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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.1
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.9
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.1
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.5
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.9
Overall User Score (15 votes) 4.1

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Gaming Age (Feb 22, 2008)
So while Devil May Cry 4 is basically a shinier version of DMC3 with a few new gameplay mechanics, it still doesn't disappoint, and makes for a strong first showing on both the PS3 and the 360. It also marks a great jumping on point for newcomers with a more balanced difficulty level and a decent checkpoint/continue system, but offers plenty of harder modes for the die-hard fans. Easily one of the best action games in recent years, and something that I can suggest picking up to everyone out there.
Worth Playing (Feb 15, 2008)
Devil May Cry 4 is clearly not a quickie run-and-gun, but it's also not a quickie hack-and-slash. There's a lot to do, a lot of different ways to do it, ways to do it you'll probably never discover, perhaps things no one will ever discover unless Capcom trickles out, over time, unexpected elements that were already present in the game at release. The only PS3 owner to whom I would not recommend DMC4 as a must-own is the completist who, after perhaps months of near-continuous play, doesn't know when to leave well enough alone — and then he or she should probably see someone about that. All others, go buy it. Now. Run, do not walk.
Extreme Gamer (Feb 15, 2008)
DMC4 returns showcasing how action games should be made. Staring a new hero and a few faces from the past, Devil May Cry 4 has everything you would expect out of your demon slaying, button-mashing game. Far beyond the game mechanics, Devil May Cry 4 is a visually stunning with an engaging storyline to help keep the player motivated. Even after the adventure comes to its climax, Capcom provides enough reasons to go back into the mix, one more time. Styling and profiling, Devil May Cry 4 is the first “must-have” console game of 2008.
Power Unlimited (Feb 04, 2008)
Dit vierde deel laat niet alleen zien dat de Devil May Cry serie de overstap naar de nieuwe systemen zonder problemen overleeft, maar ook dat het gevoel van de spectaculaire old school 2D actiespelen nog steeds in volle glorie aanwezig kan zijn in hedendaagse videogames.
Gamer.co.il (Mar 11, 2008)

דוויל מיי קריי 4 הוא בהחלט המשחק שכולנו ציפינו לו במהלך שלוש השנים האחרונות: הוא מרהיב, מגניב והכי חשוב – מהנה. ארבע רמות קושי שונות, משימות סודיות ושתי דמויות שונות ללא היכר ישאבו כל שחקן לעשרות שעות משחק מרתקות. מדובר ללא ספק באחד המשחקים הטובים ביותר מסוגו אם לא הטוב שבהם, ובקנייה חובה לכל חובבי האקשן.

Overall, Devil May Cry 4 is a killer title, extremely enjoyable to play and the graphics are beautiful. It is great to see the Playstation 3 in full on 3d mode, instead of the usual lame ass Xbox 360 ports we are saturated with. The combat system is very smooth, fun and rewarding and the dialogue and cut scenes are polished and quite often extremely amusing. If this game sells well (which it should) then I am hoping we see DMC5 with a few of the minor annoying issues removed such as the flipping camera. If you are a Playstation 3 owner, then this needs to be on your "must get" list. Excellent!
Games TM (Feb 21, 2008)
Taking the Devil May Cry formula and enhancing it with accessibility is a masterstroke from Capcom. Hopefully this slight tweak in formula will lure many new fans to the series and more will sample one of the finest brawling series available. For all the credit God Of War and its sequel receive, the Devil May Cry games are superior titles combat wise and now this latest instalment is a fairer challenge, plenty more should come to realise that.
UOL Jogos (Feb 15, 2008)
Sem assumir riscos, a Capcom apostou em uma fórmula que deu certo com seu novo capítulo de "Devil May Cry" e se deu bem. Mesmo com a decisão de colocar Dante de lado, a aventura com Nero é extremamente empolgante, não só no ponto de vista técnico e narrativo, mas também por seu sempre eficiente sistema de combate.
Gamervision (Feb 12, 2007)
Devil May Cry 4 is an amazing game that blew away every expectation I had set for it. After looking at the videos I expected an incredibly hard title with a paper-thin plot and repetitive combat. What I received was a beautiful, deep title. While it doesn't really do anything that sets it apart from its previous incarnations and, aside from the stunning graphics, it could have easily been pulled off on the Playstation 2, I heartily give my recommendation for the game.
ZTGameDomain (Feb 11, 2008)
A friend of mine asked me who I prefer playing as, Dante or Nero. I can’t really say who I like the best; they both bring so much to the table. I really enjoy Dante’s "coolness" He does everything with dramatic flair, and it is really awesome to see him pull off some of his moves. Nero, on the other hand has his devil bringer, which after you play as Dante you start to miss the ability to grab your foes from a great distance. But regardless of my choice, Devil May Cry 4 is a great game. I am happy to see Dante come to my Xbox 360, and I hope to see more of Nero (in his own game…Not DMC 5!) Devil May Cry 4 has definitely raised the bar on this type of action games, which means Ninja Gaiden has some work cut out for it. Take my advice don’t rent this one, just go out and buy it there is enough stuff to see and do after you finish the game to keep you playing for a long time afterwards.
