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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.4
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.3
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.6
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.2
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.0
Overall User Score (25 votes) 4.1

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100 (Oct 08, 2013)
Beyond: Two Souls delivers a rich experience that most games could only ever dream of and the dual character mechanic lends new life to Quantic Dream's vision. The game will divide opinion, no doubt, but we're totally on side with it - it's that rare landmark moment in gaming, delivered with Hollywood gusto and a lick of Quantic Dream's Francais flair. Utterly brilliant.
Impulse Gamer (Oct 20, 2013)
Sure, there are a few plot holes and clichéd moments in Beyond Two Souls but like Heavy Rain, it may become one of your most memorable gaming experiences to date.
Digital Spy (Oct 08, 2013)
Beyond: Two Souls is one of the most poignant and enthralling stories we have encountered in a video game, capable of stirring up the same depth of emotion as great works from the mediums of film and literature.
Merlin'in Kazanı (Oct 08, 2013)
Bir sonraki yeni jenerasyon Quantic Dream oyununa kadar, ben Beyond’u daha yıllarca konuşurum büyük ihtimalle.
Game Over Online (Oct 15, 2013)
Beyond: Two Souls is one of the PS3's finest games and is neck-and-neck with The Last of Us for telling the best story and having the best graphics of the console generation.
XGN (Oct 08, 2013)
We kunnen nu wel stellen dat Beyond: Two Souls onze verwachtingen meer dan waar heeft gemaakt. Het ziet er goed uit, het klinkt lekker en er is uitstekend acteerwerk neergezet. Dat de gameplay lijkt op die van Heavy Rain maakt niet uit – op het inspecteren van muren na – want dit nieuwe verhaal is geweldig. De Beyond Touch applicatie maakt het daarnaast leuk voor meerdere mensen om naar het spel te kijken. Het is immers net alsof je een hele lange film speelt. Of je alle eindes wil gaan bekijken, laten we geheel aan jou over. Zoals David Cage, de schrijver van het spel, mooi verwoordt: "Speel de game één keer en daarna niet meer. In het echte leven kun je keuzes ook niet opnieuw maken dus waarom zou je dat wel doen in het leven van Jodie Holmes?"
PlayStation Universe (Oct 08, 2013)
Beyond: Two Souls is so unique, powerful and engaging that it's easy to forgive some of its gameplay flaws. Quite simply, a stunning production.
NZGamer (Oct 09, 2013)
Story is everything in this game. Jodie is a shattered human and the story is constructed so you see her broken over and over and then attempting to rebuild. The beautiful graphics and facial expressions bond you to Jodie, and the raw emotion embodied by Aiden is conveyed not via gameplay but by sound design and the reactions of the supporting cast. By the end of the game you are as connected to Jodie as Aiden is.
Cheat Code Central (Oct 08, 2013)
The team at Quantic proves that if games are made correctly, players will have an experience they will feel for many years to come. For this reason alone, I love this industry and those who constantly want to bring the best gaming experiences available, and Beyond: Two Souls is a perfect example of this.
GameOver (Greece) (Oct 08, 2013)
Το επίπεδο ρεαλισμού, από την άλλη, αποδεικνύει πως αν θέλει και μπορεί ο δημιουργός (στην προκειμένη περίπτωση η Quantic Dream), τύφλα να 'χουν τα specs, οι αριθμοί και τα λοιπά τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά. Αν σας άρεσε το Fahrenheit και το Heavy Rain, κατά πάσα πιθανότητα θα σας αρέσει πολύ και το Beyond: Two Souls. Αν δε θέλετε να βλέπετε ούτε "ζωγραφιστές" τις δημιουργίες του David Cage, συγχαρητήρια, χάσατε πέντε λεπτά από τη ζωή σας διαβάζοντας το παρόν κείμενο...
90 (Oct 08, 2013)
Raramente capita di trovare un gioco capace al tempo stesso di divertire e di emozionare. Nell'attuale generazione di console abbiamo avuto la fortuna di vivere un numero importante di esperienze di primissimo livello, molte delle quali appartengono esclusivamente alla PlayStation 3. Se non avete ancora comprato la console di Sony, non esiste momento migliore di questo per fare il grande passo.
90 (Oct 08, 2013)
Om interaktivitet, spelbarhet och frihet att utforska är ett spels främsta syfte är detta ett nästan totalt misslyckande. Om berättelsen, möjligheten att skapa känslor och beröra är prioritet så kan jag inte se om det någonsin gjorts bättre. Jag kan inte nog rekommendera detta för alla som är beredda att göra ett undantag från det vi normalt kallar för tv-spel för att på så sätt belönas av en genuint gripande historia.
90 (Oct 08, 2013)
Não existe um exagero de ações repetitivas nem nenhum sério bloqueio à progressão, condições fundamentais para um jogo deste género. É o projecto mais conseguido e equilibrado da Quantic Dream até agora, e naquilo a que se propõe, é quase perfeito. Não gostei muito do trama global, talvez a expectativa estivesse demasiado alta, mas adorei cada minuto passado a conhecer um pouco mais sobre Jodie Holmes e Aiden. É facilmente uma das melhores experiências interativas que tive este ano, e tal como Cage disse quando o entrevistei no início do ano, vou "sentir falta dela" agora que o terminei.
JeuxActu (Oct 08, 2013)
Pour ce qu’il apporte à la variété dans le jeu vidéo, une variété nécessaire et bienvenue, pour l’expérience exceptionnelle qu’il offre à un large public, pour l’émotion qu’il est capable de susciter, Beyond : Two Souls ne mérite que d’être applaudi.
90 (Oct 08, 2013)
Beyond fait à la fois mieux et moins bien que son illustre prédécesseur Heavy Rain. D'un côté il en reprend la formule en la maîtrisant davantage grâce à un gameplay, une histoire, des personnages, une réalisation et une mise en scène qui montent clairement en gamme, mais de l'autre il laisse en chemin quelques éléments qu'on appréciait tant, notamment le fait de véritablement faire des choix décisifs tout au long de l'aventure, lui faisant progressivement prendre des tournures tout à fait différentes.
GameSpot (Oct 08, 2013)
Beyond: Two Souls so easily melds story and mechanics that you become enamored with this young woman and her extraordinary life.
90 (Oct 08, 2013)
With Beyond, Quantic Dream says goodbye to PlayStation 3 with a great story.
