Joe Danger Credits

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Hello GamesSean Murray, David Ream, Ryan Doyle, Grant Duncan
Our FriendsUnending thanks to our friends and families for being so supportive and understanding., Love to the Ream family - the Duncan clan - the Murrays - and all the Doyles!
Special Thanks toVicky Taylor, Anthony Legon, Louise Murray, Denis Murray, Eileen Murray, Thank you for believing in us!
SupportRebecca Parnell, Ian Masters, Tom Dussek, Dominic Clubb, Voodoo Kazoo, Richard Jacques, Vivian Lam, Justin Cooney, Shahid Ahmad, Alex Wiltshire, Richard Stanton, Alex Chapman, Joel Benton, Peter Zetterberg, Roger Carpenter, Cumron Ashtiani, Chris Rieley, Everyone at E4E!

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (508413)