Gamernode (Feb 12, 2008)
Overall, Devil May Cry 4 has ripped the title of best action combat game from Ninja Gaiden. Where past iterations of the DMC franchise have faltered, the potential was always there. DMC4 finally delivers on what loyal Capcom fans have seen through all the years. By introducing a new character with a timing based combat system, making even novice players feel badass, while at the same time catering to the hardcore crowd with harder difficulties, Capcom has opened up the Devil May Cry franchise to a whole new generation of gamers. Whether on the PlayStation 3 or the Xbox 360 no one can go wrong picking up this title. While the level design is lazy the second half of the game -- and some dialogue is cheesy -- the amazing combat system wrapped up in a next-gen presentation few games have met makes Devil May Cry 4 a must buy for action hack and slash fans as well as twitch gamers alike.
Devil May Cry 4 isn't a particularly long game, but there's plenty of incentive to replay it between the unlockable modes and difficulties. And really, it's worth playing through the game a second time simply because the carnage is so fun. DMC4 might have a few design issues, but the strength of the combat system coupled with all the style you've come to expect from the series makes this easy to recommend to anyone remotely interested in action games.
Devil May Cry 4 is an all around great game; it offers fast-paced action and a challenge level that should appeal to players of every skill.
Oh, and in regards to the 25 minutes that DMC4 takes to update itself onto the PS3: Get over it. Go read a short story by your favorite author, do some household chores, or get some exercise. Just don’t complain, because really, it’s not that big of a deal and certainly a small price to pay for a good game.
TotalPlayStation (Mar 16, 2008)
Devil May Cry 4 does exactly what the series has been trying to do since the first game: it recaptures the careful balance of light puzzles, tight, varied action, over-the-top cutscenes and clever little boss encounters, all starring a pair of smart-mouthed, swaggering dyed-in-the-wool action flick caricatures. Sure, it dips into its bag of tricks far too often on multiple occasions, which is why the game isn't getting a perfect score, but it also has the combat and cutscenes to carry the rest of the game, which is why it's getting a rather commendable 9.
IGN UK (Feb 05, 2008)
In doing so, you'll discover that Devil May Cry 4 is a game that actually does deliver a genuine, honest-to-goodness, chest-fluttering surge of adrenaline. In that respect it's the ultimate action game, blessed with its own inimitably strange sense of style. It's polished and slick, it's got gargantuan-sized gods, near-musical interludes, and infernal, flaming bosses. It's nothing short of brilliant. It might rub some people up the wrong way, with its insistence on repeated playthroughs and recycled locations, and its rock hard list of achievements. But for anyone who buys into Capcom's unique brand of action adventure, it's as good as anything else that the Xbox 360 has to offer – up there with the likes of Gears of War and Oblivion and all the others.
GamesRadar (Feb 07, 2008)
Installation or no, though, Devil May Cry 4 is overall a kickass action package that manages to look extremely pretty while still being a lot of fun. All of the elements that have made the series great are here - the sense of humor, the slick sense of style and the ridiculously over-the-top action - and the game is at once instantly accessible and surprisingly deep, thanks to a more-elaborate-than-it-lets-on combo system. Add a bunch of secret missions and a fairly compelling (if somewhat shallow) story, and Dante's fans won't come away disappointed.
GameZone (Feb 21, 2008)
Devil May Cry 4 may border on beating a dead horse with its boss battle reiterations, but as far as action and hack-n-slash games go, it’s a dead horse you’ll want to beat repeatedly. Your first time through will be some of the best hours you’ve ever had with an action game. After that, the high replay value won’t allow you to leave.
Gamers.at (Feb 07, 2008)
Na bitte, die Devil May Cry-Serie ist wohlbehalten im HD-Zeitalter angekommen und versorgt PS3- und XBox360-Jünger gleichermaßen mit prachtvoller Optik und gleich zwei charismatischen Helden. Alte Tugenden wurden konsequent beibehalten, und einige wenige spaßige Neuerungen - wie etwa der mächtige ‚Devil Bringer’ – neu integriert. Wirklich tiefgreifende Innovationen auf Seiten des Gameplays sind demnach spärlich aber doch vorhandenen, mit dem Capcom typischen Perfektionismus geizt Devil May Cry 4 dafür aber umso weniger.
JustPressPlay (Feb 24, 2008)
Well DMC 4 is a lot more approachable to newcomers than DMC 3 was. Veterans might shun (well should) the easier setting and do their best to work their way to something more challenging. Even though it’s easier it didn’t turn out to be a sore spot in the franchise like DMC 2 was. Aside from the back tracking that you have to deal with as Dante the game is a blast from beginning to end. For DMC 5 (you know it’s coming Capcom will sequel a franchise to death [or re-release it like Street Fighter]) they better include Vergil and give him an actual storyline.