Beyond: Two Souls represents Quantic Dream’s most fully-realized work to date. The term "interactive film" is thrown around often, but this is the first game to actually feel like one. Carefully maintaining a balance between its social context and supernatural elements, the game refuses to give into standard video game tropes and remains a mature and thoughtful story throughout. It’s poignant, thrilling and even a bit frightening at times.
Games Finder (Dec 22, 2015)
If you love your games with a strong story you can’t pass up on what is waiting for you in Beyond: Two Souls.
Realm of Gaming (Oct 14, 2013)
Beyond: Two Souls is not without its flaws, yes. Movements are weird and accuracy suffers when locking on an object. Some chapters drag on a bit too long and it's hard to decipher exactly where Aiden needs to be in certain surroundings. However, that's trivial in the grand scheme of things. Souls is the greatest title Quantic Dream has produced, and it cements my belief that they are an utterly magnificent-albeit obscure-group of artists with an undeniably powerful vision, one that unfortunately will be just as misunderstood as it will commended. Quantic Dream is one step closer to obliterating the line between cinema and games; Souls is no doubt doomed to be criticized for it.
God is a Geek (Oct 08, 2013)
It has its faults, but the overall package is something that will be spoken about for years to come. A sci-fi epic that Hollywood could only dream of putting on the silver screen, Beyond’s strength is in its ability to engage you with its world, with even the most simple of activities. Ellen Page has given the performance of her life and David Cage has penned the best script of his. When AAA releases are serving up so much similarity, Quantic Dream buck the trend and offer something different. Don’t put your PlayStation 3 back in its box just yet, or you’ll miss the studio’s biggest triumph to date.
Jodie and Aiden are such singular and profound video game characters because you don’t play them — you become them, sharing the same soul.
RPGFan (Nov 24, 2013)
Quantic Dream once again puts out a story you need to experience, but it also some comes with some of the rough edges you'd expect from the studio.
PlaySense / PSX-Sense (Oct 11, 2013)
Quantic Dream levert met Beyond: Two Souls een prachtige game af, zowel op visueel vlak als qua ervaring. De acteerprestaties zijn van de bovenste plank en doordat het verhaal niet chronologisch verteld wordt, zul je gemotiveerd zijn om tot het einde door te spelen waarbij je op het puntje van je stoel zult zitten. De game doet diverse dingen beter dan Heavy Rain, maar schiet op verschillende punten ook wat tekort. Wat uiteindelijk de kern van Beyond: Two Souls is, is het aanbieden van een bijzondere ervaring en dat is waar de game met vlag en wimpel in slaag. Beyond: Two Souls is anders, uniek, bijzonder en zeer zeker de moeite waard.
Spazio Games (Oct 09, 2013)
Beyond: Due Anime non è un videogioco cinematografico, né un film interattivo. Beyond: Due Anime è un gioco che racconta una bella storia, e che lo fa cercando in ogni modo di non sacrificare il gameplay. Purtroppo quest’ultimo obiettivo è stato centrato solo in parte, dato che molte sequenze sono sono l’illusione dell’interattività, mentre altre – più simili ai videogiochi standard – mostrano degli enormi limiti sia nel controllo che nella tensione. Questa, in breve, è la ragione che ci spinge a valutare il gioco al di sotto dei canoni dell’eccellenza. Eppure, alla fine della vicenda, molti dei volti incontrati nel corso di questa avventura vi resteranno nel cuore, contribuendo a lasciarvi una delle avventure videoludiche meglio raccontate di sempre. Beyond è un gioco che colpisce nel profondo dello spirito, che vi trascinerà in un turbinio di emozioni e che, in definitiva, vi resterà dentro per molti anni.
LaPS4 (Oct 08, 2013)
Visualmente deslumbrante y argumentalmente adictivo, el muy rejugable Beyond: Dos Almas cuenta con el particular estilo jugable de Quantic Dream y añade nuevos mecanismos interactivos. Las múltiples opciones de decisión, así como su atractivo desarrollo dramático (lleno de sorpresas y saltos temporales a lo largo de más de 13 horas) hacen del juego que nos ocupa una gran experiencia que, obviamente, cuenta con diversas limitaciones jugables y técnicas que no serán del agrado de todos.
IGN Italia (Oct 08, 2013)
Beyond: Due Anime, pur con i suoi difetti, è un progetto molto interessante, ambizioso e realizzato con valori di produzione che raramente si vedono applicati ai videogiochi, rivelandosi capace di incuriosire e tenere i giocatori incollati allo schermo. Probabilmente non farà cambiare idea a chi non apprezza i lavori firmati David Cage e Quantic Dream, ma anche per loro il consiglio è quello di provare Beyond: le due anime di questo ambizioso progetto, assieme alle piccole innovazioni di gameplay e alla sua storia intrigante, potrebbero far ricredere gli scettici, che comunque non possono che riconoscere la grande voglia di innovare degli sviluppatori francesi.
Vandal Online (Oct 08, 2013)
Beyond puede ser tu juego favorito de la última década. O todo lo contrario. No hagas caso de las opiniones, ni de la nuestra. La única forma de saber tu juicio está en probarlo.
3D Juegos (Oct 09, 2013)
Quantic Dream continúa ofreciéndonos su visión del futuro de las aventuras gráficas con Beyond: Dos Almas. Puede que a algunos se les atragante su estilo de película interactiva, cargada de QuickTime Events, pero quienes disfruten de las historias emotivas y que atrapan tienen cita innegociable con él. Más sutil y elegante que Heavy Rain en términos jugables, destaca por encima de todo la interpretación de una Ellen Page estelar.
PlayStation Lifestyle (Oct 08, 2013)
If you are looking for something with enough heart and passion to tell a truly great story in a unique and exciting way, Beyond: Two Souls is a must have.
Financial Post (Oct 08, 2013)
I chewed through Beyond: Two Souls much like I did Orange Is The New Black when it popped up on Netflix. Hopefully, this is just the first of many games to utilize this same format.
PlayFrance (Oct 09, 2013)
D’aucuns rejetteront en bloc le dernier bébé de David Cage en le reléguant au rang de Dragon’s Lair à peine évolué. Soit : si vous avez détesté Fahrenheit et Heavy Rain, il y a effectivement peu de chances que Beyond : Two Souls trouve grâce à vos yeux. Mais dans le cas contraire, sachez que Quantic Dream nous livre encore une fois une production surprenante qui, si elle n’atteint peut-être pas pleinement ses objectifs en matière de scénario évolutif, parvient tout de même à capter l’attention du joueur du début à la fin en n’oubliant pas de lui faire vivre quelques moments riches en émotions. Bref, si vous avez envie de vous essayer à un jeu vidéo différent, Beyond : Two Souls est un excellent choix.
