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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.8
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.3
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.7
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.1
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.7
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.5
Overall User Score (22 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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That Gaming Site (Nov 11, 2009)
An improvement in every way over the original Modern Warfare. A must have for your collection.
Giant Bomb (Nov 09, 2009)
Since it's building on such a strong framework, it might be hard to go completely nuts over the release of Modern Warfare 2. But if you've played a significant amount of Infinity Ward's last game, the improvements are numerous and they are supremely satisfying. If you've ever been interested in a first-person shooter, buy this game.
100 (Nov 11, 2009)
That seems like as good a place as any to end this review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 takes everything that was great about CoD4 and ramps it up to the next level. With the best multiplayer shooting that money can buy, an incredibly action-packed campaign and plenty of superb two-player co-op levels, this is without a doubt a real contender for game of the year.
1UP (Nov 10, 2009)
Mixing real-world locations with bombastic set-pieces MW2 continues the guided, thrill-ride experiences of its predecessor, and adds even more depth to its multiplayer offerings. It might not have fixed all the problems from the first game, but there's just so much quality content packed into this game that it will almost certainly be one of the most-played games in your library for a long time to come.
GameSpy (Nov 10, 2009)
The fact that I didn't even get into the stunning visuals and amazing sound design speaks volumes about the sheer amount of content in the game, and I could probably write another 800 words simply about the ridiculous attention to detail on display in each level. It's ultimately up to you whether you want to listen to the marketing hype or not, but believe this: With its combination of an engaging single-player campaign, addictive adversarial multiplayer modes, and enjoyable cooperative Spec Ops action, there's no denying that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is one of the year's finest games.
Gaming Target (Dec 07, 2009)
Infinity Ward hits another one out of the park with Modern Warfare 2. Their games are so consistently good it’s questionable why publisher Activision would have anyone else develop under the iconic Call of Duty name. In any event, real gamers know where the real goods come from and with Infinity Ward, you are getting the best shooter on the planet. Modern Warfare 2 is an intense, addictive game that you’ll be playing for a long, long time – well, at least until Modern Warfare 3 comes out.
GamingEvolution (Sep 11, 2012)
All in all Modern Warfare 2 is a major upgrade to the original. The improve game engine helps create immersive environments that do a great job of mirroring what the actual locals would look and feel like. This coupled with the graphics make Modern Warfare 2 the best first person shooter out. The single-player campaign will take you around 7 hours at max and that is if you are a novice in the FPS genre. However, this is not that big a deal once you add in the highly addictive Spec Ops mode. In addition, once you have polished off those two modes there is the online multiplayer and all I can say about that is OMG. You will spend months playing this mode trust me. With all the perks, kill streaks and leveling up you will be prestiging over and over again. If you do not have this game, buy it! This game is definitely not a rent especially if you are big on playing with your friends. This is a must have in your game collection.
Playstation Universe (Nov 16, 2009)
As a sequel, Modern Warfare 2 is more than a worthy successor to its critically acclaimed predecessor. Viewed as a standalone effort, it’s probably one of the most accomplished video games we’ve dissected in years, and one of the most beautiful to boot. Whether it’s the gripping campaign, pulse-pounding multiplayer or immensely rewarding Special Ops, Modern Warfare 2 is an essential purchase regardless of your affiliation with the Call of Duty brand. In short, buy this game now – and that’s an order, soldier.
ZTGameDomain (Nov, 2009)
Modern Warfare 2 is an outstanding game that is sure to please all fans of the series. If you are looking at it as solely a single player affair the price tag and shortness of the campaign might not be enough to justify it. However, of you want the whole experience this game is one of the most complete packages you will pick up this year. While it may not reinvent the wheel, it makes it a much more enjoyable ride. I am sure that no review will deter anyone from already picking up the game, but if you are still on the fence and want to experience the entire package then Modern Warfare 2 is a must buy this holiday season.
IGN (Nov 10, 2009)
When you look at the total package, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is hands-down one of the best first-person shooters out there, and a truly amazing offering across any system. With that being said, our score comes with a disclaimer. For those planning to check out everything Modern Warefare 2 has to offer – online competition, full co-op Spec Ops mode, as well as the campaign – you’re looking at a no-brainer purchase. For the strictly single player crowd, however, Modern Warfare 2 is surprisingly short, and doesn’t live up to the standard set by previous Call of Duty games.
