Assassin's Creed: Revelations Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
A highly detailed pre-rendered trailer of AC for the first time used as a story intro as well.
Ezio fending on the ambush by the Templars at the foot of Masyaf.
Fighting the Byzantine Templars.
Stealth kill from the ledge while following Altair's shadow.
Ezio does not yield to leaps of faith even after leaving his time of youth.
Trying to catch up with the driver before the rope snaps.
A fierce chariot chase.
When you don't know where-to next, switch to your spectral vision.
Racing against Yusuf to the top of a very high tower.
During your quest, you will uncover various historical data.
Similar to Brotherhood, there are various stores and dwellings you can purchase or peruse.
You can dye clothes at the store, although it bears no strategic meaning.
Your main hideout is now bigger than ever before.
Testing the new hook blade.
The game turns into real-time strategy when Templars try to take out one of your bases.
From the shadow, throwing bomb at the guard post.
Game will also show various events of Altair's life.
A heavy battle near Masyaf.
Altair taking out a Templar archer with a knife throw.
Chasing after the Templars.
Ezio has got the hang of it, and there goes the fleet.
Arriving at the secret hideout.
Sneaking high above the town.
Area map.
There are some rather brutal moves Ezio has learned over time.
Altair using the powerful apple we've seen and used in some of the prequels.
It may take some time to master the chariot fight, but by the time you get the hang of it, it'll be over.
Using Leonardo's parachute to follow the chariot and take out the pursuit.
You can pick up the enemy from the horse and throw it at another one.
Death from above.
Desmond is on a deserted island shackled by the memories he must explore.
Various memories of Desmond himself can be unlocked and played in first-person perspective.
During Desmond's memories you can cast up to three objects simultaneously that will make your path.
Constantinople is a city with a lot of towers and a lot of places to climb on.
All the crowd-blending elements from before are present in this game as well.
Gather your assassins and send them onto various tasks to raise their fighting skills.
A map of Europe is even more detailed and you can not only do various tasks to hinder the Templars, but fight them for dominance over the entire cities.
Crafting bombs is a new element to the franchise.
Ezio setting out from Rome on a journey to the east
Ezio has gotten older
Your assassin friend from the Byzantine
Enjoying the sunset from the city roofs
Helping Sofia get her cargo
Slow-motion fight with Ahmet while falling from a cliff
Talking to the Sultan with Sofia by your side