Meristation (Oct 08, 2013)
Un vínculo con el más allá y el cordón mejor atado que se recuerde entre el cine y el videojuego. Quantic Dream emociona y sugiere con Beyond: Dos Almas, el debut de Ellen Page y Willem Dafoe en PlayStation 3. El mundo de la muerte se manifiesta a través de una Jodie Holmes guiada con sencillos movimientos y tomas de decisiones prestablecidas, en una superproducción de Hollywood que, como un fantasma, se hace notar pero transmite algo de frío.
Pelit (Nov 07, 2013)
Vaikka Beyond: Two Souls ei ole täysosuma, se yltää puutteistaan huolimatta plussan puolelle. Tarina pysyy kasassa, vaikka Cagen ohjaama ja käsikirjoittama scifi ei vieläkään täysin vakuuta. Yliluonnollinen kiehtoo ranskalaista, mutta hän hallitsee arkisen realismin ja draaman selvästi scifiä paremmin.
Toronto Sun (Oct 08, 2013)
While it may ask us to reconsider what makes a video game a video game, Beyond: Two Souls ultimately is about blending the mediums of movies and games into a new form of entertainment. Open your mind, unshield your heart, and you might be in for a heck of a ride.
Beyond’s a huge technical step forward for interactive drama, but seems less resolute than Heavy Rain not to stray back into familiar game territory. Commit to it like its actors do to the eccentric plot, though, and the rewards are gigantic – Holmes is where the heart is. Another essential purchase for interactive-drama disciples featuring a knockout turn by Page, but one that spreads itself thin telling its story through so many genres.
Games TM (Oct 08, 2013)
Not all videogames should be like Beyond Two Souls. But be thankful that some are. Another flawed but essential tale from a man who genuinely cares and a publisher that believes in the power of videogames.
Inside Gaming (Oct 08, 2013)
Diversity is also the how the gameplay excels, from combat to exploration to controlling Aiden. While we could have done without the non-linear storytelling, it wasn’t hard to keep tabs on the scattered episodes of Jodie’s life. Beyond: Two Souls is certainly an overall advancement on the mechanics of Heavy Rain, just don’t expect it to be David Cage’s magnum opus… that’s still to come.
Gamereactor (Germany) (Oct 08, 2013)
Ich saß manchmal da und habe einfach nur gewartet, dass endlich etwas passiert. Gewartet und gehofft. Die siebte Kameraseinstellung der weinenden Jodie angeschaut. Ihr Schluchzen gehört. Und mit ihr gelitten, ganz real. Das ist schon eine wertvolle Erfahrung. Meine Mutter starb, als ich zehn Jahre alt war. Es tut heute noch weh. Du hast mit diesem Schmerz gespielt, auf eine gute Art. Du hast mir gezeigt, wie real manche Wünsche sind und wie sinnlos. Wie gesagt, ich habe geweint. Danke dafür.
For all of its limitations with regards to control and choice, the first play is engrossing and absorbing, and unlike nearly anything else out there. Though look beyond that first play and the veneer stars to come off, with cracks starting to appear. Lines of dialogue start to jar when alternative, unnatural options are selected (it's like they had a story in mind, then expanded on it to create variety, but sometimes this variety doesn't sit quite right when they reel you back in to the established through-line), and the lack of consequence attached to many of your actions starts to give the game a hollow ring after a while. Our advice; own that first play through. Let yourself get immersed in it. Enjoy it. Put your heart and soul into it and make it yours. It's that first meeting that's so enticing, so involving, so unique. After that, if you must play it through again to see what you missed, give it months, not days, between your visits. The second bite is ne'er so sweet.
Gamereactor (Denmark) (Oct 08, 2013)
Jeg lyder måske skuffet, men det er jeg ikke. De sidste år har bare spoleret mig med titler som The Walking Dead, Bioshock Infinite og The Last of Us, og der skal mere end en god historie til at sikre den absolutte topkarakter. Du får dog her en langt mere velleveret fortælling end den fra Heavy Rain. Vil du opleve et anderledes spil, der tør tænke ude af boksen til tider, så kan du derfor roligt investere i Beyond: Two Souls. Det er god og effektiv historiefortælling og lidt af en bedrift.
Darkstation (Oct 16, 2013)
Beyond: Two Souls is an improvement over David Cage and Quantic Dream's previous efforts. It probably isn’t enough to radically change your opinion about their work, but it is still improvement. The concept of having bare bones, cinematic action to tell a story with rich characters works in this game without major problems. If you loved Heavy Rain, then I can easily recommend this game, as it is an improvement in just about every area that is important to an adventure game. If, on the other hand, the concept doesn’t appeal to you, then you should probably avoid it. I’m not sure that the concept even appeals to me enough to play a game like this more than once every other year. I did enjoy the time that I spent with Beyond: Two Souls though. It is the first game from this studio that I have enjoyed not just because I was intrigued by it, but because it executes its concepts well and puts forth an all-around solid package.
80 (Oct 08, 2013)
Beyond is a particular title, highly recommended to those looking for something different, or anyone who appreciates the approach of Quantic Dream. It's a game capable of evoking powerful emotions.
ZTGameDomain (Oct 08, 2013)
Beyond: Two Souls is closer to realizing David Cage’s vision of blurring the line between cinema and games more than any attempt before it. That comes with plenty of potholes, including various levels of quality sticking out more than they likely would anywhere else. Still there is little like Quantic Dream’s titles anywhere else, and Beyond tells a genuinely interesting tale that is worth seeing through to the end. While it might not invoke as much “emotion” as some would like, it generates more than almost any other title this generation.
D+PAD Magazine (Oct 20, 2013)
Flawed and silly, but also ambitious and heartfelt, this is a game with a clear vision, like it or not, that follows through with utter conviction to the end. There’s something admirable in that, and as long as you go in with your eyes open there is a lot to enjoy here. It does beg questions about what comes next from David Cage and his team though. Beyond feels like the crystallisation of his entire philosophy, but with the gaming landscape outside of Quantic Dream changing so rapidly, they risk being left behind if they don’t continue to evolve themselves.
