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PSX Extreme (Aug 25, 2008)
All in all, if you're looking for a great racing sim, Ferrari Challenge should be on your map. With a promise to feature every Ferrari ever made via downloadable updates, on top of a proper physics engine, you're getting one of the most complete licensed products out there. This isn't just a quick cash-in attempt, this is the work of a team, and their boss, who are genuinely sharing their passion with us. The graphics engine runs very well, demonstrating good lighting, solid picture clarity, and beautiful car models. Ferrari Challenge is definitely worthy of the Ferrari namesake, and is one of the racers I'll be holding onto for many years to come.
83 (Jul 06, 2008)
Overall Ferrari Challenge is a very decent game, it offers a fun and realistic driving experience in 32 of the best cars you will ever drive and it gives you a real buzz at the same time. Sure this game may have its flaws but if you love Ferrari and racing then this is an experience you shouldn’t let pass you by.
IGN UK (Jun 27, 2008)
Throughout Ferrari Challenge there’s a clear sense this game isn’t out to woo the casual racing fan. Instead, it’s a hardcore sim, a love letter to both Yu Suzuki’s classic arcade racer and everything that’s rolled through the gates of the Scuderia’s factory. It often frustrates and is at times rough around the edges, but shining through these flaws is a game with heart and passion. System 3 has managed to produce a thoroughbred racing experience that manages to retain so much of the charisma of its source material - and for those so inclined its one of the best racers available on the PlayStation 3.
Cheat Code Central (Sep, 2008)
Ferrari Challenge is an accessible racer. It will lead beginners by the hand and allow them to take the training wheels off when they are comfortable. Racing enthusiasts with a penchant for expensive cars will drool over this offering. The lack of good racers on the PS3 puts this one on the top shelf for the time being, so you might want to grab it while it's hot.
82 (Jul 27, 2008)
To conclude, what you've got here is a solid little racing game with plenty to keep you entertained. Some frustrations, mainly down to save points and a shabby model system, drag enjoyment down a notch. The Ferrari license may indeed hinder sales rather than gain them, I doubt gamers want to be forced to drive only Ferraris and might opt for the excellent Forza 2 or GT Prologue for sheer variety instead. This would be a shame, however, because Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli offers a genuinely challenging and immersive experience.
81 (Jul 18, 2008)
Ferrari Challenge: Trofeo Pirelli es un gran juego de carreras que viene a cubrir un espacio aún poco desarrollado en PlayStation 3. Dejando de lado Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, que para algunos sólo es una demo de un juego que aún está por venir, no hay grandes simuladores de conducción en la consola de Sony. Así, con una gran experiencia jugable e impregnado de la mítica esencia de la Scuderia Ferrari, este juego encandilará a los amantes de los juegos de conducción y, en especial, a los fans de la marca del cavallino rampante. Sólo la escasa variedad de coches y modos de juego puede jugar en su contra, pero el sueño de Enzo Ferrari sigue vivo.
PlayDevil (Jan 23, 2009)
"Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli" is a good buy for any hardcore racing fan. The game is definitely aimed more at the Forza/Gran Turismo end of the market than the likes of PGR. There's a lot of licensed content, with promises of more to come very regularly, which can only be a good thing. However, the lacklustre menus and lengthy races may put many people off before they get into the game. However, if you persevere, then you will find possibly the ultimate game for any Ferrari fan.
UltraNinjas (Jul 11, 2008)
So, whether you pick up Ferrari Challenge boils down to whether you enjoy a more exacting driving experience and if you don’t really care for a more flashy, glitz-and-glam career experience. You can’t argue that at its core, the game presents you with a very rewarding, very solid handling model that’ll force you to concentrate more than pretty much matches anything available right now on the console market, but by the same dint you can’t also ignore the slight AI and damage issues that Gran Turismo games past have been panned for too. There was no way that Ferrari Challenge was ever going to appeal to the broad audience that Polyphonic’s multi-manufacturer colossus does, but until GT5 graces our shelves you could do much, much worse than taking one of Eutechnyx’s shiny red cars for a spin.
