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PlayStation 3 version

Main menu
Kratos is tired of living as the gods' puppet.
Kratos is following tutorial to the letter.
Finishing the enemy on the ground.
GoW - Kratos can attack while jumping as well.
Splitting the enemy in two... brutality to the max.
Using quick-time events to shake the hydra a little.
Strength is his forte, agility... not so much.
Everyone knows Kratos for his bad reputation.
Clipping the harpy's wings.
Food or no food, that is the question.
Beams of light serve as save game points... notice the default non full-screen mode.
You can upgrade your weapons and skills.
Climbing and jumping to the other side.
Open chests for health, mana and other useful items.
A lovely room of death.
When in god mode, you are virtually indestructible.
Pushing a payload on top of a pedestal to trigger something is very common in the game.
After killing Medusa, you'll be able to use her head to turn enemies to stone and crush them.
Contraptions, riddles, traps... this game has it all.