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Battlefield: Bad Company Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Loading mission shows you a few slides of what awaits you.
Meet the crew.
Heading toward the battle.
Adjusting your aiming controls.
Tutorial teaches you how to open a door without a key.
Repairing a vehicle.
When driving a vehicle, your comrades will fire at enemy, buy you can switch seats.
Many things in the game are destructible, and fence is but a small part of it.
You can also drive a vehicle in first-person perspective.
Before firing at the explosive creates.
After firing at the explosive crates.
Enemy soldier unaware of our presence in the area.
When the soldier hides inside the building, one way to deal with it is to bring the building down.
Taking out enemy artillery squads.
Use adrenaline injection to heal yourself.
After successful mission, regroup at the red smoke with the rest of your squad.
Using enemy artillery against enemy invading forces.
Pause menu will provide you a mission map which can be fully zoomed out.
Use explosive to blow up the door.
Spotted by the enemy patrol.
You can pick up any enemy weapon.
Enemy machine-gun turret.
Higher ground gives you better view of the battlefield.
Taking the boat.
Stealing a truck with a highly explosive content.
Clearing out the enemy barracks.
Scouting the area.
Enemy sniper on 11 o'clock.
You'll need heavy weapons to deal with a tank.
Calling in an artillery strike.
Commandeering an enemy armored vehicle.
A gunner seat in a helicopter gives you better aim, but you cannot fly at the same time.
Using missiles to sink the enemy gunboats.
Trucks are always such an easy prey.
Flying a helicopter may prove a bit tricky when trying to hit the target from a third-person.
Landing a helicopter and commandeering an enemy armored car.
Close combat with knives.
Tank is a force to be reckoned with especially when you can repair it or switch for another.
Battlefield version of EA logo
Arriving on the battlefield
Clearing the hill out of enemy artillery went without much enemy resistance
Sneaking past the enemy patrol
Continuing the mission in a boat
Crossing the bridge in a truck filled with fuel cans is not very wise
Taking down the house with a grenade launcher
Sneaking through the grass
Approaching the enemy compound
Driving a tank in a third-person perspective helps the driving part but lessens the ability to aim