IGN UK (Nov 10, 2009)
The question is, do you get enough bang for your buck? Bear in mind this is one of the most expensive games of all time to be released without a peripheral in the box, so Activision must be pretty confident of our readiness to screw Nan out of her pension for our expensive Christmas gift. The storyline certainly isn’t going to win any Oscars and what plot there is, is all pretty poorly and confusingly delivered. And if you strip away the bombast, this truly is the most conventional of sequels, with the unshakeable feeling that you’ve cowered in a similar crater before two years ago, including an almost blow-by-blow retread of one of the first game’s most iconic sequences. But boy, what bombast it is.
Digital Chumps (Nov 12, 2009)
The scary thing about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is that Infinity Ward has top this with the next installment. Why is this scary? I'm not sure they can top this. Improved controls, more modes, better graphics and presentation equal out to be one big non-stop gaming experience that will spoil you rotten. You will replay this game and you will keep playing it on XBL and PSN non-stop.
GamingExcellence (Dec 05, 2009)
Before it was even released, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 had a lot to live up to and I am pleased to say that it wasn’t all talk. This game truly delivered. It looks better, it plays better, the story is more intense and the multiplayer is more inviting. And with the inclusion of SpecOps, the longevity of this game is sure to have increased as well. However it still needs to work on such crucial things such as storytelling. Overall it is still a great game. If you are a fan of shooters….you probably are already playing this game.
PlayFrance (Nov 09, 2009)
Les développeurs d'Infinity Wars ont repris tout ce qui a fait le charme des précédents opus en l'améliorant et en l'approfondissant pour en faire de lui un " must-have ". Graphiquement superbe avec une mise en scène remarquable, toujours aussi plaisant à jouer en solo et en multijoueur, et un mode " spécial-ops " d'excellente facture, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 est assurément le FPS de l'année.
Gamestyle (Nov 16, 2009)
Successful titles often spawn restrained and by-the-numbers sequels. Modern Warfare 2 offers you more of the same, but with enough new content and options to demonstrate just what a firm foundation Infinity Ward has built. In terms of size, lifespan and revenue this is the Godfather of all sequels. Yet we’re fairly pleased with the risks the developer has taken when it could have been so easy to churn out another carbon copy. The end result is a mighty experience full of shock and awe.
90 (Nov 27, 2009)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in my opinion doesn't manage to live up to the impressive hype, but just barely, as it doesn't amaze like part 1. Of course the game is good, but the flaws in the singleplayer bothered me. The multiplay on the other hand contains more depth, more possibilities for customizing, a lot more killstreaks/deathstreaks, varied maps, and so on. Joe Schmuck, quickly go to the store and get this game!
90 (Nov 10, 2009)
Vous avez aimé le premier Modern Warfare ? Vous allez adorer cette suite. Cet opus donne dans la surenchère, poussant le genre du FPS-spectacle dans ses derniers retranchements. Avec une mise en scène parfaitement maîtrisée soutenue par une réalisation technique sans faille, Modern Warfare 2 place la barre très haut. En dépit de faiblesses narratives, de quelques mécanismes éculés et d'un multi bridé (raison pour laquelle cette version PC a 2 points de moins que les versions consoles), le titre constitue bien le blockbuster incontournable de cette fin d'année.
90 (UK) (Nov 10, 2009)
Modern Warfare 2 balances the spectacle and silliness of its single-player campaign with a deep, enduring multiplayer core, carefully covering its bases for players of all persuasions. But there is no denying it seeks merely to build upon the successes of its forebear while doing very little to expand its scope or redefine them. Don't be fooled by the airport scene, which reveals a developer trying its hand at something else, without coming close to fully committing to it. There's nothing wrong with that. After all, underneath the sheen and controversy, Modern Warfare 2 is a videogame. And yes, you can be sure it's one you want to see.
GameSpot (Nov 11, 2009)
With a robust variety of playlists in which to ply your deadly trade, Modern Warfare 2's competitive multiplayer is the best in the series and one of the best available on consoles. The inelegant campaign plot may make you feel like you're just along for the ride, but it is such an intense, roaringly great ride that you will be glad just to have played it. The cooperative missions provide a uniquely fun angle on the action that rounds out the package superbly, making Modern Warfare 2 thoroughly entertaining, thoroughly rewarding, and thoroughly worth the wait.