PSX Extreme (Oct 09, 2013)
I expected the audio to be off-the-charts great due to the inclusion of Hollywood talent and the splendid music I so well remember from Heavy Rain . And indeed, we get top-notch performances from the two primary actors, Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe.
Adventure Gamers (Oct 14, 2013)
An ambitious story with real, complex characters makes BEYOND: Two Souls one of the year’s most memorable adventures, as long as you’re willing to look past some constrained and awkward gameplay.
Slant (Oct 09, 2013)
The game tells a beautiful, gripping tale, thanks in part to the voice and motion-capture performances of Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, making 2011's L.A. Noire, acclaimed for its facial graphics, seem decades old.
Push Square (Oct 08, 2013)
Beyond: Two Souls' imperfections don’t necessarily add to the title's appeal, but this is still a game that you should experience irrespective of its flaws. While the plot takes a number of questionable turns, the outrageously ambitious subject matter, coupled with the release's downright staggering technological achievements, make Quantic Dream's current generation opus worth examining all the same.
Game Revolution (Oct 08, 2013)
Beyond: Two Souls, despite its flaws with the mechanics and the story, is a special game that needs to be played, if just to behold the new level in video game presentation.
Gamegravy (May 14, 2014)
Let’s just say if you love story games or would like to play a game with your significant other this game is great. If you’re a casual gamer that likes a good story and simple gameplay and enjoys games with great emotional value then this is definitely a game I would recommend to check out. Between the acting and the beautiful soundtrack its surely a game you will not want to pass up.
Polygon (Oct 08, 2013)
With Beyond: Two Souls, Quantic Dream has smoothed away nearly all the rough edges in how it presents its stories. The other edge of that sword is that it lays the stories themselves bare to be judged entirely on their own. With so many of the traditional elements of gameplay stripped away, like challenge and exploration, a tremendous amount of weight is put on Beyond's story to carry the day. While it's exhilarating to see a team that has worked so hard to perfect a new way of telling stories, I couldn't help wishing they had a perfect one to tell.
Rely on Horror (Oct 17, 2013)
Beyond: Two Souls may be a tough sell to gamers brought up with the likes of Call of Duty and other such action-packed games we’re flooded with today. But it’s truly a memorable, albeit flawed experience. It’s another great example of Sony’s amazing first-party portfolio and another excellent outing from Quantic Dream. You may walk away from the game wishing for your very own companion entity. Just be prepared for a pretty crappy life…
Game Informer Magazine (Oct 08, 2013)
David Cage's Beyond: Two Souls is an emotional, powerful, and sometimes muddled experience.
GamingXP (Oct 14, 2013)
Trotzdem ist Beyond: Two Souls am Ende des Tages eines von jenen Spielen, dem man für seinen Mut und seine Ambitionen applaudiert, während man bedauert, dass es letztendlich über seine eigenen Füße stolpert.
Retroage (Jan 27, 2014)
Rozdziały takie jak „Homeless” lub „Navajo” dla mnie są bardzo ciekawie skomponowane. Emocje są tak naturalne że aż wylewają się z ekranu, a zawdzięczamy to bardzo profesjonalnym aktorom (których znam, w przeciwieństwie do tych z Heavy Rain). Przy produkcji czas spędziłem miło, jest to jednak gra maksymalnie uproszczona, QTE są banalne, a konsekwencje wynikające z ich oblania znikome. Podejrzewam również że gra w dwie osoby się nie sprawdzi, gracz obsługujący Aidena prędzej doczeka się uśpienia pada niż dłuższego aktywnego udziału w grze. Jak wspomniałem, produkcję warto chociaż raz zaliczyć dla fabuły. O ile "Heavy Rain" poruszał się bardziej w kierunku psychologicznym o tyle Beyond: Two Souls, kieruje się w stronę metafizyczną. Nie twierdze że każdy w ten sposób zinterpretuje ten produkt, ale czy to nie wystarczający argument by to sprawdzić na własnej skórze?
Gameplay (Benelux) (Oct 30, 2013)
Beyond: Two Souls is een krachtige en experimentele mengelmoes van actie, drama en thriller die door ondoordachtheid en overmoed te vaak op een tragikomedie uitdraait.
NowGamer (Oct 07, 2013)
Beyond: Two Souls' poor second half mars a game that is enjoyable in spite of its obvious flaws.
Gaming Age (Oct 08, 2013)
Beyond: Two Souls is a tricky game to grade, in part because there are times where it doesn't feel like a game at all. Even though it was lacking decent voice actors and the QTE scenes were often overly complex at times, I found Heavy Rain to be a more original experience overall due to an actual mystery to solve and more unique interactivity. Beyond: Two Souls is usually so laser focused on telling the story of Jodie’s life and how she copes with her gift that I sometimes found myself just going through the motions to push the narrative along. Don’t get me wrong, the game tells an interesting and emotional story, and the acting is top notch, but it does aimlessly plod along here and there. Thankfully, Quantic Dream ensured that Beyond: Two Souls would wrap up in an amazing, thought-provoking way which does make the ride very much worth taking.
Gry OnLine (Oct 08, 2013)
Beyond to kolejny eksperyment, może nie do końca udany, ale na pewno potrzebny branży gier. Pytanie tylko, czy konsumenci zechcą płacić za bycie królikami doświadczalnymi Davida Cage’a.
InsideGamer (Oct 09, 2013)
Beyond: Two Souls is verbluffend. In positieve zin dankzij zijn ongeëvenaard filmische actiescènes; in negatieve zin door de uitnodigende maar beperkte gameplay. En wat begint als een spannend emotioneel verhaal ontaardt in een groteske vloedgolf van paranormale poeha. Daarmee is Beyond meer spirituele opvolger van Fahrenheit dan van Heavy Rain.
Thanks to a script that shifts gears too often and too rapidly, Beyond: Two Souls never really hits its narrative stride, but David Cage’s latest effort is still worth a look if you’re a fan of his singular approach to interactive storytelling.
GameZone (Oct 08, 2013)
Beyond: Two Souls is like you're playing a movie. Cinematic narrative is definitely the driving force behind the game, but it's aided by competent gameplay that enhances the experience. Beyond: Two Souls is not without a few technical issues, but it's a wonderful example that story and gameplay can coexist within a video game.
