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Don your rocketpack, we're going to hunt some UFO's! ratpizza (77) 2.43 Stars2.43 Stars2.43 Stars2.43 Stars2.43 Stars

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72 (Jan 18, 2010)
Es ist tatsächlich so: Die Mischung aus Luftkampf, Deckungskraxeln und bodenständiger Action könnte in der Spielewelt einen bleibenden Eindruck hinterlassen. Das wird sie allerdings nicht tun, denn Dark Void ist ein Musterbeispiel für eine gute Idee, die im Grunde auch hervorragend funktioniert - die aber nie so weit ausgearbeitet wurde, dass sie als komplettes Spiel durchgeht. Gerade so, als wäre man in Super Mario Galaxy dreimal auf einem runden Planeten, sonst aber in gewöhnlichen zweidimensionalen Welten unterwegs. Die Mischung ist klasse! Dark Void serviert in seinen besten Augenblicken nämlich die klassische alte Schule: Es fühlt sich einfach gut an, es zu spielen. Es entfacht dieses erhabene Gefühl, dass man den Controller in die Hand nimmt und etwas besonders Cooles damit tun kann. Es vertröstet allerdings mit sich wiederholender, allzu herkömmlicher Action auf seine sparsam eingestreuten erhabenen Momente.
GameSpot (Jan 20, 2010)
It's a shame that Dark Void doesn't capitalize on it's high-flying potential as well as it could. And it's even more unfortunate that there's no way to face off with your friends in aerial combat or stunt competitions. Dark Void offers only a single-player campaign, and the story has enough intrigue to keep you mildly interested throughout. The adventure is reasonably long, and once it's over you can replay sections you enjoyed and continue to upgrade your arsenal. Even so, there isn't enough content to justify paying full price for the game. If you are hungry for some jetpack-fueled excitement and willing to spend a few hours to earn it, then Dark Void will reward your determination with some great opportunities. The thrills are in there, but you'll have to handle a lot of baggage if you want to find them.
GamersGlobal (Jan 21, 2010)
Ein Spiel mit einer neuen (Fliegen!) und vielen alten Ideen, das unter dem Strich nicht uninteressant ist. Doch mangelnde Abwechslung und insgesamt zu einfache Herausforderungen machen es zum Gegenteil eines Pflichttitels. Wenn ihr Dark Void spielt, werdet ihr ganz gut unterhalten, aber vorher werdet ihr vermutlich erst einige andere Actiontitel "abarbeiten" wollen.
GameSpy (Jan 19, 2010)
Again, it's not that Dark Void is a bad game -- the designers included some nifty gameplay elements and an engaging, Stargate-type setting -- it's just that it doesn't feel like it knows exactly what it's doing. The ideas weren't taken to their logical conclusions; the designers stuck their toes in the water, pulled them back, and decided they needed to gather a little more gumption before they could dive in. Maybe in Dark Void 2, in which a brash, headstrong pilot gets a hold of a jetpack created by an aging engineer and uses it to fight zombies, we'll see the full-fledged realization of this game's genuinely interesting designs. Until then, however, jetpack fans will have to settle for half-baked.
Blend Games (Jan 18, 2010)
Dark Void has a lot of problems, even to the point that I wouldn't recommend it as a full-price purchase for anyone. The game captures a magnificent feeling of flight, and everything involving the jetpack and the three control modes is expertly designed and a blast to play with. The actual game wrapped around this great control setup, however, is just a bit too bland and a bit too broken to really create an experience that many people will muster the patience to fool around in for very long.
1UP (Jan 19, 2010)
If anything, the very beginning and the end are good illustrations of what is great and terrible about Dark Void. It begins with a fantastic introduction to flight, and ends with an all-out aerial dogfight followed by a suitably epic boss battle. But what do I actually remember more? The boring on-ground combat immediately following the prologue, and the terrible "you've been captured and have to fight out of a corridor-filled base without a jetpack" sequence right before the flight-filled endgame. It's just a damn shame that the nigh-amazing "The Rocketeer versus UFOs" premise crashes hard into "tepid Gears of Uncharted knock-off" ground.
55 (Jan 18, 2010)
Dark Void réserve une belle douche froide à tous ceux qui s'attendaient à un jeu d'action original et aérien. Au lieu de cela ils découvriront un TPS tout ce qu'il y a de plus classique agrémenté de quelques phases de vol particulièrement poussives.
52 (Mar 11, 2010)
It is sad to say but there really isn’t much of a fun factor here. If you are a fan of getting as much trophies as possible, then I can see some fun in this game. There are plenty of trophies to be earned here and a lot of them are very easy to get. I think for people enjoy flying simulators or any type of flying game for that matter might enjoy this a bit more than I did. The story is a bit too spotty, the characters don’t seem very important and the game is just very forgettable after you beat it.
IGN (Jan 19, 2010)
Dark Void is all over the place. The story’s never explained adequately, the combat’s pretty much always a chore, and flying isn’t nearly as fun as it should be. I don’t hate Dark Void, but I don’t care for it, either. This is one of those titles that just exists; I doubt few will remember it this time next year.