Video Game Talk (Feb 21, 2008)
Regardless of experience on the first three Devil May Cry titles, this is a solid action game that is worth the price of admission for veterans and newbies alike. Nero brings an awesome dynamic to the franchise. Combine that with Dante's parallel mission and the game is absolutely over-the-top. It's a somewhat repetitive and frustrating hack and slash affair, but it's an adventure you won't forget. Here's looking forward to a fifth installment!
Thunderbolt Games (Feb 20, 2008)
My heartstrings were tugged at as I watched an anguished Nero crying out as Kyrie was absorbed into a goliath monstrosity. I grew tired of whacking gyroblades across shimmering, but still plain corridors just to open up the next area. Luckily, I'm impartial and indifferent to the punk rock that accompanies every battle. But then so what? Devil May Cry 4 doesn't concern itself with much outside of fighting, and here the focus and dedication shines through with a solid and ridiculously in-depth battle system, rivalling even that of modern fighting games like Tekken and Soul Calibur. Isn't it wonderful? It's early in 2008 and we already have an AAA game for both the PS3 and 360.
I’ll just get this out of the way: Nero is awesome. Any reservations fans may have about the young upstart replacing Dante as the main hero will evaporate in the first hour of Devil May Cry 4. Nero delivers all of the combo-driven action you would expect from this series, but he also opens the door for new mechanics that will make it difficult to go back to previous installments. Dante established the stylish combat at the core of the DMC, but Nero is taking it forward.
PSX Extreme (Feb 06, 2008)
I highly encourage all PlayStation 3 owners to immediately run to your nearest game retailer and get yourself a copy of Devil May Cry 4 - I promise you will not be disappointed.
AceGamez (Feb 07, 2008)
Devil May Cry 4 is a stunning triumph of an action game that easily competes with greats like God of War II and Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Capcom took everything that was great about the DMC series and amped it up through the roof - every level is as jam packed with stunningly directed cut scenes as it is with fearsome demons and brutal bosses, the varying locations and challenging enemies offering endless eye candy that betters almost every other action game I've seen thus far in the new generation, while both Dante and Nero sport some of the coolest weapons and moves you've ever had the pleasure of using to wipe out your foes.
GamePro (US) (Feb 04, 2008)
Even with its minor faults, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better feeling, better looking jack of all trades action game on the market today. DMC4 has a lot of offer and for fans of the series, there are a bunch of new and returning characters thrown into the mix, including Gloria, a gloriously rendered character whose physical attributes make Itagaki-san's volleyball DOA girls seem blas?. My prediction: Gloria will become the hottest chick in video gaming, like ever. I'm hoping against hope that Capcom will somehow address the wonky camera and save system, because that would go a long way towards making DMC4 truly sublime. Still, I highly recommend it to anyone who's looking for an amazing action game to add to their library.
Vgames (Mar 07, 2008)

דוויל מיי קריי 4 לא יאכזב את מעריצי הסדרה לרגע. הוא טיפה יותר קל מהרגיל – אבל עדיין מאתגר, בעיקר עבור שחקנים חדשים, ויש מספיק רמות קושי מתקדמות. עלילה משעממת, דמויות מטופשות במיוחד והעדר דמיון בעיצוב הסביבות פוגמים בהנאה, אבל מערכת הקרב כייפית ועמוקה, הבוסים מאתגרים ומעוצבים היטב, וככל שמתקדמים במשחק ההנאה רק מתגברת. מומלץ בעיקר לחובבי הז'אנר, ולמי ששיחק בגוד אוף וור ומחפש משהו באותו סגנון, אבל קצת יותר קשה.

IGN Australia (Jan 31, 2008)
And that's it. Devil May Cry 4 is still excellent stuff – thoroughly entertaining, mostly well paced, despite the on-off-on battles. While there are definitely some issues to be worked through if there's a DMC5 on the cards (and come on, this probably isn't the end), the storytelling is worth the trip, the combat remains fun, and there are two major features that we can't even mention that also go a good way towards making you want to replay each level and try for the best letter ranking possible. Nero, Dante, swords, guns, jiggling breasts and a whole lot of fun in between; dig in.
Devil May Cry 4 es un Devil May Cry con todas las de la ley, aunque para algunos jugadores haya que esperar a los niveles superiores de dificultad para encontrarse con retos de relevancia. Este hecho no lo consideramos como un defecto en si mismo, si no una virtud que acerca los atractivos de la serie a un público objetivo menos restrictivo. El hecho de que Dante pase a ser secundario podrá reducir el impacto del juego para algunos, aunque objetivamente Nero cumple con creces, y se convierte en una interesante novedad.
