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Written by  :  MAT (204299)
Written on  :  Jul 24, 2010
Platform  :  PlayStation 3
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Terrifyingly beautiful experience

The Good

After Fahrenheit, seeing a game as a playable movie with a touching story perplexed with sad, funny, touching, and downright admirable moments, I was blown away. By emotions the game bestowed upon me, by the brilliance put to life by game's creators, and although the game wasn't entirely perfect, I waited five long years for the next generation one, a Heavy Rain. At the time, next-gen consoles just came to life, and there was some introductory movie about this game's casting. Even that small portion had a great impact. Thus, now knowing what this game is about, I was waiting its release with the utmost impatience.

This game is no Fahrenheit. Not even close. And even though the ambiance is on par, this game does not focus on variety of feelings, it centers on one in particular... a feeling of sadness. Maybe that is what moves some of us, and this game certainly put a lot of details in making a fine line between the player and the game character. Even though player can connect with them all, it is a safe bet to say the most mind-shattering feelings will be when controlling Ethan.

I am a big fan of linear games, a really big fan of linear games, and this game is far from it. And I love it. You can do anything you want in the game, no matter which character you control, you can try and save someone, you can try and get yourself killed, you can do this and you can do that, whatever you can think of... with whatever and whoever you can interact with. Not only do you have a huge variety of actions you can do, but also a huge variety of endings you can reach. Some are sad, some are less sad, I wonder if any could be called entirely happy, though. But as you play along, I don't think you will expect anything, you will just want everything to unveil as you would expect by the result of your actions. You can also hear what's on your character's mind as you're controlling them.

The graphic is something incredible, unexpectedly beautiful and real. From character facials to objects and weather effects. Cinematic direction is rather well done, and musical score works great with cinematics, especially Ethan's theme which is so often repeated. The atmosphere of the game is it's strongest elements.

The Bad

Although voice-acting is good, it can sometimes sound over-exaggerated making it look more like a rehearsed play than an actual event.

This game allows you to do anything, even fail in oh-so many ways, thus proceeding forward with the story if you failed at something, not giving you a possibility to try again, which may eventually result in an unwanted ending or a future event.

The Bottom Line

This is a great game that really pushes your mind to the limits. How far are you willing to go to save the one you love? You will probably ask yourself that question over and over again as you play this game. Someone once asked "Did they wanted to create the most depressing game ever?", and the question stays true to the nature of this game. Although so beautiful in so many ways, there is a big deal of pain to be felt while playing this game for sure.

You control four different characters throughout this game, each of them with no connection to one another, with Origami Killer case as only common point to begin with. Their paths will cross, may cross, or will stay alien to one another as you try to save killer's next victim. And the killer's identity is really well camouflaged, it sure came shocking alright.

Thus far, game with the strongest impact on the player, if I do say so myself.