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Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Main menu
Before the war started.
Remembering the youth.
Prepping for a jump.
Somewhere over Normandy, operation Market Garden is set in motion.
Some of the team from the prequels is back.
The memories come to haunt some of them.
Loading animation screen.
Discussing the plan of attack.
Heading out on your first mission with a small team to command to.
Issuing orders to your team.
Found some supplies.
Checking out the map, which can be quite large.
You can practice with bottles until you get familiar with the controls.
You cannot shoot during sprinting.
Meeting with the local resistance.
The enemy soldier is right in the scope zone.
Shooting from the cover puts you in 3rd-person perspective.
Precise head shots or grenade throws active the slow-motion zoom-in camera mode.
Your team is engaging the enemy.
Circle above the enemy shows how much suppressed they are.
Wehrmacht soldiers are holding off our approach.
Shooting from great distance with ordinary weapon is as good as wasting bullets.
Outflanking the enemy.
If you stop for too long in the open, you're most likely to get killed soon.
When screen goes red it means you either find some cover or you'll die.
Shoot the tanks at the gas pump to clear out the enemy with as few bullets as possible.
Hell's Highway mission stays true to its name.