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PSN Stores (Nov 07, 2010)
Hoard is quite frankly a silly amount of fun. Taking control of a dragon, the player is tasked with collecting as much gold as possible, whilst playing on the fear of the people and the economies of the nearby villages. In short, Hoard is a game you can pick up, play for 10 minutes, and almost always walk away from it with a smile on your face.
90 (Nov 16, 2010)
Aside from that, HOARD looks great, it’s fun, it’s easy to play and it is (or should be) mandatory gaming for anyone who likes competitive, destructive fun, arcade style gaming, or something really, really different. How long you keep playing HOARD all depends on how much you like terrorizing the weak, sacking towns and taking sacks of money from innocent bystanders. That said, I trust that a lot of people will be playing HOARD for a very, very long time.
PSX Extreme (Nov 05, 2010)
I got a little frustrated here and there and I still think dragons should be able to move while breathing fire, but besides a few minor drawbacks, Hoard is a colorful, engaging little adventure. Dragons rule, damnit.
80 (UK) (Mar 04, 2011)
With its immediate sense of fun and slick controls, Hoard hooks you in right from the off - whether in campaign mode or competitive multiplayer - and it's also a formula with a surprising amount of depth. Terrorise a town without laying it to waste, and the populace will actually send you gold for your merciful benevolence. Harsh but fair, just how we like it.
IGN (Nov 08, 2010)
Hoard is a refreshing little multiplayer game that lets you be the bad guy for a change. Designed for short matches against other players it's a somewhat limited experience, but burninating the countryside is definitely a lot of fun.
GameSpot (Nov 11, 2010)
This is one of those games that is best played with friends on headsets, and you can also enjoy random matches online as you drain the hoards of your opponents and climb the leaderboards. Indeed, with its simple gameplay mechanics that usually only require the DualShock's two analog sticks and an unrelenting dedication to gameplay over even the faintest pretense of story, Hoard is kept from greatness only by its unsuitable soundtrack, lack of visual variation, and a comparatively lackluster single-player mode. You might also cringe at its slightly expensive $14.99 price tag, which seems a touch too high for the fairly simple experience that it offers. For players seeking a good online multiplayer game for the PlayStation 3, however, Hoard will be a welcome addition to their own hoard of games.