GamingEvolution (Feb 26, 2008)
Not having much experience with the Devil May Cry franchise prior to the 4th installment, I have to say this is one of the best all around gaming experience on next-gen consoles. In an age were younger gamers are in need of beautiful looking games, this title is no slouch. Cutscenes make full use of Capcom's gaming engine, making the action within them look exactly like that of the in-game action. I'll admit the visual presentation is not done in a similar fashion to previous titles within the series, but that doesn't stop anyone...newbie or veteran.... from enjoying the vivid and fluid experience. For those who haven't picked up this game needs to rush to their corner store and pick up a copy. Whether on Xbox 360 or PS3, you are in an experience that no one should miss.
A wholly satisfying and worthy entry into the Devil May Cry franchise that adds several new dynamics to the formula without messing too much with what made the series what it is today. Until Ninja Gaiden 2 comes out, this is definitely the best pure action game you’ll find on the 360 or PS3
Gameswelt (Feb 15, 2008)
Die vierte Episode ist ein Fest für alle Fans des ersten ’Devil May Cry’. Trotz neuer Spielfigur fühlt sich ’Devil May Cry 4’ an wie der Erstling und bietet mit dem Levelschwerpunkt auf einem großen Schloss auch noch ein ähnliches Szenario. So mancher Kritiker mag nun einwenden, dass einige Elemente entsprechend altbacken wirken. Das stört mich aber nicht im geringsten, solange die Action dermaßen toll präsentiert ist, die Kämpfe unheimlich Spaß machen, die kleineren Rätseleinlagen bestens unterhalten und auch der Umfang stimmt. Erfreulich ist außerdem, dass endlich auch der Schwierigkeitsgrad überzeugt – Neros und Dantes Monsterhatz ist zwar knifflig, aber selten wirklich frustrierend. Somit haben selbst Serie-Neueinsteiger ihren Spaß mit der herrlich inszenierten Grusel-Action.
Cheat Code Central (Feb 07, 2008)
There's a lot to like here for seasoned demon slayers as well as new recruits. The gameplay is deeply satisfying and addictive despite some rehashed levels and bosses. And it all looks fantastic. Expect a crowd to gather around the TV as you, Nero, and Dante put on one hell of a show.
Kombo.com (Feb 08, 2008)
Devil May Cry 4 is a great next-gen installment of the franchise. Despite a few minor flaws, the game is action-packed and looks incredible. Fans of the series and newcomers alike, there is plenty to enjoy here.
Famitsu (Jan, 2008)
4Players.de (Jan 21, 2008)
Böse Zungen könnten sogar behaupten, DMC 4 sei nichts anderes als DMC 1 oder 2 oder 3 in HD und dementsprechend nur angehübschte, aber antiquierte Action. Doch das wäre nur die halbe Wahrheit. Ja: Capcom wird mit Dante und Nero keinen Innovationspreis gewinnen. Doch da sowohl die grandios inszenierte Action als auch vor allem die spannende, dramatische und für die Serie überraschend emotionale Geschichte einige Saiten in mir zum Schwingen bringen, kann ich leichten Herzens über kleinere Mankos hinwegsehen. Angesichts fordernder, aber fairer Gefechte sind mir kleine Kameraprobleme egal - ebenso der Schneeabschnitt, der deutlich hinter der übrigen, teilweise an God of War erinnernden Pracht-Kulisse zurückbleibt. DMC 4 bietet hochstilisierte Nonstop-Action mit zwei angenehm unterschiedlichen Figuren, die in dieser linearen Form kaum noch zu toppen sein dürfte und bis zum Ende packt.
Gamesmania.de (Feb 11, 2008)
Dante oder besser gesagt Nero rockt auch auf den NextGen-Konsolen die Hütte. Wie der Held es in den Kämpfen mit den Dämonen aufnimmt und ein cooles Manöver nach dem anderen abfeuert, ist großes Actionkino zum Mitspielen. Sicherlich mag man das fast 1:1 aus dem ersten Teil entnommene Old-School-Actiongameplay ein wenig kritisch beäugen, doch solange der Spielspaß und die Präsentation stimmen, können wir darüber hinweg sehen. Allerdings schleppt Teil 4 auch einige Mängel der Vorgänger mit, wie etwa die mitunter schlechte Kamera, das Speichersystem oder die Levelwiederholungen. Auch die Story vermochte es nicht, mich durchgängig zu überzeugen. Im direkten Vergleich ziehe ich dann doch noch lieber mit Halbgott Kratos aus God of War 2 los. Das erste Actionhighlight 2008 ist Devil May Cry 4 aber allemal.
