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Thunderbolt Games (Apr 17, 2009)
Comet Crash certainly isn’t the most sophisticated looking tower defense title, but if you pass it up because of its simplistic visuals, you’re truly missing out. It’s chock full of clever design and great unit/tower balancing, plus it has some of the most generally engaging local multiplayer found on the PlayStation Store. Additionally, it might very well be the best RTS on the PS3.
PlayStation Lifestyle (Nov 29, 2009)
Overall, Comet Crash is an extremely fun tower defense game. With the amount of different options, as well as the ability to attack your enemies, it does a good job of setting itself apart from the others. What Comet Crash lacks in the sound and graphics department it really makes up in overall fun factor. This is a great pick up for any strategy fan.
GameSpot (Apr 22, 2009)
Fortunately, Comet Crash is just too good to be hampered by these shortcomings. The clever twists to the tower-defense genre add an intensity that is lacking in many of the game's forebears. There is a delicate balance between offense and defense that is just superb, constantly forcing you to bounce between the two in order to smite your enemy. The hectic multiplayer mode can border on sheer chaos, but the cunning strategies needed to defeat human opponents are immensely rewarding. Comet Crash is intense, strategic, and super fun, and it's a tremendous step forward for tower-defense games.
If you enjoy tower defense games, it's pretty safe to assume that you'll like Comet Crash. The visuals are relatively basic the presentation is pretty much no-frills, and I can't remember there being much of a story, if any. However the gameplay will have you hooked from the very first level, and that's what's really important in a game.
IGN (Apr 07, 2009)
Comet Crash's biggest draw is just that you can finally fight back. It's a much more significant addition than would be obvious at first glance, and the fact that both offense and defense can be juggled at once with minimal headaches speaks volumes about Pelfast's ability to strike a balance between the ebb and flow of combat and defense. It's even more admirable when you consider the whole game was made by just three people. The trio clearly did their homework, and the result is a tower defense game that has no analog on the PSN -- all the more reason to give it a shot.
TotalPlayStation (Apr 06, 2009)
There's something to be said for iterating on an already proven idea. That's precisely what Pelsoft has done with their take on tower defense, and as a result it plays unlike anything else on the PS3 -- or elsewhere for that matter.
Gaming Age (Apr 08, 2009)
So visually the game isn't really impressive, but the gameplay certainly feels unique. It's a pretty cool blend of RTS mechanics and tower defense strategies, but nothing about it feels like a retread of something I've played before. Even if you're feeling a little burnt out by other games that you might think are similar, it's worth giving a shot to Comet Crash, as I think it'll surprise you. It might not be the most technically impressive game on PSN, but it's certainly fun to play, and worth checking out for PS3 owners.
It's true that there are better tower defense games to play, and there are better twin stick shooters to play, but there aren't any that got thrown in a downloadable blender quite like Comet Crash. The experience is a new one for PSN, so while it's just not as magical as the likes of PixelJunk Monsters it does offer a fresh spin - like bringing the pain to the enemy's gate. If you fancy your tower defense with a touch of offense, Comet Crash is the right take on the genre for you.