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Giant Bomb (Jan 24, 2011)
Two years later, it turns out EA's Visceral Games team still knows how to make a damn fine horror-action game.
95 (Jan 27, 2011)
Troquant son originalité au profit d'une aventure plus variée, Dead Space 2 synthétise à nouveau les désirs les plus fous nés de la rencontre du cinéma fantastique et du survival-horror. Si on lui reprochera un scénario baclé, une dernière ligne droite trop orientée "action", un multi 1.0 et, éventuellement, une absence de boss, comment ne pas encenser ce titre multipliant d'instinct les scènes cultes. Tour à tour, terrifiant, posé et fonceur, Dead Space 2 se savoure sur la longueur tant la découverte de cette station fantôme titille notre curiosité morbide. Cumulant à nouveau une bande-son tout simplement parfaite, une aventure équilibrée et de multiples clins d'oeil à destination des fans, l'oeuvre de Visceral fait montre une fois encore d'un beau paradoxe en amenant le plaisir né de l'effroi. Jamais cauchemar n'aura été aussi savoureux...
Edge (Jan 25, 2011)
Dead Space 2 isn’t as tidily self-enclosed as its predecessor. Multiplayer stretches the experience, and a new harder-than-impossible mode unlocked after a first completion resets players to their past save after each death, giving them just three saves to use along the way. It loses something of the tough-but-contained challenge of the first game, which offered a temptingly realistic shot at 100 per cent completion and resonated with efficiency of presentation, gameplay and setting. But this is perhaps a fair price to pay for a wonderfully crafted sequel. The game’s excellent controls and stream of grisly scares make it the current standard for survival horror, and it now boasts eruptions of blockbusting action that rival this generation’s biggest games.
Gamegravy (Jul 21, 2011)
The overall gunplay is extremely satisfying and the controls work very well, and now melee plays a bigger part in the combat. The story is very cool with a good supporting cast, well done voice acting, and awesome set pieces that would make Call of Duty blush. The multiplayer, while being nothing new or innovative, is definitely a good time with friends. If there is any legitimate complaint I could have it’s that the game is starting to loose its fear-factor a bit with tons of monster closets(cheap jump-out monster scares) and other less than stellar(no real build-up) moments, not to say it isn’t scary though, I definitely jumped a few times!
GamesCollection (Jan 31, 2011)
Un seguito, crea moltissime preoccupazioni, specialmente, se il suo predecessore è stato eccellente. DS2 vince questa sfida, presentandosi come il nuovo punto di riferimento del genere Survival Horror. Un vero e proprio capolavoro che va giocato ad ogni costo. Lasciatevi contagiare dalla follia del Marchio, o combattete contro di essa!
GameSpy (Mar 03, 2011)
That minor misstep aside, Dead Space 2 is one of hell of a game. The hero's newfound voice adds an emotional impact and resonance that the original game sorely lacked, and I genuinely wanted to see Isaac conquer his inner demons nearly as much as the outer variety. In such an intense game (one of the most intense I've ever played), it's funny that the quiet moments were the one that really stood out.
Thunderbolt Games (Feb 08, 2011)
Dead Space 2 is a superior sequel in pretty much every way. Just like Dead Space before it, the game isn’t subtle and grabs your attention from the start. The difference is this time it never lets go, and you’re left hurtling through one of the most consistently engaging horror games of the generation. It sadly does falter, thanks to a few balancing issues, but it remains an adrenaline-fueled nightmare no action gamer should pass up.
MMGN (Feb 01, 2011)
Dead Space 2 can at-times feel a little too familiar, but that shouldn’t degrade the fact that it’s still a very polished and challenging game. It has the scares, thrills, tension and action to appeal to a number of different gamers, and while the middle chapters seem to drag on, the spectacular ending makes for a memorable experience.
88 (Jan 28, 2011)
Düster, verstörend, brillant: Vor allem in den ersten Stunden zieht Visceral Games alle Register und serviert mit gezielten Schockeffekten, blutiger Action und einer beklemmenden Atmosphäre einen packenden SciFi-Horror erster Klasse. Alleine die grandiose Soundkulisse kann anfällige Spieler bei der nächtlichen Erkundung der Sprawl mit ihrer markerschütternden Dynamik schon in den Wahnsinn treiben - die kraftvolle 5.1-Abmischung ist im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes beängstigend! Doch auch das geniale Spiel mit Licht und Schatten, subtile Elemente wie kleine Bewegungen im Hintergrund sowie Isaacs Psycho-Attacken sorgen in den abwechslungsreichen Kulissen für dieses gewisse Kribbeln im Bauch - das unwohle Gefühl zu wissen, dass jeden Moment etwas Furchtbares passiert. Leider nutzen sich die Spannungs- und Schockmomente mit der Zeit und dem stärkeren Waffenarsenal ab, wiederholen sich und werden vorhersehbar.