Cage says he believes Beyond: Two Souls should be played once so I wouldn’t classify this as a need-to-own game, but I would say it should be experienced even if it’s only for a few hours. It is an ambitious attempt to push the boundaries of what can be considered a video game but at the end of the day all I got out of it was thinking I don’t want to play video games that try to be imitations of life. I hope that strong characters and thoughtful story lines continue in future releases but Beyond pushed itself too far away from the normal game conventions that I enjoy when I play a video game. I love books and movies just as much as I love games and I don’t necessarily feel there needs to be a movement to try and blur the lines that separate the different mediums of storytelling. There’s always room for innovation.. but Beyond didn’t hit the points I needed to really be impressed, especially when the bar has already been set high by other narrative-driven games.
GameTrailers (Oct 08, 2013)
For a work that prides itself on its story and your role in it, Beyond: Two Souls can’t help but make you feel a bit inconsequential in the ultimate scheme. The looks, the action, the acting, will have you see Jodie and Aiden through to the end, but not without shaking your head at what feels like a missed opportunity, bandaged by ghostly pranks and callbacks to more established games and movie staples.
70 (Nov 20, 2013)
Wenn man mit falschen Erwartungen an „Beyond“ herangeht, wird man bitter enttäuscht sein. Man bekommt weitaus weniger „Spiel“ als man gewohnt ist. Wer damit leben kann, erhält eine tolle Story, die trotz Logiklöchern fesselnder kaum sein könnte. Und wer denkt, dass die eigenen Entscheidungen keinen Einfluss haben, sollte vielleicht einen zweiten oder gar dritten Durchgang wagen – auch wenn vieles nicht auf das Ende wirkt, so erlebt doch jeder Spieler andere, kleine Episoden aus Jodies Leben auf dem Weg dorthin.
Play (UK) (Oct, 2013)
Ultimately, Beyond: Two Souls is David Cage taking his Heavy Rain formula for another spin with more star power, more spectacle and more action. Whether that sounds like a good thing or not depends on taste, but the fact is that Cage’s vision of a playable Summer blockbuster is never quite realised. If you thought Heavy Rain could do with more ghosts, Beyond is for you, but for many of us the shine is beginning to wear off.
70 (Oct 08, 2013)
Quantic Dream har for første gang levert troverdig skuespill og manus. En bragd studioet bør få skryt for.
Digital Chumps (Oct 08, 2013)
Beyond: Two Souls' ideas are occasionally inept, sometimes brilliant, and often an unstable in-between overloaded with emotional ephemera, predatory clichés, and unconscious behavior. At the same time, Beyond exhibits a willingness to generate an impassioned response from the player, and it sees that missions through to its conclusion. Beyond doesn't reach its declared level of sophistication, but its confidence and occasional effectiveness render it a fascinating piece of work through any lens.
GamesRadar (Oct 08, 2013)
But gameplay isn’t the driving factor of Beyond, which--for better or worse--rejects many traditional constraints of video games to push the boundaries of what a game can be. It tells its story in a unique way, it disregards many gaming tropes that we've come to accept as 'standard'. Beyond offers myriad lessons for other developers to follow and improve upon. Even though this game is rife with innovation, the narrative is still heavy-handed, and that ultimately means that you need to suspend disbelief and fully invest in the story to get the most out of the game. Forgive its flaws and Beyond offers a truly special story-telling experience that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.
DarkZero (Oct 23, 2013)
In the end, what you get from Beyond: Two Souls comes down to what type of person you are. If you don’t enjoy this heavy focus on interactive cinematic experiences in games, then you are going to hate Beyond: Two Souls. But if you have an open mind, are willing to look past some of the mechanical faults, then I think you’ll have a fascinating time living the life of Jodie Holmes and her invisible friend. It’s an experience to enjoy, a moment to witness, to be there and be absorbed in fantastic acting and a decent, if flawed, story that shows signs that David Cage is stepping closer to solving what he wants to accomplish with the video game medium and interactive storytelling.
70 (Oct 09, 2013)
El enfoque de Beyond es tan válido como cualquier otro, pero a pesar del cheque en blanco de Sony, de las superestrellas de Hollywood y de una tecnología de captura de movimiento puntera me he quedado con la sensación de que quizás el juego no necesitaba ser tan película; o, por lo menos, necesitaba ser una mejor película. Es entretenido, gráficamente espectacular y es un placer ver ciertas interpretaciones, pero no hay suficiente motor para tanta carrocería.
Critical Hit (Oct 15, 2013)
Beyond: Two Souls biggest criticisms don't come from the fact that it's not a "game," but rather from the fact that its very core, the story it hinges itself on, isn't as good as it should be. Suspension of disbelief only goes so far.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Oct 08, 2013)
Beyond: Two Souls blev kanske inte riktigt så vasst som jag hade hoppats på, men så länge det fortsätter att komma spel som pressar branschen framåt när det kommer till berättande, karaktärer och vuxen tematik så kommer jag fortsätta applådera sådana här försök.
IGROMANIA (Oct 12, 2013)
Heavy Rain спустя годы, конечно, уже не так впечатляет, как раньше, но, по крайней мере, игра до сих пор на слуху, а значит, Дэвид Кейдж все же создал нечто важное для индустрии. Но за Beyond: Two Souls, при всех ее достоинствах, мы ручаться не стали бы.
Chip Power Play (Nov, 2013)
Ich habe mitunter geflucht, die Augen verdreht oder ungläubig den Kopf geschüttelt. Aber ich wollte doch immer wissen, wies weiter geht und habe Beyond bis zum befriedigenden Ende gespielt. Und das trotz einiger spielerischer Schonkostleistungen, die gruseliger sind als jeder Spukauftritt von Geisterwesen Aiden. Die Handlung versöhnt für manches Quick Time Event, auch wenn sie manchmal tief in die Klischeekiste greift. Während die Pseudo-Actioneinsätze eher schwach sind, haben mich die unorthodoxen Kapitel beeindruckt: Das abgeschobene Kind, der unsichere Teenager, das Leben unter Obdachlosen — das ist mal was anderes als der übliche Abenteueralltag von Spielehelden. Die hervorragende Mimik der Charaktere gefällt ebenso wie die unheimliche Atmosphäre einiger Abschnitte. Spielerisch hat mich Beyond enttäuscht, aber letztendlich erstaunlich gut unterhalten. Wer ein vollwertiges Action-Adventure erwartet, fühlt sich hier eher wie im falschen Film.
