Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Main menu.
Game requires original to play, but starts independently.
Intro retelling the events that took place in original Dragon Age.
Battling some Genlock with an imported character... using bow and arrow in close combat.
While your character may be imported, your party members will all be new.
Checking your party character's info.
Battling an Ogre... not so tough when you're level 25.
Use wheel menu to assign abilities for quick use.
Enemy is at the gates... Vigil's Keep is overrun by the army of darkness.
Fighting a couple of Shrieks inside the castle... they are quite a trouble to deal with.
Playing as Anders, a mage that joined your cause.
Meet Velanna, an angry elf mage with a score to settle.
Dealing with some forest bandits with a twin-blade slice move.
Check your map when your compass is not enough.
Some trees are quite unfriendly.
There are some recurring characters in this add-on, even as a part of your party.
Slashing through the pack of Blight Wolves.
Instead of a campsite, your resting place will be the throne room of the Vigil's Keep.
As a local warlord, you will have to deal with the issues concerning your residents.
You can enchant weapons and armour to give them additional strengths and abilities.
Trading some goods with the local merchant.
In time, you will start to look scarier than the monsters you will be fighting against.
Arriving to town in the middle of a siege.
New breed of sentient enemy, and they all seem to come from The Mother.
As before, you can only take three more party members in combat with you.
Fighting the Disciples... they are commanders of a new threat.
Exploring the church, talking to people and meeting old friends.
Fighting a Hurlock Sniper who is armed with an axe.
Crossing the bridge on a quest to save a kidnapped daughter.
The world map is to the west of Ferelden where original game took place.