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God of War III Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Intro and other storytelling cut-scenes use somewhat unique way of presentation.
Main menu.
Olympian gods do not appear too concerned with advancement of the titans.
Tutorial will cover some basic movements with each of the weapon or artifact you wield.
Kratos is still as strong as ever, and he needs no rest to replenish his strength.
Using a special whirlwind magic attack against an unknown monster which emerged from the sea.
Kratos will automatically move in the way that befits his surroundings and camera will follow no matter where you are.
Kratos taking on the centaur.
Wings you took from Icarus in the previous game will be at your disposal from the very start.
Opening up the belly of the beast.
Some enemies will be persistence, but you can stomp them down.
As in previous games, quick-time events will happen all the time during battles, especially against bosses.
Kratos is merciless to the max when fighting gods in this game, the violence is taken to a whole new level.
At certain vistas you'll be able to zoom and full explore the distant landscape.
Saving some poor soul from being the prisoner of underworld.
Grapple strike against the soldier of the underworld.
This minotaur is far from matching strength.
Kratos will have a handful of mechanisms and contraptions to mess around with on his journey to Olympus.
With blades of Hades you can tear out the souls of your enemies.
The infamous splitting-in-half move is always present in GoW games.
Brutal fight against lion-snake-something.
Using ballista to strike down Helios.
Use your bow to agitate harpies which can carry you across the chasms.
Use glowing light posts to save your game progress.
With the head of Helios you can see in dark and also stun the enemy.
Kratos and Athena discussing what to do with Pandora's Box.
Head of Helios allows you to see things that only Olympian gods can see.
Kratos versus Hercules.
Hell hound is trying to chew more than it can handle.
Fighting the statues that came to life.
Aphrodite seems to be having fun... I hate to interrupt, but...
Can you withstand the temptation of goddess of Love?
Approaching Tartarus, a place of eternal torment.
Lightning strike can easily throw away simple grunts.
Collect red orbs to power up your weapons and deal greater damage.
Armored minotaur may not be skewered so easily, but snapping neck is next thing to try.
Special sword attack while invulnerable does not last nearly as long as we would like.
Free faaaaaaaalling!!
There is a huge amount of unlockable making-of movies all in HD.
Kratos is bearer of ill news for all the Olympian gods
Hack, wham, splash, that's the only language Kratos speaks
Time to take out these pesky tentacles
Gaia and Kratos only have a temporary alliance
Taking a swim in a river Styx
Minotaurs are like cows for slaughter for Kratos
Breaking the horn of a lion-like beast
Kratos, the challenger of gods
Hercules is not known as strongest without a reason
Fighting Cerberus hell hound