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Thunderbolt Games (Mar 09, 2011)
Overall, however, Dead Money is a unique change of pace from a world buzzing with the travesties of Mr. House, the NCR and friends. This is supported by its polished story, brilliant voice acting, and wonderfully penned dialogue. Though the new gear is lackluster, the path opened to the level 35 cap and new perks is fair compensation. In the end, everything ties thoroughly together with the Sierra Madre Casino’s ethics on greed vs. letting go, which continues to stand true when you finally come face to face with its prolific treasure. Hit me!
Fallout: New Vegas's first expansion is a rough one, but it's worthwhile if you're searching for something to do in the Mojave Wastes. The story adds a fun bit of mythos to the Fallout universe and, if you're willing to let that override some gameplay issues, it's a great purchase.
Brash Games (Mar 31, 2011)
No matter the slight issues, Dead Money is a bargain. There’s a good 5 hours of content here, with extra story, characters and extras to extend the rest of the game. It’s not the best of the Fallout series, but for fans who had already come to the end of their playthrough, now is the perfect time to head back to New Vegas.
GameSpot (Mar 01, 2011)
Dead Money represents a change of pace for Fallout: New Vegas, though it's not a consistently enjoyable one. Tense, deliberate pacing gives way to aggravation as the game forces you to watch every step while you meander through its dull surroundings. Lest you forget this content's Fallout roots, however, there are numerous technical oddities to remind you of them. Activating VATS targeting while firing at a turret may get the game stuck in slow-motion purgatory for a minute or more; companions might get mired in the environment or inexplicably make their way to the rooftops while you traverse the streets below. Nevertheless, Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money's provocative characters and fantastic writing make it a tempting detour for Fallout fans aching for something new. You also get some bang for your buck here: depending on the thoroughness of your exploration, you could spend anywhere from four to eight hours on Dead Money for only $9.99.
We Got This Covered (Dec 25, 2010)
Dead Money was not very fun. The story was good, especially at the end when it all comes together, but the sneaking around, the insane amount of dangerous traps, the lack of supplies, confusing town layout and unclear directions made it a very difficult game. I’m all for changing the gameplay but I don’t think it was executed well here as it was more frustrating than it was refreshing. It wasn’t really for me and didn’t fit my character’s playstyle. I can’t even imagine how people are playing this with Hardcore mode on. On the other hand, you get quite a bit of value here. My in-game counter clocked me in at just about six hours for Dead Money and that’s not including deaths and retries…and there were many of those, believe me. I only wish I took that level 20+ warning a little more seriously at the beginning as having higher skills in the non-combat areas would have helped me tremendously and made this piece of DLC a little less frustrating.
60 (Feb 24, 2011)
Fallout New Vegas : Dead Money s'appuie sur un background solide et une ambiance très travaillée pour proposer, l'espace de quelques heures, une expérience à part. Cette dernière n'est, hélas, pas vraiment concluante : constituée d'une succession linéaire de missions peu motivantes qui font la part belle à une action répétitive au détriment des relations sociales, l'aventure déçoit un peu, même s'il faut reconnaître qu'elle propose un challenge appréciable. Du coup, l'augmentation de la limite de niveau représente l'argument principal en faveur de l'acquisition de Dead Money, une extension honnête qui ne laissera pas un souvenir impérissable.
Just Push Start (Mar 18, 2011)
The add on content as a lot of potential, but those who become impatient rather quickly might lose interest just as fast especially since it shares the technical issues that the main game has. For other Fallout fans this may just be the excuse to pop their copy back in for a few more hours running through the wasteland.
50 (Aug 21, 2011)
The payout in Fallout terms isn’t bad. If you have a decent carry weight, and empty your pockets towards the end you can make out with a substantial amount of caps. There’s also a perk or two that might come in useful for some players, but the cash is where it’s at for this one. For some reason, Dead Money just didn’t click with me. And it doesn’t help that the holographic enemies are annoying and stupid. Should you buy it? Well if you own New Vegas I would say yes. It raises the level cap, throws some so-so perks in there, and gives you a substantial amount of loot to take back to the Mojave if you play your cards right. But the road you have to take to get all the good stuff is a road full of potholes of suck.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Jan 18, 2011)
Att Obsidian satsar på något nytt har jag full förståelse för, jag önskar bara att de hade gett något som faktiskt hade roat mig. Dead Money har frustrerat mig ordentligt under hela resan och jag har aldrig känt under tiden jag har spelat att jag har haft roligt. Miljöerna har inte känts intressanta och den nya spelmekaniken som Obsidian har infört känns tråkig och frustrerande. Ska man säga något gott är det att Dead Money bjuder på nytt tänk och att man har en hel del att göra. Dialogerna med surgubben man jobbar för och sina kollegor innehåller en hel del intressanta detaljer kring vad som egentligen har hänt i och kring Sierra Madre-kasinot. Hela handlingen som målas upp med hjälp av datorloggar, papper och annat är även den ganska bra. Många kommer säkert att få ut mycket nöje från Dead Money, problemet här är väl bara att jag inte alls fann det intressant. Nästan bara frustrerande och tråkigt.