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Assassin's Creed Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Opening cinematic.
Main title.
Main menu.
In present time, Desmond can access Animus device which allows him to relive memories from his past lives.
In Animus device you can select memory you wish to experience.
First memory will serve as introduction to some basic moves.
Silent kill.
Pause memory for various additional options.
Between each mission you will speak to your leader, hoping to find some answers about your targets and their agendas.
If you're feeling out of element, hone your skills on the testing grounds.
To jump or not to jump, that is the question.
Leaving the Masyaf fortress.
If I had a cowboy hat instead a hood, nobody could tell the difference.
Using knife is fast and requires least of your movement to take out the attacker.
Attacking from the horse may look like an advantage, but it is actually harder than fighting on foot.
Climb to viewpoints to synchronize your map and uncover places of interest.
Arriving at the city of Damascus.
Blend with the monks to pass the guards and enter the city.
If you're lost, check the map.
Pigeons indicate the places from which you can perform the leap of faith.
While normal folk walk the streets, you'll be walking on the rooftops.
Throw the knife at the archers that are out of your reach.
Finishing moves will vary based on weapon and situation.
Approaching the city of Jerusalem.
Good thing they're not looking up.
The leap of faith.
The roofs are patrolled by archers.
I may be outnumbered, but it is they who look scared.
Certain memories cannot be accessed.
Use your fists to break out from the enemy grip.
Hidden blade is deadly and unnoticeable.
Assume the praying stance to lower the guards' alert.
Hidden blade can also be used in the combat, but you will have to time your counters more precisely.
If it's there, you can climb it.
Use first person to find out who's your ally and who's your enemy.
Sit on the benches to hide from the guards by blending in with the town folk.
Eavesdropping to find out your target's weakness.
Intro view of the city
Heavily outnumbered, but they lack the audacity and agility.
Altair's assassination move
Grab the soldiers and throw them into a water for a quick kill, but watch out as they can do the same to you... apparently nobody swims, armored plate or not.
Ladders are here to provide the regular unattractive way of climbing
In present time, you are treated as a lab rat, and your only companions will be a couple of not so friendly scientists.
Escape route through the back of the fortress
He's not aiming for the water, but for that small haystack
Strategically built planks at the back of the fortress
Map legend
Climbing a guard tower
Moving across the rooftops is faster than the crowded streets
A view from a small church