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General gameplay tipsContributed by Daniel Saner (3237) on Dec 11, 2011.

The Arcade course has a roughly circular shape. To aim for better ratings, you should try to complete as many "laps" as you can, that is, avoid taking fares that will take you back in the opposite direction. This not only costs you time by forcing you to constantly turn your cab around, but also leads to an uneven distribution of remaining fares across the city. If you pick an area clean of customers by going back and forth, and you end up in the same region again later in the game, you might have to drive a long distance without earning any money to find new customers.

To help you find fares that take you straight ahead, try to remember which customers want to go where. Note that some customers tend to change their destinations between 2 or 3 possible choices, which is often, but not always, visible from the color of their dollar sign indicating the distance they want to travel.

In many places, the color of the dollar sign alone can give you a good hint. For example, near the beginning of the freeway section, you'll want to find fares that take you across the freeway into the city. Red, orange or yellow ones (short to medium distances) can't take you there, because the freeway is a long section and no one wants to get out in the middle of it, so shorter distances are sure to take you back to the railway station or the helipad. Conversely, avoid green fares in the first part of the city right after the freeway, because they usually take you back across it.

Specifically, the first few sections from the cable car stops to the park are easy, most fares will take you in the right direction. Take progressively shorter fares when you reach the area of the parking garage and the church. Take the long fares at the station and stadium to get across the freeway into downtown, then shorter ones again to avoid having to turn back. Medium fares are a good bet in the second part of the city. Avoid yellow ones at the bus terminals, try to find orange ones. Towards the fire station and tennis court, most fares are okay again, and will want to go to the university. There are a lot of exceptions to these rules, but they are a good starting point to learn which customers to pick up and which to pass.

In order to save time when dropping off passengers, put in the reverse gear while applying the brakes. You will come to a much quicker stop. If you have to depart in a different direction than you arrive, also use a Crazy Drift to turn your cab around. But wait until you have slowed down a good bit before you initiate the drift, otherwise your cab will spin out of control and you will lose a lot of time because it takes long for it to come to a complete halt.

On long straightaways, initiate a so-called Limiter Cut. To do this, first perform a Crazy Dash: let go of the gas, engage the forward gear (even if it's already in), and hit the gas again quickly. This will bring your cab up to top speed. Right after the Crazy Dash, let go of the gas again, put in the reverse gear and quickly put it back in forward again before stepping on the gas again. Do this very quickly! If performed right, you will hear the engine rev up loudly, and see the car taking a violent jolt forward. On some cabs this might even lift your front wheels up in the air. This move can save you a lot of time.

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