ActionTrip (Oct, 2013)
Beyond: Two Souls is a great example of having a great idea with flawed execution. The gameplay has vastly improved for this new genre, the game mechanics and puzzle solving are unique and fun, the voice acting was incredible, and it is visually stunning. It’s very unfortunate that the story has continuity difficulties, unnecessary padding, too many boring stretches, and repeated plot devices, as the story is what’s supposed to keep you going in an interactive drama.
69 Gaming Portal (Oct 30, 2013)
Cage je odlučio dodatno ogoliti igru u odnosu na svoja prethodna djela te još veći fokus staviti upravo na njenu priču, no tu dolazimo do jednostavnog, no ozbiljnog problema – cijenjeni gospodin očito je lošiji pisac nego što misli da jest: iskoristio je fascinantan niz klišeja u scenariju, sporedni likovi su mu nedovoljno kvalitetno okarakterizirani, a dijalozi su povremeno prilično neuvjerljivi. Beyond: Two Souls bez sumnje ćemo pamtiti kao drugačiju igru koju nije loše odigrati upravo zbog toga, no drugačiju igru od koje smo očekivali mnogo više.
LevelUp (Oct 08, 2013)
Lo que pudo ser la fantástica secuela espiritual de la gran promesa que fue Heavy Rain derivó en una hipérbole no cumplida. El exceso de ambición y la carencia de buenos personajes contradicen la intención original del título: conmover al jugador e introducirlo en una buena ficción. Es difícil apreciar su magnífica calidad visual y sonora detrás de problemas técnicos evidentes, controles poco inspirados y un guión mediocre. Mi experiencia con el título se resume en lo que ocurre antes de comenzar una partida. Beyond te pregunta con qué frecuencia disfrutas los videojuegos. Sólo hay 2 opciones: "rara vez (o nunca) juego videojuegos" y "juego videojuegos con frecuencia." ¿Desde cuándo, sin darnos cuenta, la industria contemporánea ha vuelto admisibles estas preguntas? Pienso, al sostener la caja, qué es lo que se destruye detrás del rostro de Ellen Page.
68 (Oct 08, 2013)
Obwohl es bewegende Momente gibt und die Technik nahezu fotorealistische Mimik dazu liefert, kann mich dieses Abenteuer nicht fesseln. David Cage hat seinen Designstil mit spürbaren Konsequenzen nicht weiter, sondern zurück entwickelt und sich dem Bedürfnis der Action angebiedert. Ja, das Orchester spielt pompös auf. Und das sieht mitunter klasse aus. Aber Cage begibt sich in einigen Kapiteln auf ein Terrain, das Quantic Dream einfach nicht beherrscht. Was soll oberflächliche Military-Action in einem Mystery-Thriller, in dem einem selbst in der heikelsten Situation nix passieren kann? Genauso wild wie die Zeiten und Schauplätze wechseln, schwankt auch die Qualität des Spiels zwischen nervig und spannend, festgefahren und offen, belanglos und bewegend. Unterm Strich wurde ich mit allen Höhen und Tiefen noch auf solidem Niveau unterhalten. Aber wenn ich daran denke, wie mich Heavy Rain vor drei Jahren gefesselt hat, ist das bisher meine Enttäuschung des Jahres.
CD-Action (Oct 08, 2013)
Beyond: Dwie dusze był ostatnim exclusive’em na konsolę tej generacji, na który czekałem – i trochę żałuję, że spotkał mnie z jego strony zawód. Na pewno widać go po tych kilkuset napisanych wyrazach, ale już nieco mniej po ocenie, bo w gruncie rzeczy gra jest całkiem dobra. Gdybym po wyłączeniu gry nie zaczął się zastanawiać nad masą nieścisłości i miałkości pewnych rozwiązań fabularnych, byłbym na pewno szczęśliwszy i nastawiony bardziej pozytywnie. Cóż jednak poradzić: im większe ma się oczekiwania, tym upadek bywa boleśniejszy. Na pewno jednak sam nie żałuję tych kilku godzin spędzonych z grą.
StopGame (Oct 09, 2013)
Да, игра определённо хороша, и её можно с удовольствием пройти, но мы хотели — большего. Дэвид Кейдж зарекомендовал себя, как человек, способный изумлять. Теперь же он будет пожинать не самые лучшие плоды данной репутации.
GamingTrend (Oct 08, 2013)
As a whole, Beyond: Two Souls’ story is decent, for a video game. That’s actually a sad statement, if you think about it – video games deserve better narratives than we’ve gotten so far, and this isn’t the game that will save our preferred medium from itself. And while Quantic Dream tackles subjects usually only handled within the realm of film, it lacks the grace, subtlety, and class of its celluloid counterparts to do it properly. Technically, it’s a triumph, with some of the best looking graphics and facial capture I’ve ever seen in a video game, but if you’re going to put so much emphasis on the story, it better be damn good, and honestly, it just isn’t.
Gaming Nexus (Oct 10, 2013)
Beyond: Two Souls is a beautiful and well-crafted interactive experience that is encumbered by some odd writing and questionable game-design decisions.
Worth Playing (Oct 15, 2013)
Beyond: Two Souls is fun like a summer popcorn action movie. There are likeable characters and good set pieces, but it falls apart if you analyze it too closely. The story is paper-thin and in need of editing, and the gameplay is bland. It also gets frustratingly boring at times due to poor editing, leaving the story to plod along between the fun parts. Its biggest failure is the inability to craft an illusion of choice in the way that something linear like The Walking Dead did. There's little reason to replay the game, and it doesn't do anything memorable enough with its story or characters to consider revisiting. Unfortunately, the gameplay doesn't hold up either, with the potentially cool Aiden mechanics ending up being of relatively little use. In many ways, it is the perfect rental game, but it would be tough to justify buying at $20, let alone $60.
The Digital Fix (Nov 01, 2013)
Beyond in truth is a mixed bag in many regards. It takes wholesale the gaming mechanics of Quantic Dream’s previous game, adds back in the sci-fi tones of 2005’s Fahrenheit and mixes it all up to try and enhance the emotional impact but ultimately numbs it. Whilst there are scenes which cause jaws to drop, others which you will not believe have made it into a modern triple-A title and moments to make the heart sing, there are also times when boredom creeps in, confusion is the overwhelming force and you feel like you’re simply going through the motions.
Beyond: Two Souls is unquestionably an important release, but excellent performances by Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page belie a structurally unsound narrative and truly benign gameplay.