Gamezoom (Feb 29, 2008)
Shinji Mikami, der Starentwickler von Capcom, meinte in der Vergangenheit, dass Devil May Cry 4 zu den Referenzspielen der Playstation 3 gehören wird. Ich bin dem Ganzen aber nicht einer Meinung, da ich doch ein wenig enttäuscht wurde. Meiner Meinung nach hat das neue Actionspiel viel zu wenig Neues zu bieten, wenn ich es mit Vorgängerteil vergleiche. Technisch bietet es aber dafür eine schick detaillierte Grafik und einen überaus passenden Soundtrack. Auch die Steuerung wurde im Vergleich zu DMC 3verbessert und kann überzeugen.
IGN (Feb 04, 2008)
Though the focus might be more on Nero than Dante, and could've been named something else with a Dante cameo, DMC4 still has everything that fans expect of the game – over the top fight sequences, tons of replayability and an experience with an excellent production value. Whether it's on the PS3 or the 360, action fans are going to get one incredible experience with this game, and if you own either system, you'll have a great time.
Game Captain (Feb 11, 2008)
Der vierte Teil der Serie macht fast alles richtig: Stimmung, Atmosphäre, großes Kampf-Kino, ein mächtiger Arm und eine wirre Geschichte, die ich gern bis zum Schluss erlebe. Devil May Cry 4 bekommt von mir demnach eine klare, absolut eindeutige Kaufempfehlung, aber nicht den kostbaren GameCaptain-Award. Denn da ist die nervige Kameraführung, die in einigen Momenten mehr als fragwürdig erscheint. Dazu gesellen sich so Kleinigkeiten wie die fehlende deutsche Sprachausgabe oder die magere Auswahl an Spiel-Modi. Ein Koop-Modus bietet sich aufgrund der Charaktere an, das wäre zumindest eine Erweiterung des Spielspaßes gewesen, aber niemand kann alles haben. Unterm Strich bleibt ein absolut gutes Action-Spiel, das mit großartigen Kämpfen und grandiosen Zwischensequenzen einfach puren Spielspaß bietet.
GameTrailers (Feb 04, 2008)
Devil May Cry 4 is totally saved by its combat system. It’s deep and rewarding, no matter what level of player you are--making hacking and slashing your way through waves of repetitive enemies still fun. The rest of the game is beginning to show its age, but the weapon and character customization are addictive enough to motivate old devil hunters to learn new tricks.
Good Game (Feb 11, 2008)
DMC4 may be a small step away from its hardcore purist fanbase, but it's a giant leap towards the mainstream, and it's a better game for it. It's a little easier, but a lot cooler, and I can't wait for number 5! I'm giving it 8.5/10 rubber chickens
Simply put, Devil May Cry 4 is the best action game available on current consoles. While Ninja Gaiden Sigma was awesome, it was a three year old game, and frankly, nothing else manages to come remotely close. It’s a close to perfect blending of deep gameplay and stylistic action presentation, and it's one of the most satsifying games around when you get it 'right'. Unfortunately, even with a more accessible ‘easy’ mode, the difficulty and demand for skill will limit the amount of people that will get the most out of the game. Still, apart from a few minor issues, Devil May Cry 4 shows that the series is not far away from being among the premier gaming series on the market.
Game Over Online (Mar 07, 2008)
Though not quite as toxic to casual gamers as the original was, this game is really meant for action aficionados, and more precisely hardcore action nuts who want a game that will push them to the limit. In that respect it is a great success. The controls are tight, the moves are crazy, and the action is fierce. The better you are, the more you can get out of your character, and that’s exactly what this kind of game should be all about. That so much of the game is spent on Nero is irritating, as is the shocking amount of area repetition, but it’s not enough to deny DMC4 a spot on the short list of the best pure action titles for the next-gen. With six difficulties, a return of the Bloody Palace survival mini-game, and an online leaderboard for bragging rights, there is a lot of game here for those with the intestinal fortitude to take it on. Just try to spare enough hair from pulling to manage a decent comb-over.
Nach einer unglaublich langen Installation, die selbst jedes PC-Spiel in den Schatten stellt, kann es auch auf der Playstation 3 endlich losgehen. Bereits nach kurzer Zeit steckt man wieder voll im Devil May Cry-Fieber und geniesst die ausufernden Kämpfe. Gerade die vom Kollegen erwähnten Zwischensequenzen sind teilweise atemberaubend und könnten direkt aus einem Anime stammen. In Kombination mit den teils umwerfenden Aussenarealen vergisst man beinahe, dass es sich hierbei um ein Spiel handelt. Wirklich nötig ist in diesem Zusammenhang die Möglichkeit, in einem niedrigeren Schwierigkeitsmodus zu spielen. Devil May Cry 3 war für Anfänger absolut tödlich. Hier wurde also deutlich nachgebessert.
Futuregamez.net (Feb 20, 2008)
Devil May Cry 4 is one of the first "big guns" of 2008, and the PS3 version is an absolute cracker. Admittedly it's not the be all and end all of gaming, but fans of previous titles will find much to enjoy here. The graphics and audio are solid, and the gameplay unrelenting which is exactly what we've come to expect from the series. Devil May Cry 4 is in stores now, we suggest you hunt it down.
