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JustPressPlay (Oct 11, 2007)
This game is better than most of the reviews it's received thus far. The game has been ripped to shreds by critics for being talky and going too slowly. Frankly, these critics didn't give the game a chance to spread its wings. For $20 it's a great buy and will easily deliver entertainment more than proportional to its price. Give it a chance! Sidenote: Enchanted Arms features one of the most horrible stereotypically gay characters...the voice acting is painful.
GameLemon (Sep 11, 2007)
While Enchanted Arms isn't the most pretty or original game you'll come across, it's still executed reasonably well. For all its faults, the game is still a ton of fun, as every battle plays out a little differently. You will probably find yourself seeking out battles just to try out new attacks and strategies in the hopes of coming up with the perfect battle plan. Couple this with a nice variety of enemies, a well-paced story, and some fun side missions, and you've got a nice distraction until the next big title comes out. Now then, I have to go, there is a gang of saxophone playing transvestites gathered outside my window and I fear no good will come of this.
76 (Apr 29, 2007)
Technisch ebenso sauber (oder altbacken, je nach Standpunkt) wie das Xbox 360-Pendant, aber in vielerlei Hinsicht auch genauso weit von prachtvollen Kulissen entfernt wie München von der Elbe, fragt man sich nach wie vor, ob dieses Spiel nicht mit kleinen Einschränkungen auch auf PlayStation 2 hätte erscheinen können. Ein kleines, aber feines Japan-Rollenspiel alter Schule, das allen Hardcore-Fans die Übergangsphase von PS2 auf PS3 erleichtern wird, aber letztlich nur eingeschränkt taugt, um die Wartezeit auf Kaliber eines Final Fantasy XIII zu versüßen.
GamingExcellence (May 16, 2007)
In the end, Enchanted Arms is a game that will aggravate anyone who doesn't go into it knowing all its problems. But for every negative issue, there is a great battle mechanic and collection system that more than makes up for it. The PS3 version is also the best way to experience the game since it features more golems to collect and a few extra seconds of cutscenes. The 360 version is greatly discounted at this time however and Enchanted Arms doesn't fill as great a void on the PS3 as it did on Microsoft's console. For those interested in a great Japanese RPG that will keep them busy for at least 30 hours (your time with the game will depend slightly on the grind-fest the last boss requires) should definitely give Enchanted Arms a try; it's a nice change of pace that should please those willing to invest time in its battle system.
Extreme Gamer (Apr 20, 2007)
The PS3 version of Enchanted Arms has a few bonuses over the Xbox 360, but in no way is it superior. Despite the unoriginal linear storyline Enchanted Arms provides a creative list of Golems to collect, interesting and strategic combat, along with all the rest of Japanese styled finesse you’d expect in a role playing game. It’s not worth a re-purchase, but Enchanted Arms is definitely worth a look if you enjoy Japanese role-playing games or turned based combat.
PSX Extreme (Jun 06, 2007)
As usual, it has been difficult find a solid RPG worth playing during the first year of the next generation. For now, it appears to begin and end with The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, even though plenty of promising entries in the genre are on the way. But PS3 owners do have a decent option in Enchanted Arms, a game released for the Xbox 360 last year and recently ported to Sony's new console. While there really isn't anything all that original here, and despite a decided lack of "next-gen" elements, the game manages to remain both appealing and entertaining for fans of traditional RPGs. The only real question is, does it interest to you? Well, read on to find out, and bear in mind that this title offers at least 40 hours of gameplay, but will also cost you the full $60 price tag.
70 (Apr 25, 2007)
Mag der Titel auf der 360 ohne große Konkurrenz seine Daseinsberechtigung haben, sieht das auf der PS3 schon etwas anders aus, schließlich kann man auch das grandiose PS2-Spiel Final Fantasy XII auf der neuen Konsole zocken. Gegen das moderne FF12-Gameplay hat Enchanted Arms dann leider nicht den Hauch einer Chance.
70 (Apr 04, 2007)
Abgesehen davon bleibe ich bei meiner Einschätzung, dass dieses Spiel wirklich nur Hardcore JRPG-Fans hinter dem Ofen hervor lockt und eine 7er Wertung dafür (und auch nur dann!) das höchste der Gefühle ist. Fans von West-RPGs wie Oblivion sollten daher lieber auf die Veröffentlichung dieser PS3-Fassung warten.
70 (Mar 22, 2007)
Enchanted Arms a ce petit quelque chose qui ne laissera pas indifférent le joueur désireux de vivre une grande aventure. Certes, le tout n'est qu'un mélange de plusieurs jeux avec des personnages et situations mille fois rencontrés mais le résultat n'est pas déplaisant malgré une mise en scène très molle. Les quelques lourdeurs du système de jeu pourront agacer, tout comme l'absence de localisation, mais c'est le prix qu'il faudra payer pour pouvoir enfin goûter au premier vrai RPG japonais sur PS3.
