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100 (Aug 23, 2011)
I know this was light on details, but details make this one. Even the setup is too good to give away. Just grab this one, and trust me when I say it is easily the most entertaining thing that’s been released for Fallout New Vegas thus far.
Game Watcher (Aug 10, 2011)
In the end I knocked it down a little because yes, assets do get reused (no matter how imaginatively), it’s very talky in parts (no matter how good the talking) and to be fair there will be Fallout players out there who will hate it just because it chucks realism and grittiness out the window. You will love it though if you chose the Weird Wasteland perk, loved the Vault filled with Garys in 3, or just don’t mind playing through an extremely funny and well-written DLC pack that throws interesting surprises at you all the time, rewards exploration greatly, and packs more imagination and play-time in it than nearly every other full-priced game out there.
Fallout: New Vegas: Old World Blues is, without question, one of the strongest Fallout expansions yet. It manages to offer up a lot of gameplay (at least 10 - 12 hours depending on how much you want to explore) and loads of new play options. It's strongest feature, however, is its humor. It is just funny. Even though you're doing little more than going on fetch quests - the bane of RPG life - you're always rewarded with some humorous line or item that keeps you wanting to go forward. Most of the time, I kept playing just to see where the game would go next. Even if you felt a bit burned by past Fallout expansions, Old World Blues is a "Must Buy."
3D Juegos (Jul 22, 2011)
Old World Blues es, de momento, el mejor de los contenidos descargables para Fallout New Vegas. Sentido del humor, buenos combates y un planteamiento argumental muy atractivo para un DLC por el que merece la pena pagar 9,99 euros o 800 Microsoft Points.
Digital Chumps (Jul 21, 2011)
Fallout's modern interpretation may have started to show its wrinkles, but Old World Blues remedies an aging formula by resurrecting the series' latent dark humor and pushing it in the spotlight. The Big Empty's rousing collection of psychotic and hilarious character are among the most entertaining in New Vegas, and engaging them turns conversation from a necessary slog to a riotous affair. On top of that the considerably large new area, complete with a ton of loot to find a buildings to explore, helps race Old World Blues to the front of the pack.
Thunderbolt Games (Aug 01, 2011)
Above all, Old World Blues is certainly a huge step up from Honest Hearts. Although its narrative barely holds a candle to Dead Money’s, the escapade at Big Mt. should be regarded as the former’s significant other; bringing complete closure to the Sierra Madre experience and vice versa. The journey most certainly has its challenges, but the rewards more than compensate for the time spent enduring another one of the Old World’s forgotten nightmares. No doubt, this is one venture that any Mojave traveler shouldn’t go without. Let’s give it up for Science!
IGN (Jul 22, 2011)
After playing Dead Money and Honest Hearts, Old World Blues was a great surprise. Sure, the gameplay formula is typical Fallout -- fetch quests, exploration, killing, and moral decision making -- but it’s wrapped in a genuinely humorous package. That plus the boosted level cap, new arsenal and charming characters make this package well worth the $10 or 800 Microsoft point price tag.
65 (Jul 22, 2011)
Fallout New Vegas : Old World Blues est une extension encourageante. Basée sur un pitch délicieusement absurde, dans l'esprit des comics de science-fiction des années 50, elle vous propose de parcourir une vaste zone dotée d'un contenu généreux. Il ne lui manque que l'essentiel : de vraies missions, autrement plus motivantes que "ramène-moi ce truc, je te dirai à quoi ça sert". Le Grand Rien reste malgré tout un formidable terrain de jeu à conseiller à tous ceux qui ne sont pas particulièrement exigeants en matière de quêtes. Mais il faut bien l'avouer : on attend encore mieux de la part d'Obsidian.