Heavy Rain Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

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PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Prologue will provide you with all the needed gameplay hints.
You can hear the character's thoughts which change depending on the mood or current location.
Good thing kids are playing in the garden.
Screen will often display multiple location simultaneously so you know what's happening elsewhere at the same time.
Main protagonist, Ethan Mars... two years after the tragic event.
Preparing some dinner for Shaun.
Actual conversations work similar to listening to your character's thoughts.
Ethan has sudden blackouts where time passes and he is not aware of what happened during that time.
Scott Shelby, private eye hired by the families of the victims to find the serial killer.
Questioning Lauren about her son's death.
Some of the characters are not too fond of subtlety.
Quick-time events during cinematic-like gameplay are the base of this game.
Loading screens feature the character you are about to control in the next chapter.
Arriving at the crime scene.
Agent Jayden uses ARI to track down the killer and scan the clues right in the virtual device.
Talking to the psychiatrist.
Help the chief of police tie his tie while we're at it.
Special luxury office for our FBI very special agent.
It's easy to change the office and check the clues with ARI at your disposal.
Ethan Mars, reporting his son's disappearance.
Buying some inhalers in a food store... yup, they seem to sell them.
A bad day in the neighborhood.
Nothing like a hot shower to help you sleep... shake the controller to use the towel.
Uncensored versions will not try to hide nude scenes.
Madison in a struggle with the mysterious attackers.
Yup, it's rain and it's cold... hence the title.
The question we are afraid to ask ourselves... Ethan Mars is about to find out.
Which car does this key belong to... let's see if the alarm still works.
Driving the wrong way on the highway, and there's not time to slow down.
Terror on the highway.
Mr. Shelby saving the mother of one of the victims.
Milk bottle heated, diapers changed... there's nothing private eye can't do.
Looking for a way to enter the power plant.
This stakeout may just turn south.
Trying to escape from the police.
Madison is a good samaritan... or a reporter fishing for a story.
Action you take may well change the course of the game as well and it's ending.
Ethan and Madison sex scene (US version, tuned down in JP release)
Surrender or take a leap of faith... the story will continue either way.
Interrogating Ethan Mars.
Some actions require you to use both hands, legs, head and a couple of friends pressing all the necessary buttons.
Sinking fast.
Scott Shelby taking out the mansion guards.
Time to get slutty sexy.
And Paco is hooked like a fish.
Squeezing the answers out of him... literally.
In the lair of a killer.
There's plenty of unlockable artwork in the extras section.