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The A.V. Club (May 25, 2009)
As you squeeze off headshots and sail around the stunningly rendered destroyed city, the game’s only hiccup is in forcing you to read fine-print-sized text about the game’s optional mythology. But don’t let a little reading stop you from enjoying what’s essentially a playable action movie.
90 (Jun 15, 2009)
There's a lot going on here - a deeply twisting story, intense action, laugh-out-loud humor (for instance, listen for when Spencer breaks the fourth wall before a certain boss battle), reunions with old friends & enemies, familiar music interpreted in new ways, and plenty of special effects eye candy - that would be a shame to miss. Do not believe the negative hype. I cannot recommend Bionic Commando enough.
85 (May 18, 2009)
Okay, die Schwächen liegen auf dem Tisch. Sie grinsen mich wie scharf geschliffene Wertungsmesser an: Zwischendurch gewöhnliche Balleraction, unterm Strich zu wenig Bosskämpfe, Story nicht prägnant genug inszeniert. Aber dann zuckt es in meinen Fingern, als sich die Stärken mit aller Kraft melden: Grandiose Kulisse, freie Schwungphysik, anspruchsvolle Herausforderungen, taktische Kampffreiheit, unheimlich befriedigendes Spielgefühl, ruhige Entdeckung trifft auf explosive Action, hervorragende Musik, spektakuläre Bosskämpfe. Und plötzlich juckt es in meinem Arm, als ich mir die Frage stelle, ob ich mehr Spiele dieser Art will und ein klares JA höre. Also schnellt meine Begeisterung wie ein Stahlseil vor, greift sich den Tisch mit den Kontrapunkten, lässt ihn in der Luft schweben und ich denke an die packenden Momente, die nach dem Abspann haften blieben.
GameZone (May 18, 2009)
This game looks good, ramps up the difficulty nicely for a solid progressive challenge, and is relatively easy to jump into and play. Ok, the linearity of the storyline is a bit of a drawback, but the game still manages to embroil players in the action and pull them along effortlessly because of the way the action plays out.
Bionic Commando is yet another fantastic update to a classic franchise from Capcom. At this rate it doesn't seem out of the question to dream of other update titles making the grade such as Strider and Ghosts N Goblins. If you enjoyed the original or action games in general this is definitely one to check out. The massive levels, solid combat and entertaining story make this one experience that is worth playing through.
Cynamite (May 18, 2009)
Unterhaltsamer, kurzweiliger Action-Spaß, der durch sein frisches Spielkonzept, gelungene Technik und viel Witz überzeugt.
Vandal Online (May 20, 2009)
Ya apuntaron maneras cuando mostraron al público su adaptación de la obra original de Bionic Commando, y aunque ahora los chicos de GRIN se han vuelto a superar al trasladar el concepto de la serie a las tres dimensiones, con una secuela que convencerá tanto a los seguidores de la saga como a los no iniciados por su planteamiento de juego y su calidad audiovisual. Sí es cierto que podrían haber pulido un poco más diversos aspectos de la obra, lo que hubiera llevado a Bionic Commando al sobresaliente. Pese a todo, estamos ante un producto muy divertido, que hará las delicias de los jugadores a los que les gusten las apuestas arriesgadas, pues mezclar las plataformas con la acción en tercera persona no es tarea fácil aunque la desarrolladora ha dado en el clavo a la hora de hacerlo.
80 (May 21, 2009)
Bionic Commando will frustrate many gamers, but get past the initial swinging learning curve and you'll find a highly entertaining action game that tries to do something a bit different. It's not a must-own classic that Capcom has become renowned for making, but with smart presentation and some thrilling gameplay it still comes highly recommended.
Giant Bomb (May 17, 2009)
Bionic Commando goes back and forth between moments of great, navigation-based gameplay and a lot of little touches that don't work as well as you'd like. It makes the final product a little frustrating, because you can almost see a better game trying to bust its way out of its constraints. But more often than not, I was really taken by the game's rewarding swinging controls and terrific looks. If you consider yourself something of a swinger, I think you'll probably feel the same way.
