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Written by  :  Katie Cadet (10189)
Written on  :  Mar 26, 2018
Platform  :  PlayStation 3
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
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CodeMasters' first attempt at a Formula One racing game for the PS3!

The Good

Got this as a Christmas present for 2017 since I didn't use my PlayStation 3 as much over the course of two years! (2015-2017) Also, I got a Thrust Master T150 racing wheel for my PlayStation 3, and that began the rebirth of my console gaming experience! F1 2010 was the first game that I played in the rebirth, which is CodeMasters' first attempt at Formula One for my PlayStation 3. The film-like frame rate while racing is pretty impressive.

The menu screens are no longer boring, with all those still images like on previous F1 games. It is now animated and I gotta tell ya, you are really in a Paddock, the starting point of Formula One! The pit crew voices are no longer distorted and sound much cleaner (remember the EA Sports F1 games?) in terms of acting quality. Force Feedback is supported on Logitech racing wheels only. (Except for the Thrust Masters, for which they emulate the DualShock 3 controller.)

This is the first Formula One racing game to support DTS audio, which can be played on any AVR that supports it. Otherwise, Dolby Digital is used for backwards compatibility.

The Bad

None so far!

The Bottom Line

F1 2010 from CodeMasters is my first starting point in Formula One Racing games for the PS3, and a first by CodeMasters themselves. I have never seen a Formula One racing game for the PlayStation 3 before! I would definitely recommend this one!

Also, do yourself a favour and buy the other entries in the CodeMasters F1 racing series for your PlayStation 3 (up to 2014), then your collection will be complete!

Another Recommendation: I suggest a driving wheel if you are going through those sharp turns during your race... you'll need it!