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PlayStation 3 version

Main menu.
A brief introduction in a post-apocalyptic D.C..
The game starts as you are being born into what's left of the world.
Creating your character.
You will learn some basic moves already as a baby.
Someone left this educational little book near the cradle.
Arriving at Megaton, the closes little town to your vault.
Megaton is built around a live atomic bomb... good thing I disarmed it.
You can collect various Bobblehead figurines which permanently increase your skills.
In your house, you're a sole master of decoration.
Your personal butler droid tells some mean jokes.
This radscorpion came out of nowhere... always keep an eye on the radar.
If you're a skilled sharpshooter, you can take these bandits from a safe distance.
You have to have bobby pins to be able to pick a lock.
A small little town on what's left of the highway... house objects will become visible as you draw closer.
Approaching what looks like a factory... what horrors await you in there... time to check out.
Loading screens show various tip and info slides.
Saving lost rangers from the mutant infested hotel.
You will use Pip-Boy 3000 to check out inventory, arm yourself, heal the radiation, listen to the radio and for a lot of other things.
World map has great many location to explore... you can jump-travel to any already-visited location.
This super mutant seems a bit too far for a more precise shot.
Thing game does not save on brutality... this mutant is taken out via V.A.T.S. mode.
Washington D.C. is in ruins... there is just as many urban warfare as is in open plains.
There are some familiar Washington structures to encounter and explore... or what's left of them.
Talking to one of the ghouls... they may not look good, but their lifespan is increased alright.
As before, you will use bottle caps as a currency to buy weapons and supplies.