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Dead Space 2 Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
You can check what previously happened before starting a new game.
And old footage of Isaac and Nicole before the incident.
After everything he went through, no wonder he ended up in an asylum of a sort.
Oh no, it's happening again... no time to think, run!!
As if it's not enough you're unarmed, you're wearing a straitjacket.
A very close encounter, repeatedly bash X to kick him in the teeth.
Can someone say deja vu... automatic door taking care of the first monster you wrestle with.
Where are all the patients... could it be they all got turned into monsters and are running free?
You can use stasis to launch sharp objects at aliens, including their razor-sharp limbs.
This time you'll be able to see path to your goal, save point, bench and other useful places.
Line gun is effective when you aim below their waist.
All departures from this train station are delayed indefinitely, except the one filled with alien lifeforms.
From time to time you'll have to crack the lock to open the door.
Fighting on a speeding train.
Size of your inventory is rather limited so you'll have to carry only the things you find of utmost importance... yup, that means ammo and medkits.
The bigger they are, the more easier to hit they are.
Meeting up with some survivors.
Use stasis to temporarily slow down your opponents and circle around to fire at their weak spot.
Use credits to buy new weapons in a store.
Isaak seems satisfied with the purchase of new armor suit.
There goes the transport hub.
You can only wear up to four weapons at the same time.
Aboard USS Ishimura... it's not quite the way you remember it.
Use work bench to upgrade weapons and armor.
First aim at the legs, then when they're slow finish them off.
You can smash the boxes by launching them into something or stepping on them, or, of course, by shooting them, but it's a waste of ammo.
Lurkers hunt in packs... they'll peek behind the corner and then frantically dash at you.
A smile of a man who lost everything... or just went crazy.
Isaak's battle isn't just the one of the gun, but the one of the mind as well.
Time to shut down the power and let the monsters in... I bet he wished now he didn't shut down the power to me several chapters ago. Payback's a bitch.
An annoyingly indestructible monster is back, and killing him will only give you but a few seconds of time to run further away.
Dead Space 2 version of EA logo
Looking at video messages
Finally a view of an outside... helps me figure out on which planet I am at the moment
Everyone's rather sick and unfriendly here... and they didn't even need the marker for that
Being sucked into outer space
A store booth
You're not the only victim of this vicious place
This hallway looks clear and well lit
I can see the approaching from the distance... better mow them all down before they swarm at you
Time to die