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In a world where disc-based retail games rule supreme, it’s a breath of fresh air to see a game like Joe Danger come out; especially during a time when a ton of great games have already been released. But not since Trails HD have I been so hooked on a downloadable game. Just trying to earn all the medals in each race had me playing for hours upon hours. For $15, I think that this game is a steal. I mean, I have $60 games that can’t hold my attention for as long as Joe Danger has and they aren’t nearly as fun. If you love video games and love having fun, then you need to do yourself a favor and download Joe Danger. I guarantee you this, it will be high on top of my game of the year list come December.
TotalPlayStation (Jul 13, 2010)
Hello Games killed it, they really did. Joe Danger is one of the surest things you can find on the PlayStation 3 and deserves to be on every single system out there. It's that good.
IGN (Jun 04, 2010)
In a lot of ways, Joe Danger feels like it was made by Nintendo: it will constantly surprise and delight you, in the way the best first-party Nintendo games do. It's got bright, cartoon visuals, and the level design encourages return visits to look for all the hidden stars and coins. However, it wasn't made by a giant corporation with 30 years experience making games -- it was made by just four dudes, and this is their first project together. These four guys have made one of the most polished, full-featured, and downright fun games available on the PlayStation 3. It's obvious they learned a lot from Nintendo by playing Excitebike as kids. Joe Danger is a joy ride.
Indie Game Magazine (Oct 13, 2010)
Playstation Network does not have nearly as many games as Xbox Live Arcade, but their games seem to be (on average at least) of better quality and value even if they are fewer and farther between. Joe Danger is a shining example of what PSN can offer. The game is robust and fully featured. Joe Danger is a charming title that expertly balances its challenges so that it never gets too frustrating. You’ll get more playing time out of Joe Danger for $15 than you will most $60 PS3 titles. If you own a Playstation, you really should add this game to your library. Go Joe!
PSX Extreme (Jun 12, 2010)
Joe Danger surprised the crap out of me. I’ll freely admit that. It’s just so much fun and so ridiculously addictive. I will say that some of the obstacles in the levels felt a little cheap, and that if you play it long enough, this one can infuriate you (but sort of in a good way). I saw that IGN gave it a 9.5 and I was a little surprised; but then I actually played it and I wasn’t really surprised any longer. I normally don’t cite other reviews but I will add that GameSpot’s 8 is only that low because they harp so much on the multiplayer lacking. You may notice in that entire review they mention almost no flaw concerning the single-player, and that’s about right…there really isn’t a flaw worth mentioning. Some small, minor ones, but that’s about it. You guys gotta try this, plain and simple.
The A.V. Club (Jun 21, 2010)
Hello Games’ debut is a fine stunt in its own right, a game bursting at the seams with play that is never anything less than perfectly focused.
Game Revolution (Jun 24, 2010)
I'm the type of player who has a threshold of patience when it comes to trial and error games, and Joe Danger doesn't come close to crossing it. Far from it. With each challenge, I got better and wanted to get better still at playing the game, which shows just how strong the level design is behind its cutesy colorful exterior. This is one of the best downloadable games to come out on PSN - or just about any download service - and it's easily one of the best uses of $15 you will ever be offered.
Gaming Age (Jun 25, 2010)
It's amazing to say that this little gem came from a development team of only 4 guys, and not a Sega or a Nintendo developer. It is a case of David vs. Goliath where David kicks ass again, and provides enough content, game play, and charisma that many will take notice of this little studio by the name of Hello Games. They will certainly be one's to keep an eye on in the future, and if later titles deliver as much polish as Joe Danger does, that can only mean great things. This will only become a reality if you choose to support their efforts, so by all means; there is no reason NOT to buy Joe Danger, unless you just don't like to have fun for hours on end for a fraction of the price of a full disc game. For me, I have to head back to the starting line, Joe needs my help.
GameFocus (Jul 01, 2010)
Joe Danger arrives on the gaming landscape as a refreshing experience despite its strong resemblances with other titles in the genre. It’s cartoony visuals, bright colors and intuitive gameplay makes it a worth-checking out title. And at a $10 price tag, this is certainly one of the few great titles PSN has to offer. You won’t be disappointed.
DarkZero (Jul 19, 2010)
All in all, Joe Danger is everything that’s great about indie games on consoles. A brilliantly fun title from a small team that have managed to attain a level of polish that people mistakenly assume you won’t get in a game that only costs a tenner. You’d be an idiot to miss it, basically. Oh, and it gets an extra point because we’ve convinced ourselves that it has some cheeky references to Hot Rod, the best film ever made.
90 (Jul 05, 2010)
Joe Danger è un meraviglioso esempio di game design che sottolinea nuovamente, come se ce ne fosse bisogno, l'importanza di far convivere nell'industry videoludica spettacolari produzioni multimilionarie con progetti più semplici e limitati nelle risorse, ma in cui l'attenzione al gameplay e la voglia di sperimentare trovano la loro massima espressione. Lasciarsi sfuggire un gioiellino come questo sarebbe un vero peccato per ogni possessore di Ps3.
Destructoid (Jun 28, 2010)
What it comes down to is that one word I've been tossing around throughout the review: fun. Joe Danger is simply fun. I can't see how I could possibly say anything better about the game.
