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Dragon Age Origins: Awakening is definitely a nice companion for those that have exhausted the original game. There is plenty here to keep you occupied for at least 20 hours if you want to max everything out. Some may be a bit disappointed in the size by comparison, but for $40 this game is twice as long as most full-priced titles. If you have been itching to get back into the world of Dragon Age like I was, this is a must-own experience. Fans of the original game should not hesitate in picking up this excellent addition to the lore.
GamingXP (Mar 16, 2010)
„ Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening“ schlägt im Geschichtsbuch aus Ferelden ein neues Kapitel auf. Eine Geschichte, die es wert ist, erlebt zu werden und eine großartige Atmosphäre, sowie natürlich die Freiheit über andere zu richten, lassen das „Dragon Age“-Feeling noch einmal hochleben.
BioWare makes great games; there's no doubt about it. Their games are so compelling, in fact, that gamers are willing to shell out a significant amount of extra cash to extend the experience. I think if BioWare can continually put out expansions of this quality, players will likely buy at least one or two more of them. That being said, I'm not sure how many more expansions we'll see in the near future; a teaser card emblazoned with the now iconic blood dragon was included within the expansion case, hinting at a date of February 1, 2011. Whether this will be Dagon Age 2 or simply another massive expansion remains to be seen, but whatever it is, we're anxious for more.
Digital Chumps (Mar 16, 2010)
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening quenched my thirst for a sequel, though it was just an expansion pack. There's plenty of improvement from Bioware here, but more importantly the story continues and it's still a fun ride. If you liked the first then you'll like the expansion pack. At the end of it all I want more of this game. I want another Dragon Age and I want it now!
IGN (Mar 16, 2010)
It should come as no surprise to fans of the original game that Dragon Age Origins Awakening is going to give you more of what you want. There's an epic story with choices that really matter, fantasy combat with loads of amazing enemies, and a deep character system with lots of flexibility. It has a strong narrative connection to the original game, but the sense that your previous choices matter isn't as strong as we'd have liked. I still miss the old companions, but the new characters are just as interesting once you get to know them.
PlayStation Universe (Mar 16, 2010)
Awakening produces plenty of new content to warrant a full-on expansion. There are many hours to keep you busy and fully draw you back into the world of Dragon Age. In part, not changing any of the core gameplay mechanics or visuals means the game is still lacking in certain areas, but if you can get past these flaws you will be in for quite a treat. The new story is well told through dialogue, which like the core game, requires you to think and choose what you say carefully. Awakening is more than just the cherry on top of an awesome sundae that is Dragon Age: Origins; instead, it’s like you’ve been given a few extra scoops of RPG goodness.
GamersGlobal (Mar 18, 2010)
Awakening ist eine typische Erweiterung: Sie bietet mehr vom Gleichen – in diesem Falle sogar sehr viel mehr. Schwächen des Hauptspiels werden jedoch keine ausgemerzt. Neben technischen Problemen stört uns vor allem die gekürzte Interaktion mit den eigenen Begleitern. Da aber die Stärken des Hauptprogramms wie die gelungenen Dialoge, die moralischen Entscheidungen und die abwechslungsreichen Aufgaben weiterhin vorhanden sind, müssen Dragon-Age-Origins-Fans einfach zugreifen.
Gaming Nexus (Mar 16, 2010)
Dragon Age: Origins’ expansion, Awakening, gives you 20+ more hours of an experience that entails characters with depth and a captivating storyline that picks up and expands in a very unique way from the original game. While the gameplay may not feel very creative, and lagging may be abound, the new enemies and the new dilemma presented to the Grey Wardens is worth exploring.
1UP (Mar 16, 2010)
But all in all, Awakening is a fine expansion. It occasionally asks a bit too much of the player (really? I need to read a spin-off book for the villain to make sense?), and man, does it bum me out when it glitches. Though, this is somewhat reminiscent of a previous BioWare pattern, where Tales of the Sword Coast is a decent (yet not great) expansion to the really-good Baldur's Gate. If Tales begat the utterly amazing Baldur's Gate II, and this pretty good expansion is what we need for a fantastic Dragon Age 2 (plus another great BioWare NPC), then so be it.
