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1UP (Jul 22, 2008)
Elefunk is sublime in concept -- ultimately addictive and quite entertaining, despite a steep learning curve. With a little more context and explanation, it could've been great. PSN is a hotbed of clever ideas, and while this isn't the best execution of one, it more than earns its place. For $5, Elefunk gets away with being a downloadable, mostly successful, curiosity.
gamrReview (Jul 21, 2008)
Overall, Elefunk is a very enjoyable puzzle game with very below average presentation, that may force some gamers to think about force directions for the first time since High School Physics, and is definitely worth the 5 dollar admission fee for anyone who enjoys a good puzzle.
The Game Hoard (Aug 04, 2021)
While it doesn’t do the best job introducing its bridge-building mechanics and Time Attack mode is too unforgiving for its own good, Elefunk’s other gameplay offerings are surprisingly fun and challenging. The multiplayer mode’s Jenga-like construction is accessible to all types and the bonus levels are a bit of levity between Puzzle mode’s tough but satisfying building challenges. The limited piece availability requires a good degree of planning to utilize, each victory feeling well-earned since you had to puzzle out the physics interactions yourself. The new concerns like animal hazards and different considerations like the use of ropes or having the elephants roll downhill keep adding new variables, the game’s twenty levels feeling like they manage to remain difficult but exciting to complete because of how well they balance that challenge.
Gamer 2.0 (2008)
At the low price of $5, it’s hard to expect a ton of modes, features, and levels, but it’s also hard to call it a great game, as well. It’s certainly an enjoyable experience at a cheap price that you’ll be willing to play every once in a while when the more elaborate games in your collection are not what you’re looking to play. The demo will give you a sense of what the very beginning of the game is like, so definitely give that a shot and see if you could use a crash course in architecture without stepping into the classroom.
However, when you finally watch your pachyderm dancing, safe at his destination, the sense of satisfaction is almost obscene: and this is what’ll keep you coming back for more. Throw in a fiercely competitive scoring system (which counts down like a timer, then adjusts points according to the number of girders used) plus the overwhelming cuteness of the elephants, and you’ll happily dedicate hours to honing your building skills.
TheSixthAxis (Jul 18, 2008)
For some reason there’s no demo on the European Store for Elefunk, but there is on the American Store so if you’re still unsure you’ve no excuse to not try it out at the very least. For anyone into their puzzle games it’s a well crafted, tough little title with decent presentation, neat controls and (hopefully) the prospect of downloadable treats in the future. See you on the scoreboards!
NZGamer (Jun 03, 2008)
Elefunk is a nice, addictive puzzle title with enough levels to make it worth the initial download.
70 (UK) (Jul 22, 2008)
And that's Elefunk: a cutesy bridge-building game with a surprisingly moreish appeal. 8bit Games' unassuming effort is yet another interesting addition to the PlayStation Network that anyone with a longing for patient puzzling will warm to, but one that comes with an unforgivingly steep learning curve. As we've come to expect from Sony, getting to grips with its unusual demands won't break the bank (it's just GBP 4.99), so if you're hankering after something satisfyingly different from the mainstream that doesn't resorting to being willfully obscure, this fits the bill.
Oftentimes troublesome enough to make you throw up your hands in frustration, you'll walk away still thinking about that unsolved bridge only to return the next day with a fresh strategy. As unpolished as some aspects of the game may be, there's no denying its overall charm and at five dollars it's hard not to recommend. At the very least, you'll have greater respect for the next overpass.
GameSpot (Jul 28, 2008)
Elefunk's concept isn't an entirely original one, either. Anyone who has played the Bridge Builder/Pontifex series of PC games will see the obvious inspiration Elefunk has drawn from them, and like those games, Elefunk is a game that will probably end up with a relatively small but enthusiastic fan base. This is a puzzle game for people who enjoy applying their minds to a very specific kind of problem: the problem of how to get an elephant across a chasm. If this sounds like you, you'll find a lot to enjoy here, and at just five bucks, you'll find that the price is right too.
IGN (Jul 24, 2008)
The difficulty curve may be steep and the trial and error extremely plentiful, but Elefunk is a charming puzzler that can keep you engaged -- if you don't get frustrated by being stuck on the same stage. While we wish there were more puzzles and a level editor or downloadable items to add to the experience, we found multiplayer to be extremely fun and the Time Attack mode added to our excitement. It may not make us wish that we were engineers, but it did make us understand how important properly braced platforms are.
Gaming Age (Jul 23, 2008)
Elefunk is a challenging change of pace from the usual twin stick shooters that seem to populate the PlayStation Store lately. It's also a little different than your typical puzzler with gameplay that's not typically found on a console. Well worth the effort to download at the very least.