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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 4.1
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.7
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.7
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed
(required for every game entry that isn't a compilation or special edition)
Overall User Score (15 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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1UP (Nov 03, 2009)
The folks at BioWare have shown that they're always looking for ways to make their games better -- each of their RPGs builds upon the previous title. Dragon Age displays this refinement, and while the story may not be completely original, it's told in a way that enthralls and enchants the player. It's the best RPG of the year -- and maybe the best of the HD era.
Giant Bomb (Nov 03, 2009)
In the end, Dragon Age: Origins feels like a real throwback to the good old days of PC role-playing epics. It also feels like exactly what you expect the makers of Baldur's Gate to come up with as a follow-up to that classic. While that means you could rightfully fault the game for not being especially innovative, it's this adherence to a classic style of gameplay that will ensure that it's welcomed by the legions of nostalgic RPG players that make up this genre's core audience.
RPG Site (Dec 02, 2009)
Featuring a ton of content and lots of ways to play through it, Origins is one of the best RPGs released thus far this generation, and is one epic journey that must not be missed.
GameSpot (Nov 03, 2009)
But any way you slice it, here's the fantasy RPG you've been waiting for, the one that will keep you up late at night, bleary-eyed, because you have to see what happens next. Like the best fiction, Dragon Age will sweep you up in its world, so much so that when you're done, you'll want to experience it all over again.
PSX Extreme (Nov 04, 2009)
If you can get past the really bland game visuals and a choppy framerate, then in Dragon Age: Origins you will find one of the very best RPG experiences in years. Masterful gameplay mechanics and an amazing story grab you and don't let you go until either a power-outage or sleep deprivation. The voice acting and soundtrack are first-rate, and best of all, the game is infinitely replayable. I will reiterate that if you're a multiplatform owner, I highly urge you to get the Xbox 360 version of Dragon Age. But, if you happen to own a solid PC, as well, then go for the PC game - it's the best of the bunch and has full mod support.
GameSpy (Nov 03, 2009)
After logging over a hundred hours on Dragon Age: Origins, I still want to continue playing. I want to unearth more of its secrets, to better know its characters, to see how the decisions I make can impact its world, and yes, to see more of its endings. I can't think of a better recommendation than that.
89 (Nov 12, 2009)
"Dragon Age: Origins" ist ein rundum gelungenes Rollenspiel, das mit frischem Regelwerk, toller Atmosphäre, guter KI und hevorragendem Gameplay punktet. Die Konsolenfassung wurd zwar zugunsten einer komfortablen Steuerung ein wenig abgespeckt, verliert dadurch aber keinesfalls an Wert, da Dinge die auf dem PC eurer Entscheidungsgewalt unterliegen, durch gut agierende KI ausgeglichen werden. Die Story ist durchweg interessant und - typisch für ein Biowarerollenspiel - durch euer Verhalten beeinflussbar. Uns hat der Titel sehr viel Spaß gemacht, da es Bewährtes mit frischen Elementen kombiniert und dabei zu einem gelungenen Genrevertreter avanciert!
GameFocus (Nov 30, 2009)
It’s clear that Dragon Age: Origins was built with the PC in mind but regardless of that fact, a fantastic story, great cast of characters and expansive world still make this an incredible experience. Those who have a computer and want more depth in their role playing games should most certainly grab the PC version. For those who just want to get into a bloody battle and spend a long period of time enjoying it, they will most certainly not be disappointed.
IGN (Nov 03, 2009)
While the visuals are a bit underwhelming and the difficulty is a bit easier on the consoles, this is still a great title. This is the kind of adventure that fantasy RPG fans have been hoping that BioWare would deliver – a game with a ton of re-playability and an incredibly vivid world that is the start of an impressive franchise.
