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Impulse Gamer (Mar, 2013)
Crysis 3 is a less ‘directed’ experience than your typical shooter. Some players might feel bemused by the part-sandbox, part-stealth, part-run-and-gun mentality, and consequently struggle to find their rhythm. But sometimes the game just clicks, such as when you’ve whittled an enemy squad down to the last terrified man and he jumps ten feet when you de-cloak in front of him holding a shotgun. It’s the Crysis you know, but with a few new strings to its bow. Not just a high water mark for graphics anymore.
IGN (Feb 19, 2013)
It’s not quite a next generation experience come early, but it’s a superbly controlled, tightly paced and tactically flexible shooter with a satisfyingly focussed story, and an excellent way to tie up the Crysis series... for now.
InsideGamer (Feb 22, 2013)
Eigenlijk maakt het alleen voor de visuele pracht en praal uit op welk platform je deze game speelt. De gameplay en de unieke lol die daar uit te halen valt, is gelukkig waar Crysis 3 om draait. Het is makkelijk om naar dit spel te kijken en alleen maar een demonstratie van de CryEngine 3 te zien. Crytek heeft echter een game afgeleverd die boeit van begin tot eind. Helaas blijft er na het uitspelen niet het gevoel achter de game opnieuw te spelen. Desondanks is het avontuur absoluut de moeite waard. Dit is te danken aan cockney Psycho, de belachelijke schoonheid van de spelwereld en vooral aan de Nanosuit.
Console Monster (Apr 08, 2013)
All-in-all Crysis 3 is a great package, despite burning bright half as long. It may have not been exactly what all the fans wanted, but it does a great job of trying to appease as many as it can without sacrificing too much. Add to this a decent, if not groundbreaking multiplayer suite and you have a solid FPS that is more than worth a look.
Game Informer Magazine (Feb 19, 2013)
Crysis 3’s evolutionary enhancements don’t move the needle for the series very far, but the core nanosuit-based gameplay is still thrilling. If you have a rig that can run the PC version of Crysis 3, I strongly recommend you go this route. The high-resolution textures, realistic lighting, and detailed facial animations gives you a taste of the graphical fidelity we expect to be standard in next-generation consoles.
1UP (Feb 19, 2013)
If you go in understanding that Crysis 3 delivers blockbuster entertainment and multiplayer that iterates on Call of Duty's perks system, you'll be fine. But if you want Crysis to stake a claim all its own, you might be disappointed. But don't let that stop you from enjoying a solid action sandbox like this one. Crysis 3 might not reinvent itself into a grander vision, but like a good Hollywood sequel, it sticks to what it does well and iterates its formula into an impressive video game.
Digital Chumps (Feb 21, 2013)
If you're looking for a strong follow-up from the Crysis 2 storyline then you're going to be heaven. Crytek brings a very powerful story that fits just right with the previous titles and compliments it with a fast-paced gameplay experience. Sure the campaign might last 6-8 hours, but you'll enjoy every minute of it.
XGN (Feb 26, 2013)
Crysis 3 is een prachtig pakketje. Het is mooi ingepakt, maar kijk je wat er onder de graphics zit dan houd je een middelmatige shooter over. Gelukkig is er de Nanosuit die de gameplay een stuk interessanter maakt. Onzichtbaar je vijanden bejagen in combinatie met de nieuwe boog voelt heerlijk. Een oninteressant verhaal is dan ook de enige reden waarom we het niet erg vinden dat de singleplayer aan de korte kant is. Crysis 3 biedt een erg toffe ervaring als je van stealth-gameplay houdt. Wil je liever zonder zorgen bruut knallen dan is Crysis 3 niet ideaal. Maar hé, het ziet er wel goed uit.
Level 7 (Feb 27, 2013)
Crysis 3 är en stor sandlåda i ett actionspels kläder. Den ikoniska nanorustningen kan användas på uppfinningsrika sätt på de enorma slagfälten. Att leka kurragömma med fienderna slutar inte att underhålla innan spelets kampanj är över, vilken tyvärr kan upplevas som något kort. Online-läget känns också intressant tack vare att dräktens funktioner är intakta. Bilduppdateringen tar en liten törn på konsol och vissa ljudbuggar är närvarande, men spelet är fortfarande en fröjd för sinnena. Crytech uppfinner inte hjulet på nytt, men ett rundare hjul får man leta efter.
PSX Extreme (Feb 21, 2013)
Crysis 3 is a worthy sequel that is highly entertaining on a number of different levels. The graphics are a definite achievement, the new bow is really a sweet weapon (and never gets boring), the nanosuit capabilities are just as appealing as ever, and the environment is very cool. But the story falls shy of what it initially promises, the AI is a disappointment, and the game is too short and too easy. Perhaps it’s most accurate to say that this feels like a more casual, mainstream effort from Crytek. Flashier and louder than any entry before, but without the substance – some of which subtle and indefinable – that we had. The fans may be split on this one.