Jeuxvideo.com (Feb 05, 2008)
Plus posé que l'épileptique DMC 3, Devil May Cry 4 assure le changement dans la continuité. Beau à pleurer, fun à jouer, cet opus améliore la jouabilité tout en poussant les affrontements vers des chorégraphies de plus en plus époustouflantes. On lui excusera alors son scénario de série B, ses quelques soucis de caméra et une seconde moitié d'aventure solo ressemblant à s'y méprendre à un mode Reverse. Bref, voici bien un DMC de qualité qui augure une descendance au moins aussi stylisée et tout aussi nerveuse.
1UP (Jan 31, 2008)
Although it dips into the recycling bin a bit too much, Devil May Cry 4 still remains a must-play title for action-adventure gamers. Its gorgeous trappings, addictive combat, and well-balanced difficulty make it the most satisfying DMC in years, and Dante's such a killer character that you'll actually want to tackle the game on a tougher difficulty in order to fully explore his amazing arsenal.
ripten (Mar 01, 2008)
Then again, Devil May Cry 4 still manages to trump the majority of single-player action games – it’s a long game sporting vast and enriching content. Whichever console you buy this beauty for, Capcom’s latest offering might just be your most valuable purchase of 2008.
Daily Game (Mar 17, 2008)
But much like that pizza and beer, Devil May Cry 4 is about as close as players have gotten in 2008 to a sure-fire winner. Capcom deftly avoided jumping the shark, opting to create a worthwhile character with creative gameplay mechanics rather than gimmicky ones. This gameplay variety, combined with the game's incredible production values, is hard to beat, but the repetition of levels and bosses drags the overall product down. Hardcore Capcom fans probably won't mind this insistence on keeping with "tradition," especially in light of everything new the game offers, but series newbies might not appreciate it nearly as much, even if Devil May Cry 4 is much more approachable than its predecessor.
Jolt (UK) (Feb 26, 2008)
Devil May Cry 4 is not the revolution that Capcom might have wanted from the series, but it’s their fault for lumbering Dante with lazy, repeated level design, and making Nero a far more interesting character to play as than to watch in cut-scenes. Dante’s Awakening has certainly not been toppled as the leader of the pack, but DMC 4 comes a very close second – just go for the S rank next time please, Capcom. Dante needs it.
Heroes of Gaming (Feb 17, 2008)
The graphics are truly phenomenal. Character models are grandiose, and the bosses are a manifestation of magnificence. Environments are a joy to watch as water effects and foliage is wonderful. Overall, Devil May Cry 4 does not revolutionize action games. It is more of the same with a mild improvement.
Edge (Feb 20, 2008)
In a tricky situation, forced to make a game even Bagpuss could complete, Capcom has pulled off the impossible. DMC4 is not the grotesque misstep it so easily could have been. DMC4 is hardcore.
Hooked Gamers (Feb 12, 2008)
The short length of play time as Dante makes it seems like this should have just been an offshoot of the Devil May Cry franchise. The repetition of both levels and bosses knocks it down a peg. However Devil May Cry 4 is a very good game. Fans of the series will love it and play it through the five levels of difficulty attempting to get the highest score possible for a long time to come.
Maxim Magazine (Feb 05, 2008)
The biggest dickhead in all of video games—Dante—takes a backseat this time around to newcomer Nero. Nero possesses an evil glowing hand called a Devil Bringer, which apparently became glowing and evil after he spent too many hours masturbating. There's a woman to save, who remains totally clothed throughout the game. Whether or not you find the game's 12 or so hours of sword/guns/bad one-liners game play to be a good time or not largely depends on your ability to tolerate nonsense.
EmpireOnline.com (Feb 07, 2008)
Of course, the fact the game sticks with its crowd-pleasing template – and carries DMC’s perennial problems, such as a dodgy in-game camera and lack of multiplayer mode – means DMC4 squanders that elusive fifth star, especially in the wake of this month’s star pupil, Burnout: Paradise, which shows what a developer can do by ditching convention and trying something completely different. But even though there’s nothing here you haven’t seen before, DMC4 is still a blast from beginning to end, and worth a punt if only to wield weapons called the Lucifer, Rebellion and Gilgamesh.
USA Today (Feb 08, 2008)
If PS3 owners can get past the excruciatingly long load time when first playing Devil May Cry 4, you'll find a deep, immersive and stylized action thriller worth playing to its climactic conclusion. Capcom deserves kudos for this entertaining sequel with high production values, but it's too bad we must wait so long before playing.
Loaded (Mar 07, 2008)
Muchos temieron por el futuro de la saga Devil May Cry, tras el anuncio de que Dante no sería el protagonista de la cuarta parte. Sin embargo, luego de haber terminado los veinte niveles que lo componen, puedo afirmar que estamos en presencia de un juegazo con todas las letras, y que ningún fanático terminará decepcionado.