Worth Playing (Sep 21, 2008)
Ferrari Challenge: Trofeo Pirelli is a very tough, rewarding game that caters to a more hardcore audience. Racing simulation addicts and car buffs will love the way the title looks and handles. They will also love the large number of modes and vast library of cars available from one of the legendary car manufacturers. Those who lean toward more arcade racing will find that Ferrari Challenge still looks good and moves fast but becomes brutal for those who make even the slightest mistake. If you want a racing game that gives you room to make a few minor mistakes, look elsewhere unless you like breaking a few controllers. If you want something that will challenge you and even teach you how to drive fast, Ferrari Challenge is your game.
Gameplanet (Aug 14, 2008)
Ferrari Challenge is a well-rounded driving package, and even though once again we find ourselves playing a modern racing simulator with inconsequential vehicular damage, the level of attention paid to the handling and overall accuracy more than makes up for it. Great fun, even if it is a bit anti-social.
With a solid roster of Ferrari models (old and new) to choose from, a realistic representation of the Ferrari brand and various race tracks, and very intuitive gameplay mechanics, there isn't a reason not to find enjoyment within Ferrari Challenge. Considering this title will be compared with the likes of Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport, Eutechnyx did a great job on giving this title its own legs to stand upon.
In light of all the changes in the racing genre during the last five years, Ferrari Challenge feels like an anachronism. Still, the hardcore racing sim is underrepresented on the PS3, and genre devotees should find this a suitable substitution until the endlessly delayed Gran Turismo 5 is released. Everyone else should look elsewhere for his or her automotive thrills.
75 (Jul 29, 2008)
errari Challenge hatte so viel Potenzial! Lässt man die lasche KI und das noch viel unsäglichere Debakel mit dem Onlinemodus außer acht, machen die Fahrten in den Maranello-Rennern aber sogar richtig Spaß – zumindest mit einem FF-Lenkrad, bei dem nicht ständig bei jedem Rutscher automatisch gegengelenkt wird, auch wenn man es gar nicht will. Die Fahrphysik kann insgesamt überzeugen und auch die vielen Ansichten (inkl. Cockpitperspektive), Spielmodi sowie die detailliert modellierten Fahrzeuge tragen dazu bei, dass Ferrari Challenge gerade noch im guten Bereich der Wertungsstartaufstellung landet. Trotzdem hätte hier viel mehr drin sein können und müssen.
Da Gameboyz (Sep, 2008)
If you are looking for the next great next-generation racer then Ferrari Challenge: Trofeo Pirelli is not quite it. That being said, the game does feature some solid visuals, good sound and enjoyable gameplay. There is no question that Ferrari Challenge remains one the better PS3 simulation racers available. Bottomline, it is a solid purchase for those with a hunger for a new quality sim-racer now that GT5 has been out for awhile on Sony’s monster console.
TotalPlayStation (Oct 24, 2008)
Deep down there is a good game to be found here, but only racing nuts and Ferrari enthusiasts are going to stick around to find it. The game could be highly enjoyable, but some decisions favouring realism over fun detract from the experience.
ZTGameDomain (Sep, 2008)
The biggest problem with Ferrari Challenge is the same one that plagues most racing games that choose to focus on one specific vehicle; lack of variety. Granted this isn’t really something you can knock the game for because you know from the outset that is what you are getting into. The handling and physics are tremendously impressive and the visuals have moments of brilliance, but unless you are a Ferrari fanatic you will likely grow tired of the linear career mode quickly. However, if you are in the market for a nice compliment to Gran Turismo or Forza there are few games that match the level of detail found in Ferrari Challenge, just make sure you really love these dream cars.
Gamestyle (Jun 03, 2009)
Overall Ferrari Challenge is a welcome surprise, even for a Brawn GP/Honda fan. The attention to detail and responsive handling make for a thoroughbred racing experience, with plenty of challenges for the dedicated Ferrari fan.