If I was reviewing the single-player in isolation and had to pluck a number from the Official Leaflet of Review Scores, I’d give the game a 7. Yet such is the strength of the online modes, it lifts the overall package comfortably above the scant story offering. It pains my digits to write ‘technical tour de force’, but it’s hard to describe Crysis 3 any other way. Though lacking soul in places, this striking Prophet can still channel the divine.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Feb 18, 2013)
Det finns alltså helt klart potential här om man sköter det rätt. Och sammantaget med en story som på ett bra sätt knyter ihop säcken och besvarar alla frågor råder det inget som helst tvivel om att Crysis 3 är lilla julafton för fans av blytung action. Spel blir helt enkelt inte mycket fetare än såhär. Och skit för all del i Microsofts och Sonys maskande med nästa generations grafik. Den är nämligen här redan nu, och det kan vi tacka Crytek för.
NZGamer (Feb 25, 2013)
Crysis 3 is set in a world that can take your breath away - but as an overall experience, it's flawed. Crytek’s third installment is undoubtedly a beautiful product, but it is not yet a beautiful game.
GameSpot (Feb 19, 2013)
Crysis 3 is great to look at, successfully portraying an uneasy partnership of the natural and the artificial. As the story presses on, the conflict deepens and the visuals darken; it's as if you can feel the evil spreading throughout the city. It's unfortunate that the game doesn't reach the heights of its predecessors. The campaign is several hours shorter than Crysis 2's, and doesn't reproduce the thrills that lit up the previous games. Yet on its own terms, this is a full-featured sci-fi shooter that makes it a lot of fun to torture extraterrestrial abominations with the burning rage of their own weapons.
72 (Feb 20, 2013)
Schon wieder ein Shooter, der die hohen Erwartungen nicht erfüllen kann: Crysis 3 bietet zwar umwerfend schöne Panoramen, doch leider hat sich das Spieldesign nicht mitentwickelt. Für einen Titel, der zur Hälfte auf Schleichen sowie Taktik im Gelände baut, verhalten sich die Gegner ziemlich dämlich. Die KI-Schwächen haben mir den Kampf nicht komplett vermiest, aber an manchen Stellen lassen sich Aliens und C.E.L.L.-Soldaten viel zu einfach austricksen. Auch wenn man auf die brachiale Tour spielt, können die Gefechte zwar solide unterhalten, vor allem die einfach gestrickten Bosskämpfe reichen aber bei weitem nicht an die Intensität eines Killzone 3 oder Halo 4 heran. Schade, denn die weitläufigen Levels im zerstörten New York gefallen mir prima.
Games TM (Mar 19, 2013)
Technology is a key part of Crysis 3’s identity. While its environments combine the lush surrounds of the original title with the urban jungle of its sequel, they play second fiddle to the depiction of near-future technology. Similarly, characterisation and narrative development give way to a customisable weapon set and the versatile upgrade options of the iconic Nanosuit. By facilitating a player-led approach to combat, Crysis 3’s six hour, single-player campaign is as fun as you make it. However, the multiplayer mode is soon to have competition from Crytek’s own free-to-play Warface. These individual facets combine to put Crysis 3 in a peculiar position and mean that, while it’s worth the entrance fee, it may soon find itself redundant.
The Digital Fix (Mar 21, 2013)
The appeal of the series has always been in its graphics and Crysis 3 still stands tall as one of the best looking console games of this generation. As many first person shooters shrivel up in the shadow of Call of Duty, Crysis 3’s tactical gameplay and the introduction of the predator bow help it stand apart from the usual suspects of the genre. However, seen as a series that pushed graphics and gameplay to the limits, the third installment’s lack of innovation is perhaps its only weakness.
Console Obsession (Mar 25, 2013)
Crysis 3 is a visually stunning and exciting shooter/stealth game. It doesn’t do much more than what Crysis 2 already did and shares many of the same flaws as that game as well as introducting some of its own, although it’s still a very playable game. In terms of multiplayer, Crysis 3 also offers plenty of entertainment and feels relatively distinct. All in all then, this is one game that is well worth a look.
65 (Feb 22, 2013)
L'arrivée de Crysis 3 prend des airs de douche froide. Le titre n'est pas foncièrement mauvais mais il croule sous les petits défauts qui viennent gâcher l'expérience de jeu. L'aventure est courte et inintéressante, l'IA des ennemis est catastrophique, les pouvoirs de la combinaison sont abusés... Bref, le résultat est bien loin d'être à la hauteur de ce qu'on nous avait fait miroiter. L'aspect technique n'est même pas là pour sauver la version console... Il ne reste plus qu'à se tourner vers le multijoueur qui rattrape le coup sans justifier à lui seul l'achat du titre.
PlayStation Universe (Mar 31, 2013)
You won't find the same lasting fun in Crysis 3's single-player campaign, but the visual spectacle and Crytek's eye for cinematic flair at least makes for somewhat-interesting eye candy. And I wouldn't dare to say that Crysis 3 isn't fun in its own right; a remarkable variety of weapons, tight mechanics, and Nanosuit powers stave off monotony. But sameness fumigates this latest (and last) outing like a plague. Crysis has fallen hard into linearity and scripted spectacle, but has neither the gameplay ambition nor storytelling prowess to give meaning to either. Open-world shooters have, since 2007, evolved considerably into landmark games of a generation. Crysis 3 is a devolution, a disappointment, and a far cry from what made the series so special to begin with.
Diehard GameFan (Feb 27, 2013)
As I said before Crysis has never really been my thing, and there was nothing in the single player to make me change my mind. But thankfully there is a beefy multiplayer experience here that will make it very difficult for me to eject the game anytime soon.

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