Video Game Generation (May 05, 2008)
Whether you’re a noob or a veteran DMC-fan, DMC4 is an excellent addition to any collection. From its beautiful graphics to its polished audio effects and music, DMC4 is a work of art. Sure, it’s not perfect, but even when you’re playing through the same levels again, using a different character does change the experience. Character #2 plays nothing like Nero and, with the weapons you pick up along the way, there’s defiantly a lot of chances for variance. Players don’t have to always use a gun or sword to off their enemies. In the end, I’m playing this game over and over with a smile on my face. And that’s the way it should be.
videogamer.com (Feb 05, 2008)
All this negativity is rather unfortunate, because, in our view, the game's failings were totally avoidable and come across as lazy game design for the most part. Bad form Capcom. But that doesn't stop us believing that the game is the best in the series since the first one - yes, despite all these problems, it's that good.
GameSpot (Feb 05, 2008)
Online leaderboards, challenging achievements on both platforms, and a host of unlockables (including an action-only survival mode) will keep stalwart fans coming back for more, in spite of all the repetition. Recycled content and some pacing inconsistencies aside, Devil May Cry 4 is a great game, and it delivers a lot of quality action that will please fans without alienating those new to the series. If you liked previous entries, you'll find what you're looking for here; and if you were turned off by Devil May Cry 3's insane challenge, you'll feel a lot more comfortable this time around.
Digital Spy (Feb 08, 2008)
Devil May Cry 4 is, without doubt, far and away the best game in the series so far. Having two playable characters gives the game a whole new edge, as does the remarkable visuals and stunning cutscenes. Its niggles will irritate some, but this polished, thrilling, action-filled adventure is right up there with the acclaimed Gears of War.
GameSpy (Feb 04, 2008)
After six years and one nasty stumble, the DMC series continues to offer polished, high-octane action and Devil May Cry 4 is no exception. The gameplay gets a refreshing shot in the arm thanks to the shift away from Dante and toward the new character Nero. It's not without some flaws, though. The Dante sections are retreads of previous levels with the twist that you're replaying them with DMC3's controls, and it feels a little cheap to be presented with rehashed levels and boss battles around the game's climax. Also, both versions have platform-specific issues that are a bit annoying. Even so, the amazing visuals, 60 fps action and phenomenal cut-scenes make for an enjoyable experience. DMC4 doesn't completely outstrip its predecessors, but it's a fun romp nonetheless.
Gamer 2.0 (Feb 28, 2008)
In the end, Devil May Cry 4 really does nothing new, but damn, if it isn’t fun to play. It has its problems—some poor design choices, an occasionally deceitful camera, uninspired puzzles and a linear mind—but it’s also one of the few action games around that’ll get your heart racing, and is actually a challenge. In our industry which is constantly accommodating the casual gamer, it’s nice to get a little hardcore fan service.
Play.tm (Apr 07, 2008)
DMC 4 is also another one of the increasing trend of games that require a 5Gb install on the hard drive before you play. From when I put the game in the console, to sitting through the opening sequence it must have been a good 35 minutes before I got my hands on some action. Was it worth the wait, yes, it did keep drawing me back but through the final missions auto-pilot mode had taken over. Regrettably, for a new game, it already feels dated.
Good Game (Feb 11, 2008)
About halfway through, just like a good book, I found it hard to put the controller down. The later battles are very enjoyable. At the same time, I think even hardcore players might get bored with endless demons, but top-notch cutscenes and boss fights provide enough reward to get through. 7.5/10 from me
AusGamers (Feb 20, 2008)
Devil May Cry 4 is definitely worthy of its place in the series and is far better than the atrocious DMC 3, but it does very little to propel the idea further. Instead of reshaping the experience, Capcom have simply opted for a more broad approach in an attempt to invite newcomers into Dante and Nero’s world. It’s definitely a fun romp, but doesn’t change the genre in the same way God of War I&II did, and ultimately those are better games even now. Hopefully we’ll see a serious shift in the DMC design ethos in the future, but for now, Devil May Cry 4 stands as an enjoyable button masher for newcomers and a place-holder for fans of the franchise.
Netjak (Feb 25, 2008)
All in all, despite Devil May Cry 4’s shortcomings, it is a guilty pleasure. The gameplay is flashy yet simple, the story is non-existent and DMC4 is pleasing on the eyes. Basically, Devil May Cry 4 is just the Devil May Cry game from 7 years ago with a fresh coat of paint, and that is fine by me.