PlayStation Universe (May 18, 2009)
If you’re not working out inventive ways to reach a waypoint, killing enemies by swinging off lampposts and crumbling bridges, or pulling the landscape apart to bring it down on them, you’ll be having a great time weaving between towering skyscrapers, dangling off girders high above the city, and searching far and wide for those elusive collectibles. Combat isn’t as intense as we had hoped, but the Bionic arm comes to the rescue and ensures that you don’t have to rely entirely on the rather boring weapon set. When all is said and done, Bionic Commando is still a breath of fresh air at this notoriously slow point in the gaming release calendar, and a worthy remake of the 1980s classic.
IGN (May 18, 2009)
It's been an incredibly long time since Nathan Spencer swung onto a console, and for the most part, his return is a solid one. Bionic Commando provides an updated adventure for the classic hero, sending him as a one man army against daunting odds to save the world once again. If you can look past the replayability issues that crop up due to the linear play, you'll find an enjoyable adventure that easily re-establishes the franchise for Capcom. You've been out of duty for way too long, Spencer – Hopefully you'll come back sooner than later.
GamePro (US) (May 18, 2009)
Bionic Commando never develops its own ideas far enough, or flies quite as high as it should, but it still manages to be a wonderfully unique and enjoyable swing-set action adventure. The grappling mechanic is a well-executed and interesting concept but it's a shame that the game isn't consistently great. Still, I can't help but keep my fingers crossed that the next chapter won't take another twenty years to appear.
3D Juegos (May 18, 2009)
Estamos ante un buen esfuerzo por traducir la franquicia de los 80 a los nuevos tiempos, lo que se traduce en un buen juego de acción. Sin embargo quienes deseen acercarse a la verdadera experiencia Bionic Commando quizá harían bien en probar el original o, si apartado gráfico es un problema, acercarse al formidable remake Rearmed. Por lo demás la nueva aventura de Nathan Spencer es un entretenimiento algo incontrolable y repetitivo, pero siempre potente y espectacular.
In the end, Bionic Commando is an interesting single-player experience many gamers are likely to enjoy. Disappointingly, the multiplayer experience is entirely forgettable, and not all of the wonderfully tacky elements of the series were well translated this time around. That being said, the uniqueness of the bionic arm and the depth of gameplay tend to make up for most of the title's flaws, though arguably so.
NZGamer (Jun 02, 2009)
In the end the high difficulty will drive away casual gamers so trying the demo first is a must. But between the tough bosses and fast gameplay, this is a worthy successor to the NES original.
Bionic Commando is the surprise of the year so far. Forget the story and you’ll have a blast. If there is a sequel, and as this is a Capcom game that’s a real possibility, we hope it can iron out some of the level design issues and give us even larger environments to enjoy. Then we can take this baby out of the backyard and have some real fun. Vrooom!
Console Monster (May 29, 2009)
Whether Bionic Commando will be enjoyment personified will depend on one simple thing – having the dedication to master Spencer's Bionic Arm. It takes time, something that the more casual gamer might give up on too early. Only when this becomes second-nature does the game really open up, swinging while you're winning. Whilst the story really is a bit nonsensical, and the journey is a little on the linear side, the ticket price is worth it for experiencing the boss battles. It's not an absolute classic, but it's certainly a worthy sequel to the 1988 game on the NES.
75 (May 18, 2009)
Questo Bionic Commando non può certo vantare il carisma del primo capitolo, ma può sicuramente far felici molti fan di vecchia data del supersoldato bionico a patto che siano consci di trovarsi di fronte ad un titolo che oramai ha perso gran parte delle caratteristiche peculiari che l'hanno reso famoso al tempo, uniformandosi in buona parte ai giochi del genere. È proprio questo avvicinamento all'universo degli sparatutto più canonici il limite maggiore del nuovo Bionic Commando, la vera star è e sarà sempre il rampino ed i suoi mille utilizzi, e le contuinue sparatorie, mostrandosi un po' ripetitive, non fanno che confermare questo giudizio. A parte questo, Bionic Commando non soffre di particolari difetti che ne minino l'esperienza di gioco, ma la mancanza di mordente potrebbe far storcere il naso a chi si aspettava un ritorno agli standard qualitativi del passato e paradossalmente potrebbe influire in modo minore su un acquirente che non ha vissuto la precedente avventura omonima.
