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Worth Playing (May 26, 2009)
Damnation is not a good game by any stretch of the imagination, and gamers accustomed to the top thirty percent of contemporary titles may well be appalled with it. I can only recommend Damnation to anyone who has a very particular special interest in alternative history, especially concerned with the American Old West. Even then, rent it first. But the worst thing that could come out of Damnation is that its flaws prevent Blue Omega from applying their prodigious collective imagination to a better sophomore project: something primed for the spit and polish their work deserves.
Damnation is the type of game I am most disappointed in simply because it really is trying to push the genre forward. The execution kills it almost instantly the first time you try to take down an enemy. The level designs are definitely unique and online co-op is a huge bonus, but neither of these are going to elevate this title past the tag of mediocrity. I really hate to say this, but I don't recommend Damnation for more than a rental until the price drops substantially. There just isn't enough here to make up for the numerous mistakes it makes, thus eliminating most of the enjoyment that could have been.
3D Juegos (May 27, 2009)
Damnation contaba a su favor con los aspectos positivos de un contexto original, una ambientación mezcla Cyberpunk y Western, y la búsqueda de una vuelta de tuerca para los shooters que hiciera hincapié en la “verticalidad” tan poco aprovechada en el género. ¿El resultado? Un juego con buenos argumentos sobre el papel, que acaba lastrado por las que deberían ser las principales virtudes de cualquier lanzamiento de acción: El control, la diversión y los tiroteos.
45 (Jun 18, 2009)
Das Steampunk-Szenario hebt sich von den gängigen Shooterwelten angenehm ab, die Akrobatik-Einlagen geben dem Balleralltag zusätzliche Würze und die Koop-Möglichkeiten wissen mit taktischen Wegverzweigungen und Fahrzeugeinsätzen durchaus zu gefallen. Doch diese positiven Duftmarken verrauchen gnadenlos in einem chaotischen Gestöber aus technischen und dramaturgischen Tiefschlägen. Dass der Titel grafisch seiner Zeit meilenweit hinterher hinkt, kann man vielleicht noch verschmerzen, obwohl die Atmosphäre teils deutlich unter den verwaschenen Texturen, hölzernen Ruckelanimationen und billigen Spezialeffekten leidet. Dass der Handlungsrahmen mit dermaßen ausgelutschter Story, stereotypen Charakteren, dämlichen Dialogen und zum Teil katastrophalen Synchronsprechern daher kommt, ist jedoch unentschuldbar. Der Umfang ist trotz gewaltiger Areale auch eher mau und die KI verdient es nicht einmal so genannt zu werden.
GamingXP (May 26, 2009)
„Damnation“ hat versucht, das Rad aus zwei Welten neu zu erfinden und scheitert nun an der Grundsatzfrage, ob das Teil jetzt nicht doch eckig sein muss. Die Ansätze der Entwickler sind klar erkennbar, die Seelenvision sowie die Storyline gaben im Vorfeld Anlass zur Freude ob des Releases dieses Spiels, doch dass dieser Titel in dieser Art und Weise das Licht der Welt erblickt hat, ist weniger berauschend. Egal, ob Sie die Grafik betrachten (die Animationen waren schon 2006 besser!), den Sound (einige Samples klingen wahrlich nicht danach, was sie eigentlich sein sollten) oder die Steuerung – das Gefühl, eine halbfertige Version in Händen zu halten, obwohl man den vollen Preis dafür ausgegeben hat, ist nur schwer verdaulich. Grafikeffekte alleine machen keinen guten Titel, zu lieblos fällt die gesamte Präsentation aus. Schade eigentlich.
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (May 27, 2009)
It seems the thought process behind Damnation was something along the lines of: Gears is a good game, let's do a Gear knock off, but our USP will be a Tomb Raider platform mechanic. It's ill-thought from the very start, which is demonstrated by the contradictions and flaws evident throughout the entire game.
UOL Jogos (May 29, 2009)
Apesar do interessante clima de fantasia misturado com western, "Damnation" não impressiona. É um jogo de ação em terceira pessoa de características genéricas, com visuais feios e poucos momentos empolgantes. Apesar de suporte a multiplayer offline ou online, não há nada digno de nota para curtir ao lado de um amigo.
