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Jetpack Joyride Credits

50 people (39 developers, 11 thanks)

Big Ant Studio

DevelopersDavid May, David Serafim, Blake Preston, Ben Warwick, Clare Spoelstra, Jarrod Shaffer, Jojo Abdullah
The BigwigsRoss Symons, Michael Merren
Special ThanksKate Millett, Frank Colautti, Paul Lofitis, Peter Lofitis


DevelopersLuke Muscat, Adam Wood, Sierra Asher, Joe Gatling, Jason Harwood, Cedar Jones, Stephen Last, Grant Peters, Peter McNeill, Brent Hobson, Jason Maundrell, Matthew Maguire (as Shath Maguire), Kirby Scarfe, Terry Greisbach
Important GuysDaniel John, Phil Larsen, Shainiel Deo
TestersJohn Carr, Sean Druitt, Rinal Deo, Resa Liputra, Ben Marrinan, Motze Asher, Murry Lancashire, Dean Loades, Michael Dobele, Ryan Langley, Jak56, Imnosuperman, Lordgek
Special ThanksNatalie Clarke, Charmaine Wood, Emma Wood, Janelle Rehua, Calyb Rehua, Motze Asher (and family), Carla Tarrant

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (238915)