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RPGamer (2014)
Child of Light is the kind of game that played to my love of fairy tales in such a way where once it sunk its claws into me, I was invested. While it's a short experience, clocking in at just under twelve hours, there's a surprising amount to explore and discover. It is a game that not every player may feel connected to, but in the right person's hands the game's spell will weave its magic. This game plays to a variety of strengths that are hard to deny. Princess Aurora's story may be one you've seen or heard before, but it's one worth revisiting just for the world building and narrative alone. Child of Light's artistic appeal not only holds up, but it has the gameplay to back it up, making the world of Lemuria an unforgettable one.
IGN (Apr 28, 2014)
Every aspect of Child of Light has an unmistakably artisinal, organic feel to it. None of it feels focus-tested, or designed to appeal to the broadest possible audience; rather, it always comes off as exactly the expression its creators intended. The artwork on display is stunning, and the combat is constantly engaging, and the characters openly defy genre convention. But perhaps the best thing I can say about Child of Light is that I was often unsure as to whether I was headed in the direction I was supposed to, and I never once cared. I just wanted to fly to every corner of the world, take it in, and smile.
90 (Apr 28, 2014)
Depuis son annonce, on sentait que Child Of Light avait de quoi séduire. On ne s'y est pas trompé. Artistiquement éblouissant, le titre d'Ubi Montréal possède également un fond inattaquable, avec une progression tout à fait agréable et capable de fédérer un très grand nombre de joueurs, réceptifs ou non au RPG avec combat au tour par tour. Ce jeu tutoie le soleil. Et, on l'espère, ce genre d'initiative occasionnera un appel d'air pour d'autres du même genre chez les autres "gros" éditeurs.
Meristation (Apr 29, 2014)
El UbiArt Framework vuelve a hacer la magia que esbozó en los últimos Rayman laterales para dar forma a un viaje sensorial que mezcla exploración, RPG por turnos, puzles... Aurora y el resto de protagonistas disponen una adictiva e interesante fórmula combativa en busca de la luz y el inteligente progreso independiente de cada disciplina. Tras las sugerentes cuerdas de las composiciones de Coeur de Pirate o las inconfundibles ilustraciones de Patrik Plourde, Ubisoft Montreal plasma un más que recomendable título no demasiado largo pero tampoco en absoluto caro. Un nuevo ejemplo de arte y videojuego unidos de la mano. De lo mejor que ha salido en formato digital en lo que va de año, una epopeya imborrable que solo el mimo y las mejores manos son capaces de esculpir, narrar, rimar y hasta cantar.
The journey was bountiful.
Too bad the end is pitiful.
For the price of a lunch and dessert.
You can own this great effort.
I wholeheartedly recommend.
So spend!
Don’t follow the trend.
Trust me, I’m your friend.
Cheat Code Central (Apr 28, 2014)
Perhaps I'm just greedy, though. Playing Child of Light is such a delightful and immersive experience that it's sad to see it end. Minor quibbles aside, this is one of those titles that anybody who loves games for their artistry won't want to pass up. Yes, the gameplay is a nice mix of accessibility and depth (RPG veterans will want to play on hard mode), but more importantly, Child of Light touches that part of the human experience that echoes through time in our greatest legends and stories. You'll want to grow, fight and soar through the air with Aurora. You'll want to explore and see what enchanted wonder or horror lies around the next corner. And at the end, you'll feel both satisfied and a little bit sad that you have to leave Lemuria.
90 (Apr 28, 2014)
Rares sont les jeux qui réussissent à nous épater à la fois par leur réalisation artistique et par leur gameplay. Pourtant, Child of Light est clairement de ceux-là. Véritable conte, entièrement en vers, il nous éblouit de ses décors faits main tout en nous livrant une bande originale quasiment parfaite. Son système de combat, qui sort tout droit de Grandia, s'avère quant à lui finement stratégique et pourtant simple d'accès. Une véritable réussite pour un si petit prix, il serait pratiquement coupable d'hésiter.
Geeks Under Grace (May 08, 2014)
All in all, I was satisfied with my purchase of this game. This is a $40 game with a $15 price tag. It was a great choice by Ubisoft to make it available on all modern platforms. I can easily recommend this game to anyone looking for a break from the explosions and swearing found in most other games. Parents can feel comfortable with their kids playing this game.
GameSpot (Oct 11, 2018)
Child of Light is a remarkable adventure. I wouldn't have thought that was true during the first couple of hours given that my expectations of what kind of game this was shattered when reality showed its face. But once I accepted the sadness that is so intertwined with every element, I grew so much closer to Child of Light. It's easy to heap praise on the combat because it's so interesting and engaging, and it's certainly a high point in this adventure. That's not what makes Child of Light stand out, though. Rather, it's how confident it is in its own feelings of woe. There are so few games willing to explore that dull ache that I became mesmerized by Aurora's journey, even when I needed to step away from her plight while I regained my composure. Child of Light is a wonderfully realized, somber adventure, and I couldn't be happier that such a game exists.
80 (Feb 09, 2015)
Es mag kein neuer Klassiker sein, aber Child of Light beweist einmal mehr: Ubisoft kann mehr, als einfach nur viele, viele Leute auf ein Problem zu werfen. Sie wissen, dass es am Ende wichtiger ist, die Richtigen für einen Job ausgesucht zu haben. Und Plourde, Yohalem und ihre Mitstreiter danken es ihnen mit einem erbaulichen kleinen Spiel, das sich vor nichts und niemandem zu verstecken braucht.
75 (Apr 29, 2014)
Child of Light ist ein charmantes Abenteuer, das Elemente von Plattformern, Rollenspiel und Rundentaktik verknüpft. Und wenn man seine liebenswerten Gefährten um sich schart, fühlt sich das fast an wie beim Zauberer von Oz. Aber Ubisoft Montreal hat den ersten Teil von „modernes Märchen“ etwas überstrapaziert: Das relativ gefahrlose Cruisen durch die Bilderbuchkulisse bei Dauerpflückerei von Schätzen, Tränken und ständiger Heilmöglichkeit raubt die Spannung. Man vermisst das Urige, Gefahrvolle und Rätselhafte eines Märchens, während man in relativer Sicherheit das hübsch illustrierte Königreich erkundet.
PixlBit (Jun 02, 2014)
Child of Light is an artistic achievement that shines occasionally, but I enjoyed it less the more I played it. If you place a premium on aesthetics or like the simple pleasure of a casual game, it may engage you more consistently.