and One day matches are clearly different to play, well again it's the best you can buy, but that doesn't make it an essential purchase.