USgamer (Oct 14, 2013)
Quantic Dream has come a long way since Indigo Prophecy, but some things haven't changed. The presentation has gotten much better, but Cage's writing is still not up to snuff. There are definite highs in Beyond, but not all of the elements of the game or the story work as a cohesive whole.
Gamestyle (Oct 14, 2013)
An uneven story held together by terrific performances from its leads add to an interesting, if unspectacular experience.
TheSixthAxis (Oct 08, 2013)
Beyond is a tale of squandered potential. With acting talent such as Page and Dafoe on board, music from legendary composer Hans Zimmer and visuals that give the PS4 launch line-up a run for their money, it’s such a shame that when it comes down to it, the incompetent story and poor gameplay mechanics leave a lot to be desired.
IGN (Oct 08, 2013)
Beyond: Two Souls is an ambitious opus, let down by lack of meaningful player choice and an unfocused plot.
Giant Bomb (Oct 08, 2013)
It's guilty of both overbearing goofiness and unearned self-seriousness, yet Beyond: Two Souls is still easily Quantic Dream's most fully-realized game to date.
Co-Optimus (Dec 05, 2013)
In the end, I felt like the only way I could review Beyond Two Souls was to take all the good and all the bad and treat it as both a game and an interactive movie. This averaged out to be dead middle, with some extra taken off from a co-op game view. As a “game,” I felt it was pretty bad, but as an interactive movie, it was pretty great. If you’re looking for something that feels like a traditional video game, BTS may not be for you; however, if you’re looking for a game that has a unique way of telling an original story with good acting and amazing graphics (and you can deal with the whole constant controller prompt thing), there’s a good chance you’ll like BTS. As far as the co-op goes, there’s always a chance you’ll like it - but I felt it was completely inconsequential and possibly a missed opportunity.
60 (UK) (Oct 08, 2013)
Heavy Rain worked because it was a police procedural, a genre that's all about narrow horizons and methodical reassurance. The tight confines of Quantic's style suited it well. The same delivery just can't contain Beyond's epic scope, preposterous premise and high-octane action. You're left feeling detached from it, and its component parts have nothing more than a frail spine of story holding them together.
Absolute Games ( (Nov 01, 2013)
Beyond могла стать отличной историей взросления, рассказанной через необычные для нашей индустрии сюжеты — в какой еще игре вы выкурите первый подростковый косяк, будете в спешке листать кулинарную книгу перед свиданием или попрошайничать на улице? В редкие минуты просветления в происходящее по-настоящему веришь — в техническом плане игра безупречна. Здесь самые красивые модели героев в уходящем поколении консолей. Здесь удивительно хорошая локализация. Но игра отказалась быть игрой и передала всю ответственность в руки сценариста. И если в Heavy Rain Дэвида Кейджа хотя бы иногда били по рукам продюсеры и просили поумерить пыл, то в Beyond эксцентричный француз ушел в отрыв и решил, что добавить в потенциально удачную драму немного «Падения черного ястреба», «Звонка» и даже «Терминатора» — неплохая идея. Большая ошибка.
60 (Nov 07, 2013)
פרוייקט שאפתני שרחוק מלממש את מטרותיו גם כמשחק וגם כסרט.
GameFront (Oct 08, 2013)
Beyond: Two Souls is full of interesting concepts, but it’s trying to do too many things at once. A military thriller/wartime romance/fugitive story/supernatural drama/science fiction/apocalypse tale might have sounded cool in the planning stages, but all those high concepts need time and space to be fleshed out. Thanks to the game’s relatively brisk clip — about 10 hours total — and the fact that so much of it consists of action set pieces, that necessary time and space never materialize. Beyond: Two Soul instead suffers from acute story cancer with terrible plot lesions that disfigure everything including character development
IGN Russia (Oct 08, 2013)
Обидно, что единственные высокобюджетные «интерактивные драмы» пишет столь неумелый человек, как Дэвид Кейдж. И вдвойне обидно за студию Quantic Dream, за талантливейшую команду художников, аниматоров, композиторов, за разработчиков, добившихся такого потрясающего качества картинки на доживающей свой век консоли, создавших в видеоигре столь правдоподобно выглядящих людей, что хочется поздравлять их с преодолением Uncanny Valley. Все, что нужно такой команде – это столь же талантливый сценарист и режиссер, человек, способный направить всю эту творческую энергию в более плодотворное русло, чем создание игры про летающих глистов из загробного мира. К несчастью, такого человека в Quantic Dream нет.
Miasto Gier (Oct 09, 2013)
Jedna z najbardziej przereklamowanych gier ostatnich lat. Totalny przerost formy nad treścią. David Cage cudował, dla cudowania i w ten sposób nie dostaliśmy ani solidnej opowieści, ani ciekawej fabuły, ani porządnej grywalności. Jeśli koniecznie chcecie zagrać, poczekajcie z rok na przeceny. Wtedy być może będzie warto kupić.
Gamekult (Oct 08, 2013)
En s'inscrivant dans les pas de ses productions précédentes, le studio français fait évoluer son concept, allant toujours plus loin dans sa mise en scène tout en épurant encore son gameplay. Mais malgré un jeu d'acteurs impeccable et une réalisation qui ne l'est pas moins, malgré aussi quelques beaux morceaux de bravoure qui aident à s'accrocher, Beyond : Two Souls ne parvient jamais à décoller. Car s'il a repris certaines des qualités de ses prédécesseurs, en leur insufflant toujours plus d'ambition, ce pot-pourri en a surtout repris les faiblesses : rythme apathique, narration alambiquée et vite lourdingue, intrigue sans queue ni tête et, surtout, une prégnante sensation d'ennui, qui prend le joueur à la gorge dès les premiers chapitres pour ne plus jamais vraiment relâcher son étreinte. Comme un cocktail au goût singulier, intrigant au départ mais qui finirait bien vite par saouler.
50 (Oct 08, 2013)
Z výborných momentů byste možná poslepovali slušný hodinový díl nějakého paranormálního seriálu, ale jako souvislé vyprávění je Beyond neskutečně přeplácaná ptákovina, jejíž stupiditu horko těžko vyvažují místy vysoké produkční hodnoty. Na ty se ostatně jen hezky dívá, nic víc.