85 (Oct 30, 2009)
Nach dem Einstieg beginnt eine Lunte zu glimmen, die tatsächlich das Feuer alter Rollenspielzeiten und damit den Geist von Baldur's Gate weckt. Und BioWare befriedigt nicht nur nostalgische Party- oder blutige Kampf-Gelüste. Man demonstriert, wozu Spiele erzählerisch in der Lage sind, wenn man talentierte Autoren engagiert und vor allem die Dramaturgie ernst nimmt: Ich habe selten so gute Dialoge und markante Charaktere erlebt. Ich habe selten so lange mit meinen Entscheidungen gehadert. Ich habe mich dabei ertappt, wie ich spät in der Nacht gegrübelt, den Alltag und die Zeit vergessen hatte. Und das ist angesichts der 08/15-Kloppmistflut eine enorme Leistung. Und selbst wenn die Kanadier letztlich kein virtuelles Meisterwerk geschaffen haben, weil sie die Farbe für ihr Fantasy-Gemälde schlampig auftragen: Sie begeistern mit einem epischen Schauspiel auf Theaterniveau, das Emotionen weckt und damit die Hoffnung auf die Spielezukunft schürt.
85 (Nov 19, 2009)
Dragon Age : Origins est un titre à ne pas rater sur PS3. Parfait mélange de vieille école et de modernité, ce jeu de rôle qui repose sur la gestion d'un groupe de plusieurs personnages ne distille ses possibilités que de façon très progressive. Doté d'un univers riche et fouillé, il invite constamment le joueur, au gré de dialogues dynamiques, à influer sur le déroulement de l'histoire. On y trouve bien lacunes en matière d'immersion, mais elles pèsent bien peu face à ses combats épiques et exigeants qui figurent parmi les plus réussis dans le genre. Dommage que cette version PS3 souffre d'une jouabilité un peu alambiquée et d'une absence de caméra aérienne qui ne permettent pas d'exploiter tout le potentiel tactique du jeu, ce qui a d'ailleurs poussé Bioware à revoir la difficulté légèrement à la baisse.
Gamestyle (Dec 20, 2009)
On the whole Dragon Ages: Origins is magnificent and will continue to evolve as BioWare promise new quests and missions, with some already being made available for purchase. There is plenty to enjoy in the retail version but we can only hope that the good work is built upon with expansions and new adventures for us to discover. Despite our criticism this still remains the best RPG of 2009 and one of the best we’ve played in several years.
Retroage (May 03, 2013)
Podsumowując Dragon Age Origins nie jest złą grą – ma dobrą fabułę, niezłe dialogi i fajny system z wyważonym poziomem trudności, jednak wadliwie wykonana konwersja dyskwalifikuje w moich oczach wersję na PlayStation 3. Jeśli tytuł was zainteresował to kupcie sobie edycję PC które jest na pewno dużo lepsza albo na Xbox 360 która jest prawdopodobnie lepsza. To by było na tyle z mojej strony i dziękuję że wytrwaliście do końca.
Thunderbolt Games (Oct 04, 2010)
There is lots to recommend about Dragon Age: Origins, but there’s no getting away from the square-peg-round-hole conundrum that it’s a PC game not wholly comfortably squeezed into consoles. The presentation could be tighter - particularly when compared to the likes of Oblivion or Demon’s Souls - and the world of Ferelden feels as though it lacks detail and coherence, although it’s the backdrop to a good plot and some excellent characters. Dragon Age is a good game with a strong premise and characters that falls down a little in a few too many gameplay and technical areas to quite sit among the best of BioWare’s output.
Don't be fooled, dear readers, by visually amazing television commercials that don't show off the actual product. Despite the claims made - some even by other reviewers - don't be taken in; Dragon Age: Origins is a rare miss for a company whose name has become synonymous with console RPGs. The graphics are dated, the battles are like pulling teeth and while there is a lot to accomplish, none of it ever actually borders on being fun. Hey, even the commercial for the Snuggie allows consumers to see how stupid it is (c'mon people, it's a robe you wear backwards!), so don't be fooled by this one.