Game Revolution (May 20, 2009)
Does Bionic Commando hit the nail directly on the head in its attempt at rejuvenating its franchise as much as Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5 did? The short answer: No. [That's what happens when you try hitting the nail in mid-swing. ~Ed.] It lacks the balance it would take to make it something really great, but what is there is fun, just not as phenomenal as some of Capcom's more recent franchise reboots.
Gaming Nexus (May 20, 2009)
Bionic Commando is a lot of things. It's an exciting action game full of great set pieces. It's a great way to demonstrate how much fun swinging around a destroyed city can be. It's a great way to show off your art talents and ability to remix classic music. But try as it might, it is NOT as good as the original game. You'll have a lot of fun with this new Bionic Commando, but he ultimately plays it safe in his first adventure in twenty years.
Gamervision (Jun 01, 2009)
Overall, there's some fun to be had swinging around the ruins of Ascension City, but don't be fooled - it's a flawed experience. The game's campaign is fairly entertaining, but lacks any real depth or originality, falling short of living up to the Bionic Commando name. Even so, Bionic Commando is a good summer blockbuster, with enough explosions and action to satisfy most gamers, for at least a little while.
70 (May 21, 2009)
Bionic Commando é um jogo que nos deixa completamente à toa pois não conseguimos decidir o que teve mais impacto sobre nós, se aquilo que gostamos ou se aquilo de que não gostamos. O que sabemos é que poderia ter sido mais e a incapacidade para ostentar a firmeza para sem dúvidas conquistar o jogador resulta de um conjunto de factores que afastam o jogo de uma qualidade superior e levam-no para longe do recomendável. No entanto muitos vão-se debater com a vontade de continuar a jogar e mesmo por entre todos os problemas não vão conseguir deixar de gostar, mas vai depender de cada um.
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (May 25, 2009)
Capcom and Grin have done a good job with the bionic arm in this fifth generation homage, and that was always going to be the critical factor for Bionic Commando's success. While the combat is a bit of a letdown, the high bar for difficulty is certainly more addictive than it is frustrating, which compensates for the title's shortcomings and fittingly punctuates a solid piece of work.
IGN UK (May 18, 2009)
But really, that’s not quite enough to overcome the flawed single-player game. Perhaps it’s only next to the unrealistic expectations inspired by nostalgia and all those dreams of freedom that the game seems disappointing. Taken on its own merits it is a solid if unspectacular third-person action game, and about the unkindest thing you could say about it is that it is bland and inoffensive. But next to those wistful dreams of free love and swinging through the air with gay abandon, it is difficult not to be left feeling marginally unfulfilled by the mundane, mechanical reality.
XGN (May 18, 2009)
Bionic Commando is geen perfecte titel geworden. De gameplay laat bij het slingeren wat steekjes vallen, en ook het schieten hebben andere games beter gedaan. Daarbij komt een wat korte singleplayer, waar je op de normale moeilijkheidsgraad rond de zes uur over doet. De leuke gevechten en ervaring die je beleeft als je eenmaal aan de mogelijkheden en tekortkomingen van je bionische arm bent gewend, maken dit voor een groot deel goed.
Spazio Games (May 18, 2009)
Data la natura storica del brand, possiamo consigliarne l’acquisto ai nostalgici del vecchio RAD Spencer e agli appassionati di action generici, a patto che siano disposti a fare i conti con una prima metà di gioco molto frustrante, e un recupero troppo breve nel finale. Nel complesso, una relativa delusione: la speranza è che in futuro gli sviluppatori di Capcom possano occuparsi in prima persona di Bionic Commando, ereditando le buone idee stilistiche di questo porting alla next gen, e infondendo tutta la cura al dettaglio che li contraddistingue, elemento del tutto mancante in questa produzione.
PSX Extreme (May 26, 2009)
Bionic Commando is a game that's better off being rented first. Some may find themselves extremely frustrated, while others can learn to deal with the frustrations and enjoy the game. I personally could not overlook a number of glaring flaws, most importantly the horde of control issues, in addition to the annoying load times. The visuals and audio are well done, but ultimately, I feel that GRIN spread themselves too thin and lost their focus on making Bionic Commando as fluid as it should've been, especially considering how much time they had to develop it.