PSX Extreme (Nov 12, 2009)
Modern Warfare 2 is a great game, there is no doubt about it, but its shortcomings make it feel as if the game has stagnated and doesn't feel evolved, at all. And in some ways, I actually think the first Modern Warfare was better. Shame, but that's just my opinion, as heartbreaking as it may be for some of you to read it.
Impulse Gamer (Nov, 2009)
Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 is by no means a major ground breaker, but it is a worthy successor to the on going series. Placing the expectations of gamers higher with each manifestation of the newest title, and coming through with an enjoyable game experience.
XGN (Nov 11, 2009)
Dacht je alles gehad te hebben met Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? Maak je dan maar klaar voor deze oorlog! Zie de game niet als een revolutie maar als een evolutie van voorgaand deel.
88 (Nov 05, 2009)
Wie der Vorgänger ist das Spiel hart, dreckig, laut, brachial, spannend und hochmotivierend. Okay, am Anfang könnte man über die plump die Patriotismuskeule schwingende Story noch kotzen, aber zum Ende hin ergibt auf einmal alles Sinn und man ist verblüfft darüber, wie die Entwickler diese clevere Wendung hinbekommen haben! Hat man die Karriere hinter sich, bleiben noch zwei Spielmodi: Der Multiplayermodus, brillant und motivierend wie eh und je, aber mittlerweile nicht mehr spektakulär. Sowie die coole neue »Spezialeinheit«-Variante, die gerade mit einem Partner für eine Weile verdammt viel Spaß macht. Und dennoch bleibt unterm Strich »nur« ein sehr gutes, aber kein Ausnahme-Spielerlebnis mehr. Dafür haben sich die Entwickler zu sehr auf den enorm bequemen Lorbeeren ausgeruht, haben sich zu oft selbst zitiert, sind zu wenige Wagnisse eingegangen. Das kann man ihnen nach dem brillanten Vorgänger aber auch nicht übel nehmen.
9lives (Nov 13, 2009)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 lost de hoge verwachtingen niet helemaal in, maar stelt ook niet teleur. De singleplayer is intens, maar van korte duur en de multiplayer verloopt vlot, maar heeft eigenlijk weinig vernieuwing gekregen. Iets wat eigenlijk ook niet echt nodig was, want de vorige multiplayer van Modern Warfare was van een zeer uitstekend niveau. Toch mag Infinity Ward niet op hun lui gat gaan zitten, want of ze een derde keer wegkomen met weinig vernieuwing betwijfel ik.
Game Observer (Nov 28, 2009)
With the best multiplayer shooting that money can buy, superb co-op and an incredibly action-packed campaign, this is without a doubt a real contender for game of the year.
Worth Playing (Dec 06, 2009)
If multiplayer fun is all that you care about, add another point to my score because Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 certainly deserves it, although the reaction will vary wildly depending on who you ask (especially among the most vocal players and clans within the PC community). As a whole, at least on consoles such as the PS3, Modern Warfare 2 is a thrilling, if not entirely coherent, care package for itchy trigger fingers.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has everything FPS fans want, on paper at least. When you hear the buzz the game sounds like Jesus himself worked on it. Once you play it you will start to realize that the story isn’t so great and the new Spec-Ops mode can not compare to Co-op from last years Call of Duty. Online fans should however buy this one right away, that is if you are willing to put in the time. Modern Warfare 2 will be played by millions for now, but who knows if the thunder will soon die out right in front of our eyes.
True Game Headz (Dec 08, 2009)
“Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2″ is too short of an experience, when you consider the single player campaign. However, where the game lacks in delivering a longer single player experience, it more than makes up for it in it’s two other modes; SPEC Ops and Online Multiplayer. The single player campaign may be lacking the visual panache of “Uncharted 2,” but it brings things like an assortment of environments that helps keeps things fresh, while at the same time, other things take the back burner. From a competitive standpoint, the Veteran difficulty setting is nowhere near as hard as Veteran in its predecessor, and SPEC Ops takes a unique approach to online assisted wave attacks, providing some serious challenge for any seasoned “Call of Duty” fan. Regardless of the lack of challenge in the single player campaign, and unless you have a strong aversion to first person shooters, I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t enjoy this.