40 (May 29, 2009)
Damnation cherchait à offrir quelque chose de nouveau, une nouvelle façon d'aborder les jeux d'action, mais il ne se contente finalement que de mixer maladroitement des mécaniques de jeu anciennes et depuis longtemps dépassées par une concurrence de plus en plus farouche. Le jeu est plombé par de trop nombreux défauts, autant en termes de structure et de jouabilité que de réalisation. Peut-être serait-il plus avisé de garder votre argent pour autre chose.
InsideGamer (Jun 11, 2009)
In co-op was het overigens een nog grotere ramp, want kennelijk moest ik de hele tijd één of andere hendel overhalen om één of andere lift te starten – een geschreven opdracht die midden op mijn scherm aangegeven werd – terwijl er nergens ook maar iets in de buurt was dat op een lift of een hendel leek. En dat stuk tekst bleef dus twee uur lang op mijn scherm staan.Damn zeg, wat een shitgame.
GameSpot (Jun 09, 2009)
You have to give Blue Omega credit for trying something different with Damnation's steampunk story and its leaping-around action, but that's about it. Everything else here is painful to experience.
35 (Jun 19, 2009)
Luckily there's one positive note to be said about this game! The box art looks truly amzain and maybe the interest gamers showed in the setting will drive other devs that Steampunk or other original settings are viable. Nonetheless, do your fellow gamer a favor if you see this title in your local game shop: hide it behind some other top title or throw it in the bargain bin!
In the end, Damnation really is a sad story. The game had an interesting concept and a good amount of potential but it just never came together. It is really unfortunate to see it fail in just about every aspect because even if it had gotten one thing right, be it platforming, shooting, multiplayer, or its storyline, perhaps it could have still found an audience happy to check it out. However, as it is I can’t imagine anyone enjoying their time spent with this game.
AceGamez (2009)
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, come to think of it, represents the logical conclusion of every ill-executed mechanic that Damnation counts as its box-quote bread and butter. Already eighteen months old, Naughty Dog's bleeding-edge PS3 debut leaves Damnation looking borderline unplayable in comparison - and the technology clock has been ticking ever onwards during that whole time. Uncharted has in spades all the things Damnation that flubs: polish, production value, design, narrative, satisfying gunplay, exciting adventure and damn it, a little charisma, which, the final nail in its coffin, Damnation fails even to approximate. Then again, better to have aimed for the heavens and missed than to have hit a more down-to-earth target... right?
30 (Jun 01, 2009)
Damnation is unfortunately an awful example of a next generation game, in fact it is an awful example of a last generation game. Avoid this at all costs, well unless you have more money than sense that is.
IGN (May 29, 2009)
There's no reason for you to play Damnation. It fails at being a worthwhile title on all fronts. The gameplay isn't fun, the levels are too long, the sound is bad, and the story isn't interesting. There are more problems, but I'll leave my written flogging at that.
TheSixthAxis (Jun 12, 2009)
With Codemasters publishing this title you would expect a decent end product. But as it stands this game is in need of a new title, such as “Damn-we fluffed that one”. I cannot recommend this game at all, and would be doing an injustice to you the reader by not telling you how bad an experience this title will more than likely give you. With so many great titles arriving in the coming months, do yourself a favour and save your hard earned money for something more worthwhile.
Boomtown (Jun 10, 2009)
Frankly Damnation is a real mess. There seem to be many problems that were not found by testing or just ignored. The acting is poor, the AI is poor, the combat is poor. There's nothing here that implies the game has any potential. In my mind it's a candidate for worst game of the year and in we're only in June.
D+PAD Magazine (Jun 01, 2009)
So, though still far from perfect (or particularly pleasurable, come to that), it’s the platforming elements of Damnation that are – surprisingly, in fact - the game’s highlight. But when they’re the best part of an otherwise broken game, what does it matter? Blue Omega certainly has the vision, but evidently lacks the talent to do it justice. Damnation indeed.