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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Jewel Case - PlayStation (US):

    It's the Dawning of a New Breed

    with the dawning of a new millennium, a new breed of assassins emerges - altered humans who transmute into violent, raging beasts. All must fight and survive to satisfy their own inner quests...

    • 7 hideous mew fighters and hidden characters.
    • Killer hi-res graphics show each strange and deadly attack with lethal clarity.
    • Create your own devastating combination attacks.
    • 4 original warriors return with new looks and moves.
    • Think fast or die fast!
    • 60 frames per second of slashing combat!
    • Morph into savage beasts!

    Contributed by Zaibatsu (7580) on Jul 30, 2012.
    It has been five years since the collapse of the Tylon Company and the population of (in)humanity has broken into three factions; the Humans, the Release Front and the Renegades.

    Created by the Tylon Company, the half-humans have been feared and hunted down by humanity. As a result, the half-humans created a resistance force known as the Release Front, a movement that set out to crush all that opposes them.

    The Renegades are the half-humans that did not sympathise with the Release Front's terrorist attacks. The renegades now have their own agenda, and must recruit the remaining half-humans to their cause if they are to stop the tyrannical Release front. . .

    Bloody Roar 2 puts you into the paws of nine mutating super-humans as you battle it out to decide the fate of humanity. . .

    Contributed by Xoleras (66668) on Nov 05, 2004.