81 (Mar 17, 2010)
BioWare hat hier eine sehr durchdachte und überaus epische Erweiterung entwickelt, die vor allem Schurken und Kämpfern mehr Schlagkraft verleiht. Die Questqualität schwankt zwar zwischen gewöhnlich und sehr gut und man vermisst Dungeonrätsel, aber dafür gibt es einige versteckte Highlights. BioWare versäumt es allerdings, einige an der Glaubwürdigkeit so mancher Situation nagende Designfehler auszumerzen und auch die Schwächen der Konsolenversionen bleiben vorhanden. Unverständlicher ist zudem der Verzicht auf die Romanzen als Beziehungselement, die sich hier aufgrund der neuen Charaktere fast aufdrängen. Unterm Strich wurde ich mit diesem Epilog allerdings sehr gut und vor allem sehr lange unterhalten - Ferelden hat einige wichtige Facetten als Spielwelt gewonnen und man sollte sich jede Entscheidung drei mal überlegen. Spätestens wenn man die Konsequenz erlebt, liebt man dieses Rollenspiel.
3D Juegos (Mar 18, 2010)
Con El Despertar tenemos un muy interesante "más de lo mismo" que, dada la calidad del original al que expande, resultará muy apetitoso. Buena duración que, pese a su escasa aportación de novedades, justifica plenamente su compra para los que al terminar Origins quedaron con ganas de más.
Extreme Gamer (Mar 22, 2010)
Even before I typed up this review, the hardcore 'Dragon Age' clan have already made up their minds. 'Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening' is a must buy... and if you love Dragon Age, how could you disagree? I wasn’t totally sold on everything Bioware added to the new story, and I felt a little “tired” of running around at certain times, but that is bound to happen from time to time-- even in the greatest of RPGs. However, when it was all said and done, I felt completely entertained by the entire ‘Awakening’ package, and happy I made the journey into Amaranthine. It’s going to be a long wait for 'Dragon Age 2' (any amount of time seems long), but I’m sure Bioware will keep us stacked with new DLC along the way, and if its all at the quality of Awakenings, then just maybe all the wait won’t be so bad.
XGN (Apr 02, 2010)
Eigenlijk moet iedere Dragon Age: Origins liefhebber zijn game weer afstoffen en deze uitbreiding opstarten. Awakening brengt meer van hetzelfde, maar dan vooral in positieve zin. Er zijn weliswaar technisch nog verbeteringen mogelijk, en we hadden graag meer broederliefde tussen Dragon Age: Origins en Awakening gezien, maar deze uitbreiding is dubbel en dwars zijn, toch al niet hoge prijskaartje, waard.
PSFocus (Mar 29, 2010)
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening is een zeer nette uitbreiding. Het bevat een nieuw verhaal, nieuwe items, mogelijkheden voor je personage, vijanden en nog veel meer waardoor het als een zeer waardige uitbreiding gezien mag worden. Het geheel sluit ook prima aan op het verhaal uit het origineel en de paar minpuntjes, zoals het ontbreken van je spullen, alsook de ingewisselde partners is iets wat misschien wat anders aangepakt had kunnen worden. Tevens is het visueel nog steeds niet echt sterk. Verder kunnen we vrij kort zijn over dit geheel. Als je Dragon Age: Origins tof vond, dan zul je met Awakening nog vele uren extra speelplezier beleven.
80 (Mar 16, 2010)
Which is why Awakening isn't an expansion that'll convince Dragon Age sceptics to dip their toes in BioWare's fantasy universe. If Dragon Age didn't float your boat, neither will Awakening. Dragon Age enthusiasts, however, should consider it an essential purchase. It offers more of the same - no bad thing - in a great value package. With it, BioWare is honouring its commitment to its fans and making good on its pre-launch promise of treating Dragon Age as a platform. Just don't expect an evolution.
Game Over Online (Apr 22, 2010)
Of course, the point's the journey, really, and Awakening is another chunk of BioWare's story, characters, and above all else, dialogue. I paid $40 for it and don't feel terribly ripped off, but ideally, expansion packs should either cost less than this or last longer. It's fun, but I'm not sure it's forty bucks worth of fun.
Game Revolution (Mar 22, 2010)
For a sequel that is about half of the original title, Awakening would have been more comfortably priced at $30; either that, or be given another year in production to expand into a full-fledged sequel. This isn’t to say it is rushed, but more that it is unpolished and unsure – too long for an epilogue, too short for a stand-alone title. Still, an enjoyable romp with an intriguing story can be found somewhere between the two, and you won’t have to be wide awake to see it.
70 (Mar 18, 2010)
Dragon Age : Origins – Awakening est un add-on solide qui mise sur ses nouvelles possibilités d'évolution, particulièrement fournies, et sur de nouveaux compagnons à enrôler plus attachants que les précédents. Le reste est plus convenu : la nouvelle campagne se laisse suivre sans déplaisir, mais dégage une certaine impression de déjà-vu. Qui plus est, la durée de vie somme toute décevante du contenu proposé, qui ne représente guère plus de 15 heures de jeu, confère à Awakening un ratio prix/longévité moins intéressant que celui du jeu de base et n'en fait pas l'extension indispensable qu'on attendait.