Gameplayer (Aug 29, 2008)
Taking all of this into account, should you, the discerning hardcore petrol head, stop playing GRID, Forza 2, and GT5 Prologue to snap this game up? Well, if you’re not a passionate fan of Ferraris, then probably not. But if you have already clocked the aforementioned racing juggernauts, and you’re looking for a technically solid, well handling, occasionally iffy looking experience, this could well be the game that keeps you satisfied until the next bunch of big racing sequels come around for another lap.
PlayStation Universe (Sep 18, 2008)
Ferrari Challenge is made for the fanatic Ferrari fan. If you fit that description, this game is undoubtedly for you. If not, give it a rent before you make a decision.
Gamernode (Sep 15, 2008)
There isn't anything particularly stunning or ground breaking about this game. It's just your everyday racer with a truckload of Ferraris. But if you like sim racing games, this may be one to add to your collection.
GameFocus (Sep 30, 2008)
The game is worth checking for the love of the Scuderia while the others might want to stay away from it since car variety and total car destruction is not available here.
70 (UK) (Jul 09, 2008)
Overall though, Ferrari Challenge is a promising physics engine welded to a game that may be a little too anal for its own good. Dedicated followers of the brand will obviously find much to enjoy, as will those who like their racing dry and technical. It's just a shame the game doesn't do more to win over everyone else.
70 (Jul 08, 2008)
Ferrari Challenge is a solid racer backed up by strong presentation and some decent online multiplayer. There's also promise of regular free and premium downloadable content which could well extend the game's lifespan considerably. The real question is whether you should stop playing GT5: Prologue or GRID and strap yourself into the seat of a Ferrari? If you've already picked out the interior of your dream Ferrari then it's time to buckle up, otherwise you'll find better elsewhere.
Ferrari Challenge is clearly made by fans for fans. The thing is, if you're a fan of other cars too you'll be left wanting more. Still, this is a slick and generally satisfying ride.
AceGamez (2008)
Ferrari Challenge is a largely no-frills affair with little interest in pulling in gamers who have been brought up on a diet of more forgiving, user-friendly racers. Nevertheless, if you're willing to put in the effort and push past the unforgiving difficulty and slightly rough edges, you will find an extremely deep racing experience that few other games can match - and with constant updates promised in the form of downloadable cars and tracks in the near future, this could turn into the game of choice for those with a taste for the more technical side of racing - at least until the release of GT5. The Ferrari passion might be slightly misplaced, but make no mistake, it's here in droves. Like Yu Suzuki before him, Mark Cale and his team have created a game that does the badge and the Scuderia proud.
Like buying a Ferrari without power windows or remote entry, you can’t help but miss the complete package despite how this racer drives. Ferrari Challenge is the racing game for impatient people. You start the game with a Ferrari F430, which is sort of like being born Paris Hilton in that your life’s been spoiled by fortune. The game’s sense of progression is further halted by the fact that you can’t modify these cars. The driving mechanics feel good; pushing a bunch of Italian monsters to their limits without panicking about scratching the paint is certainly exciting. I just wish there was more race variety here to help differentiate this from other, fully featured, racers.
68 (Oct 16, 2008)
Ferrari Challenge: Trofeo Pirelli is a decent title that aims to please Ferrari lovers while giving fans of the genre something a little different to play with. Ultimately the game is fun to play in spurts but the lengthy races and average online mode put this one behind some of the system’s best.
IGN (Sep 03, 2008)
Ferrari Challenge does a handful of things right, especially the core racing engine, but the experience isn't nearly robust as it could, and should, be. With Ferraris being your only option to drive, there isn't a ton of variety to speak of, and you don't get the same feeling of progression as you do with other racers. If you're a hardcore Ferrari fan, it may be worth checking out, but only do so if you're looking for the driving experience and not the bells and whistles that you'll find in other racers.