GamersGlobal (Jun 20, 2009)
Bionic Commando ist ein überdurchschnittlicher Titel, der dank des bionischen Arms ein interessantes Feature bietet. Leider gelingt es Entwickler Grin nicht, um dieses Feature herum ein großes Spiel aufzubauen. Vor allem die Story lahmt an allen Ecken und Enden.
The Guardian (May 19, 2009)
It looks good, but feels generally soulless and generic. Hardcore gamers will like the advanced difficulty level, but novices will find it infuriating. A damp squib of a revival.
GameSpot (May 19, 2009)
As you play Bionic Commando, you'll be frequently struck by all the unexplored possibilities and how often the words "if only" cross your mind. "This area would be fun to explore, if only radiation didn't stop me dead in my tracks." "That firefight could be terrific, if only the weapons had oomph." "This seems like an interesting world, if only the main character gave me a reason to care." The bionic arm is a great idea that leads to some enjoyable moments, but it's not powerful enough to shoulder the burden of an entire game.
DarkZero (May 19, 2009)
Ultimately, Bionic Commando should really be applauded for trying something new. It would have been very easy for both Capcom and GRIN to turn the 8-bit series into another samey run of the mill third-person shooter that plagues the market at the moment. Instead they went for something a bit different, and something that honours the roots of the Bionic Commando series. However, even these best intentions cannot hide the fact the game never consistently hits the epic feeling most will feel it should.
D+PAD Magazine (May 19, 2009)
It’s this intention and lack of compromise that is Bionic Commando’s saving grace, a game that seems to acknowledge the current state of the industry whilst pretending that none of it – the photo-realism, the open worlds – is actually happening. To set Bionic Commando against any of the current and forthcoming crop of superlative action games (inFamous, Uncharted 2) would be unfair and slightly missing the point. It’s a game that, in nearly every way, refuses easy comparisons. A flawed, yet incredibly enjoyable, history lesson.
GameSpy (May 20, 2009)
Crappy story and occasional boring moments aside, Bionic Commando is a good game, akin to a summer popcorn flick. It won't stick with you, but it'll certainly entertain you. When the action amps up it feels awesome; it's just too bad that those moments couldn't have comprised the game's entirety.
Game Positive (Jun 12, 2009)
While there are many glaring flaws in Bionic Commando, there are definitely moments that are still enjoyable. The bionic arm's abilities are fun to use and really provide the backbone of the game. It also doesn't hurt that the campaign is relatively lengthy for a third-person action title. The problem with Bionic Commando is really that it could have been so much more. If the level design did a better job of integrating exploration, platforming, and environmental puzzles, it could have overcome its deficiencies on the combat front. As it is now, Bionic Commando is only worth a rent or bargain bin purchase.
1UP (May 19, 2009)
This review might read like little more than a laundry list of complaints, but Bionic Commando just feels like it should be better. It does a lot of things right (great looking graphics, fun multiplayer, and quality voice work), but it's constantly held back by unfortunate design decisions that replace satisfaction with frustration.
Worth Playing (Jun 11, 2009)
Try as I might, I can't think of anything that Bionic Commando offers that one would expect from a modern full-priced game. As an entry in the BC franchise, the game allows players to live out some key elements, like the swinging and grappling, but these abilities get tiring since they're so limited. The franchise could probably reintegrate itself with the current market, but not with the skeletal gameplay and monotonous story in this iteration. As a reviewer, I always feel responsible to put myself in the shoes of the consumer, and when I imagine paying money for this game, I start wishing I had my own bionic arm to smash something.
Thunderbolt Games (Jul 20, 2009)
It’s sad that the defining feature of what was originally a game about a bloke’s huge metal arm is one that causes such frustration and bears scant few links to the core premise. The blue stuff could be an analogy for the game at large – unexpected, cool to look at, but utterly, maddeningly infuriating and with little resemblance to what the forces that birthed it set out to achieve. Bionic Commando is enjoyable in places and competent for much of its duration, but the magnitude of this monumental wasted opportunity cannot be understated.