Computer Bild Spiele (Mar 05, 2008)
Das optische Feuerwerk, das in diesem Spiel gezündet wird, bedarf schon fast eines Warnhinweises auf der Verpackung: Die wunderschönen, vielfältigen, gestochen scharfen Texturen werden Ihnen ins Auge stechen. Dann rauben Ihnen die grellen, bunten Lichteffekte und Explosionen den Atem. Das unglaublich schnelle und gänzlich ruckelfreie Spielerlebnis bringt Sie anschließend um den Verstand. Viele Zwischenfilme und Wendungen in der Geschichte halten Sie zudem stets bei Laune und motivieren zum Weiterspielen. Dass die in vielen Situationen leider nicht justierbare Kameraperspektive oft zu nervenden Sicht- und Steuerungsproblemen führt, lässt sich beim Anblick dieser Pracht verschmerzen. Die bis jetzt beste Folge der Serie "Devil May Cry" ist einfach teuflisch "gut".
Immoral Gamers (Oct 29, 2008)
Devil May Cry, I think, like Ninja Gaiden, needs to move back towards its center point. One becomes so difficult it stops being fun, while the other starts out with a lobotomy. In Devil May Cry’s case, if it doesn’t want to evolve, at the very least it shouldn’t dumb itself down.
Boomtown (Feb 25, 2008)
The fleeting encounters and minute play time with Dante might infuriate some fans of Devil May Cry, but while Nero is inferior in several ways, he shares enough similarities with the big D to make the fourth game in the series a worthy addition. A shamefully small amount has changed with each game apart from graphical upgrades, new characters and some abilities, but it's still an entertaining formula, and DMC4 is proof of that.
Gamestyle (Mar 01, 2008)
Those drawn to DMC4 only for the flash combat and preposterous cut scenes may never notice, finishing the game in perhaps ten hours, unlocking a few more bits and bobs on a higher difficulty and trading it in for something else, satisfied that they got their money's worth. That doesn't change the fact that underneath the fireworks and glitter that the generation-jump brings DMC4 is a far less complete video game than its predecessors, and being new to the series will simply delay the realisation that the game just doesn't live up to the series' potential. Devil May Cry 5, anyone?
The Next Level (USA) (Mar 07, 2008)
Little details like these accumulate one after another, siphoning out the fun and leaving you wondering how something with so much sheer awesome can also be so incredibly obnoxious. Devil May Cry 4 is an excellent example of gilding the lily, with the beauty of its fighting engine weighted down by all the excesses ham-handedly piled on top.
While Devil May Cry 4 is the most balanced title of the series, it suffers from repetition. For the DMC series to flourish, it requires more than a graphical overhaul. The mechanics need to evolve as well.
DarkZero (Mar 22, 2008)
Devil May Cry 4 despite its best efforts is still a puritan affair. There are many flaws that will put off newcomers, but for those who can tolerate those flaws there is an addictive, enjoyable and rewarding game just waiting to be played. This isn’t so much attributed to the efforts of the hard working people at Capcom who seem to be intent on making the game worse (combat system aside), but more a testament to the excellent game design that was envisioned all those years ago. Some complain about the rubbish puzzles or the irritating jumping sections and they are right to complain, while few and far between they really deteriorate from the enjoyment. These alongside the fixed camera angles are recurring complaints throughout the series that Capcom has unceremoniously ignored. Devil May Cry 4 shows us that the old design is in need of an update, not an overhaul, just an update. All it takes is for Capcom to listen.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Feb 05, 2008)
DMC4 can still fall back on rock-solid combat mechanics and some standout moments, but it feels as though it's comfortable to slowly refine what was good about previous versions rather than evolve into something spectacular.
WomenGamers.com (Oct 21, 2008)
The game is uneven in terms of control. One difficulty with the game is the camera locks up and you can’t always get a complete spherical view. That makes figuring out the platforming very difficult and un-fun. The camera issue is a big problem, there shouldn’t be any excuse for that. It’s great to have the strengths in other areas but the game play should come first. Figuring out where you are supposed to go next is another issue. Even though the map is there, it isn’t clear if you are traveling north or south. Nero can’t move while the map is open either. There should be some sort of compass indicator on the interface as well. There are save issues which also shouldn’t be happening in a next gen game.
G4 TV: X-Play (Feb 05, 2008)
Devil May Cry 4 is, for better or for worse, faithful to the originals. Only the graphics have undergone a transformation. If you’ve enjoyed the series so far, none of these defects should hold you back. This isn’t a terrible game—it looks and sounds good, the story is interesting, and there are clever puzzles and lots of swordplay violence. The option to play as Dante eventually is a nice touch, too. In the end, however, Devil May Cry 4 is also nothing close to the full next-gen transformation that the moody, gothic world of Capcom’s demons deserved.
Game Revolution (Feb 20, 2008)
The reality of DMC4 is that it’s a solid game if you switch your brain off and just get into the action. Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to do that; my brain is a constant, nattering companion, insistent in its will to analyze and criticize every little detail of the media presented to it. Devil May Cry 4 is riddled with too many flaws to really enjoy completely. It’s disheartening – there’s a kernel of a good game beneath all the terrible writing and poor design decisions.

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