Ferrari Challenge is a game with many flaws, but beneath these flaws beats the heart of solid racing title for those looking for a challenge. Though if you aren't mad for the Prancing Horse, you are likely to quickly tire of the single manufacturer approach when there are a bevy of other racing titles out there with more bang for your buck.
GameSpot (Aug 27, 2008)
If you're a fan of all things Ferrari, then this game's healthy list of classic and modern Ferraris, varied tracks, and solid racing models is probably more than enough justification to make this a must-have. However, if you're a racing fan who is interested in more than just Prancing Ponies, then there are more rewarding and varied experiences to be had out there on the PlayStation 3.
60 (Jul 04, 2008)
Ferrari Challenge avait un potentiel certain. Beaucoup de modèles, un gameplay simple mais très sympa, du jeu en ligne... Des plus aussitôt voilés par à-peu-près autant de points noirs qui l'empêchent de dépasser le rang de titre correct.
Console Monster (Jul 21, 2008)
Ferrari Challenge is not a great game, nor is it very good, it’s more of your average racer. However, Ferrari enthusiasts will undoubtedly get more out of this game, but the more serious racer who wants more cars and tracks should opt for Gran Turismo 5: Prologue or Race Driver: GRID. With its fast, dodgy handling and a mixed bag of visuals, Ferrari Challenge is more your family motor than a luxury one in the gaming world.
Boomtown (Jul 10, 2008)
Ferrari Challenge is competent, fairly pretty with a rather good handling model. But it's so very dull to play. You might argue that "Adventure, excitement, a jedi seeks not these things" and that a real racing fan should get the joy from just playing such a good handling model. But that's not good enough. We're not here to review one aspect of a game, but the total package. And in that terms Ferrari Challenge fails. It's a noble failure with much to admire, but it is still a failure. All very well harping on about the handling then have to contend will really terrible damage modelling. Here's a clue to racing developers right now. Go play Race Driver GRID, copy that, but put in the good handling that Codemasters forgot. Count your money.
55 (Jul 11, 2008)
Ferrari Challenge porte mal son nom en ce qui concerne le challenge et ne s’adresse définitivement qu’aux fans de la voiture rouge. Avec des courses trop longues et avec de nombreux problèmes techniques, mieux vaut laisser la Ferrari au garage.
GameZone (Sep 08, 2008)
For the players who love the Ferrari brand to death and want a game that demands every ounce of patience they possess, there might be something valuable hidden within Ferrari Challenge. But know that most players will not be able to find it.
JeuxActu (Jul 28, 2008)
Après avoir déçu son public en décembre dernier avec une version DS peu enthousiasmante, Ferrari Challenge : Trofeo Pirelli ne parvient pas non plus à séduire les fans de la marque italienne, qui attendaient un affichage en HD pour se réconcilier avec lui. Intéressant et prometteur sur le papier, Ferrari Challenge : Trofeo Pirelli est victime d’un développement qui manque clairement d’ambition et d’un pilotage, où les sensations sont tout simplement abonnées aux absents.
50 (Jul 30, 2008)
Ferrari Challenge: Trofeo Pirelli is een matig racespel. De wagens ogen en klinken weliswaar prachtig, maar het spel barst van de kleine onvolkomenheden. Bovendien valt de kunstmatige intelligentie zwaar tegen en is de wegligging van de wagens allesbehalve optimaal. Gelukkig weten de degelijke besturing, de solide online modus en de enorme spelduur het spel te behoeden voor een ondergang, maar dat neemt niet weg dat er een overdosis aan plezierbeperkende elementen aanwezig zijn.
Game Revolution (Sep 12, 2008)
Broadly speaking, however, this game gets the racing essentials right: You drive fast cars through different events in a variety of locales. If you don’t mind your driving physics closer to Burnout than to Gran Turismo, there’s enough here to make it worth a look. But sim racing fans will find it sorely lacking in key details, and arcade racing fans will find the game far too boring and long-winded for their taste. Within just a few races, you’ll have experienced most of what this game has to offer. If the devil’s in the details, this game is as saintly as Princess Peach’s chastity belt.