Thunderbolt Games (Oct 17, 2013)
There’s a lack of tension and attachment to these characters. You feel like you’re watching rather than playing and contributing to a piece of interactive fiction, dampening the effect of even its most affecting moments. Heavy Rain’s choices were deeply flawed and mostly redundant, but to remove any sort of meaningful player engagement from Beyond‘s narrative is the wrong way to go. Since 2010 so many other games have married cinematic storytelling with the interactivity of the medium to splendid results. Beyond feels dated by comparison, despite its massive budget, highly impressive technology and A-list cast. There’s some enjoyment to glean from its narrative and the performances of its cast, and fans of Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain will no doubt enjoy it more than most, but Quantic Dream’s vision has yet to be fully realised.
Joystiq (Oct 08, 2013)
Playing Beyond: Two Souls lies somewhere between vicariousness and voyeurism. It's the study of a person, attached to an otherworldly being that thrives on a different kind of freedom. Though it uses the language of both games and movies, it's usually the most interesting when it abandons big-screen bluster to focus on minor dilemmas that strengthen the protagonist as a person. Beyond that, you're just the ghost in a ghost story, only appearing when the scene calls for a cheap scare.
The Telegraph (Oct 08, 2013)
What a shame. Beyond could have been so much more. But despite its glaring flaws, despite a denouement that still has me shouting “WHY?!” at random passer-bys. Despite everything, I still enjoyed a great deal of my time with Beyond. I can’t promise you will feel the same, but I’d still encourage you to try. It’s a mess. But a fascinating mess.
Edge (Oct 08, 2013)
What a shame given the extent to which Beyond reflects its developer’s recognition of its past mistakes. This is a far more systemically diverse game than Heavy Rain, and its story is certainly more believably told through Holmes, Dafoe and a fine supporting cast. Yet this is a game almost entirely bereft of tension, one in which failure goes largely unpunished and is almost always inconsequential. There is emotion here, but it’s felt passively, as spectator instead of player. And at the game’s climax, when Quantic Dream falls back on old habits and has you guide Holmes through a supernatural storm by mashing buttons on demand, it’s hard to feel anything at all. The studio’s commendable dream – of a marriage of mechanics and storytelling that takes videogames to new emotional heights – remains out of reach, and the rivers of photorealistic tears aren’t quite enough to make up for it.
Destructoid (Oct 08, 2013)
For all the complaints that can be leveled at Beyond -- and they can be leveled in feckless abundance -- the overwhelming problem with it is that it's just plain boring. Like a sociopath, Beyond: Two Souls knows how to act like it has a heart, while providing nothing of the emotional depth required to connect with an audience. Its characters can smile, and cry, and tell us they're feeling all of these feelings, but their paper-thin presentation and the frequent narrative dead ends prevent any of their pantomime from becoming too convincing.
Level 7 (Oct 08, 2013)
Beyond: Two Souls misslyckas kapitalt både som en historia och som ett spel. Äventyret spelar i princip sig självt och spelaren lämnas till att lydigt trycka på rätt knapp i rätt ordning. Berättelsen som ges som belöning är sedan en osammanhängande röra av märkliga manus- och regibeslut från en spelskapare som uppenbarligen strävar efter höga ambitioner men här tycks vara totalt oförmögen att nå dem. Förutom ett par enstaka ljuspunkter bör fans av Fahrenheit och Heavy Rain tyvärr göra sig beredda på en monumental besvikelse.
Game Critics (Nov 17, 2013)
Heavy Rain took the cinematic flair Quantic Dream is known for and combined it with choices that mattered. Beyond: Two Souls circles back to Indigo Prophecy's status as a paranormal thriller with undeveloped characters and little overall impact. It's hard not to wish things had gone differently. A stronger focus on character development, a tighter design in choices and consequence, and a more cohesive story would have gone a long way. After playing Heavy Rain, it seemed like Quantic Dream was heading in the right direction, but Beyond: Two Souls takes two big steps backward.
Its grandiose screenplay is beautifully presented and brilliantly acted, but it lacks interesting content, both gameplay and story-wise.
40 (Oct 08, 2013)
In terms of graphics and actors’ performances there’s almost nothing to touch Beyond, but in terms of an enjoyable game, or even just an interactive story, it barely even approaches B-movie level.
40 (Oct 08, 2013)
The narrative's problems feed into the mechanics. Aiden's powers – and how they're exerted – are woefully inconsistent with the story, and the game is utterly straightforward in its moment-to-moment interaction with the player. Which would be fine if the game's narrative hooked you in. But it doesn't. There are bright moments, but when a game sells itself on a story, said story better be good. This one isn't, and anyone expecting Heavy Rain 2 is going to be sorely disappointed.
Riot Pixels (Oct 25, 2013)
Дэвид Кейдж, директор французской студии Quantic Dream, очень любит кинематограф. Настолько, что с каждым проектом всё дальше уходит от игр. Beyond: Two Souls — именно что кино, где нам разрешают лишь вовремя нажимать кнопки. Причём безумно затянутое.
AusGamers (Oct 13, 2013)
So when I say that I hate Beyond: Two Souls, I don’t mean to undermine the hard work done by the actors, the excellent animation, or any of the ambition and toil that went into it. People worked hard on this, the work shows, and they should be proud that they managed to create something so substantial. But wow, do I ever hate playing it. I hate it so, so much. David Cage may have succeeded at making his most cinematic game yet, but if I’d paid $8 to see Beyond on the cinema’s cheap day I would have walked out well before the credits rolled.
Quarter to Three (Oct 17, 2013)
Beyond: Two Souls is a single-player Adventure game that utilizes a combination of a "superior" storytelling and "gameplay" mechanics, and cutting edge motion capture techniques to present a stunning adventure that is "not to be missed". The game is a PlayStation 3 exclusive and features an in-game timeline set across several years of the Ellen Page character model's life and experiences, several possible endings and outcomes, a unique and powerful in-game companion, and in-game contributions by top Hollywood talent.
For all the things that can be said about Beyond: Two Souls, there's really only one thing that's indisputable: it's the most unique big game of the year.
Diehard GameFan (Oct 30, 2013)
Beyond: Two Souls is yet another offering from Quantic Dream that merely hints at possible incredible future of interactive entertainment. It doesn’t live up to its potential thanks to poor writing and a sense that your in-game actions are all but meaningless. There are some bright spots, such as the incredible presentation and fantastic acting, but these things don’t entirely make up for all of the let downs. Here’s hoping whatever QD is cooking up for the PS4 can finally deliver.

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