GameZone (Apr 18, 2007)
Enchanted Arms is a decent RPG that – while filled with repetition and scavenger hunt annoyances – has reached a higher level of quality than any other first-gen RPG released for PSone, PS2, GameCube, or the original Xbox. (First-gen are the games released within the first 6-8 months of a console’s release.) Its flaws prevent it from being recommended as a purchase, but anyone who enjoys RPGs is encouraged to play it. The game is just as strange and flashy as it looks – but among that weirdness is a game that’s pretty darn fun.
68 (May 02, 2007)
Enchanted Arms ist ehrlich gesagt eines der einfachsten RPGs die ich jemals gespielt habe und zugleich eines der Uninteressantesten. Die Geschichte rund um einen Jungen, welcher mit seinen Freunden eine Reise zur Errettung der Welt antritt habe ich nun schon dutzende Male aufgetischt bekommen und auch dieses Mal wieder. Hinzu kommt auch noch, dass die ersten 75% des Spiels mit größter Einfachheit durchspielbar sind, während erst die letzten 25% den Spieler ein wenig herausfordern. Fans von japanischen RPGs können zugreifen, alle anderen sollten nach anderen RPGs wie etwa Oblivion Ausschau halten.
1UP (May 08, 2007)
An element of repetition does set in as you work out your go-to moves and establish a system for getting to them, but the random starting positions and variety of seeing just how each battle will work out keeps things interesting. It's by no means an unfamiliar appeal. The PS2 library contains countless similar games, each with its own clique of followers. And in that vein Enchanted Arms will likely earn its share of fans as well, but even they may not be exactly sure why they're playing it on a "new-gen" console.
IGN (Apr 03, 2007)
Enchanted Arms is a slightly above-average RPG at best. Yes, it's the first role-player to feature traditional turn-based combat on the PS3, but there are so many shortcomings to the actual game that I can only recommend the $60 investment to the hardest of hardcore RPG fans. There's nothing here that stands out. You've done it all before.
Overall, Enchanted Arms is a decent RPG experience, especially for those gamers looking for their role-playing fix on the PlayStation 3. If you've already played the game on the Xbox 360, there isn't much more here for you. The thirty new Golems and the Sixaxis support don't really offset the loss of online play. However, if you're just looking for an RPG to pass the time, you could do worse than Enchanted Arms.
Computer Bild Spiele (Apr 04, 2007)
Grafisch ist das Spiel für die neue Konsolengeneration eine große Enttäuschung. Hier wäre technisch viel mehr möglich gewesen. Zudem stören häufige Ladezeiten den Spielfluß merklich. Alles in allem ist das Spiel nur hartgesottenen Rollenspielfans mit einem Faible für japanische Spiele zu empfehlen - daher das Fazit: "befriedigend".
RPG Site (Jul 14, 2009)
Enchanted Arms is an interesting title that does some very fun and daring things with its battle system. Sadly it's not just let down by its presentation - it's almost ruined by it. This is still worth playing for the battle system, but you may want to skip out on the rest the game has to offer.
GamePro (US) (Apr 04, 2007)
In the end, Enchanted Arms is a decent enough title but it's just an appetizer to tide you over until the big RPG titles--like Oblivion and FFXIII--land on the PS3.
After reading all that do you want to know another neat thing about this game? Did you see that picture towards the top? You so get to fight that pizza guy, how cool is that? Beating up pizzas is pretty sweet, but the lack of story, bad color choices for the options/shop screens, and horrible voice acting make this game only mediocre. With the huge price on this game though, from $59.99 to $19.99 it is a nice buy for RPG fans.
FZ (May 03, 2007)
När jag recenserade From Softwares Enchanted Arms till Xbox 360 var mitt omdöme att det var ett mer än okej rollspel stöpt i den mall som Square och Enix skapade för mer än 20 år sedan. När det nu anländer till Playstation 3 åtta månader senare är det övergripande intrycket detsamma men en skillnad finns. Det är nämligen betydligt svårare att rekommendera ett inköp då Playstation 3:s bakåtkompabilitet öppnar för en rad äldre men avsevärt bättre alternativ.
GameSpy (Apr 30, 2007)
For those of us that love classic turn-based role-playing games, the PlayStation 3 is a barren wasteland (unless you want to play old PS2 and PS games on it). Into this empty hellscape comes Enchanted Arms, a by-the-numbers Japanese RPG that received a lukewarm reception on the Xbox 360 almost a year ago and has been little improved by the move to PS3. If you're a fan of JRPGs, then you'll know the kind of issues that you can expect from Enchanted Arms, because it suffers from the typical issues that plague these games: too many random encounters, crappy, nonsensical story and recycled enemies.