90 (Jul 08, 2010)
Magnetico. Pulito. Semplice. Profondo. E incredibilmente divertente. Joe Danger può essere descritto con questi cinque aggettivi, senza aggiungere nient’altro. Hello Games, nuovo sviluppatore di soli quattro componenti, riesce a sorprendere tutti: giocatori e addetti ai lavori. E lo fa con un prodotto curato nei minimi dettagli e adatto a qualsiasi tipologia di pubblico, da quello occasionale al più appassionato. Se siete indecisi su cosa acquistare su PlayStation Network il voto (ma non solo quello) potrebbe essere la risposta che cercate.
90 (Jun 22, 2010)
Joe Danger é um dos melhores jogos em formato digital que experimentei, vale cada cêntimo do seu valor e se calhar até mais. Oferece muito mais divertimento que a maioria dos jogos que andam por aí. Se têm dinheiro suficiente na vossa carteira da PlayStation Store para comprarem Joe Danger, comprem-no, acreditam que não se vão arrepender, porque tal como já disse antes, é impossível não gostar de Joe Danger.
90 (Jun 25, 2010)
Don't hazard anymore guesses, Joe Danger is a must own on the PSN. The level of sheer joy and amusement this game will bring is unsurpassed thanks to intelligent development that had its priorities aligned. If this is indicative of the types of games Hello Games is capable of, these guys have a bright future in the cards.
90 (Jun 11, 2010)
Sin hacer ruido, el primer juego de Hello Games se posiciona como la mejor propuesta que podéis encontrar actualmente en la PSN, y además con un precio francamente atractivo (12,99€). Técnicamente es impecable, aunque sin estridencias, y a nivel jugable es sencillamente irreprochable. 2008 fue el año de Braid, 2009 el de Trials HD y 2010 el de Joe Danger. El desarrollo independiente, menos mal, parece que sigue en plena forma…
PlayStation Lifestyle (Jun 09, 2010)
Despite containing and combining elements from a number of different games, Joe Danger feels completely unique. This game will keep you coming back for more as you attempt to boost your score with insane combos. The combination of customization, speed, and combos fit in perfectly into this fun and innovative downloadable title. Joe Danger just oozes out fun and creativity and puts it into one unmissable experience, so do yourself a favor and pick up one of the best titles on the PlayStation Network.
TheSixthAxis (Jun 08, 2010)
It’s good, really good. Hello Games might only be four strong but their first game has production values and a sense of purpose many retail PS3 games can only dream of. It’s a focused, concentrated game, apparently clear of feature-creep and publisher intervention, and manages to tick all the right boxes – let’s hope DLC down the line offers more levels and online multiplayer. In the meantime, don’t miss this one: seriously, it’s fantastic.
Game Informer Magazine (Jun 07, 2010)
Hello Games’ flagship downloadable game does suffer from a lack of variety in its environments and audio, and I’d love to see more challenges that have the old biker interacting with other riders. But those issues only arise for me because of how long I was drawn into the genre-bending gameplay. It’s an ambitious and exciting new franchise, but more importantly it shows off a small developer that deserves some big attention.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Jun 22, 2010)
Joe Danger hade kunnat komma till vilket format som helst, men det är nog egentligen mest välkommet på Playstation 3, ett format som saknar Trials HD och Excitebike. För det är där liknelserna finns, även om Joe Danger också är något alldeles eget. Jag gillar blandningen mellan racing och plattformsspel, och trots en rad olika specialrörelser blir det aldrig särskilt invecklat. Det är väldigt skoj att bara boosta på i full fart uppför ramper och mata in så många trick det bara går i luften samtidigt som man slår en fyrdubbel saltomortal. Spelkontrollen är utmärkt och att jaga sina kompisars rekord är ordentligt beroendeframkallande. Däremot är jag lite besviken på flerspelarmöjligheterna och att det är så bökigt att utbyta banor med kompisar.
D+PAD Magazine (Jun 21, 2010)
With an air of challenge and ruthless competition masquerading underneath a bright child-like exterior, Joe Danger is somewhat akin to the output of Nintendo – there are plenty of facets within the package that can cater to almost everybody. It’s a rare and beautiful thing – the urge for just one more go is seldom seen in upper tier triple-A games, let alone a download-only release. Joe Danger, alongside other single-A games of its ilk, are shattering preconceptions about what is available though the digital distribution network. It has a ridiculously high replay ability factor, it’s a game that is dressed in its proverbial Sunday best with regards to both aesthetic and technical ability, and it makes the age-old videogame designer headache of creating an experience that is “easy to pick up, hard to put down” look easy.
I had some quibbles with Joe Danger, and I had some moments of frustration as well; mostly, though, I just had a good time with the game. The controls aren't perfect, but the mechanics are wildly entertaining. I never felt like corners were cut or elements of the design glossed over. The developers obviously had a blast putting the production together, and that infectious vibe comes through in almost every aspect of the game. The $15 price tag initially gave me pause, but Joe Danger ended up being a terrific value I'll likely be enjoying for a long time to come.
Gamervision (Jun 24, 2010)
Joe Danger is everything I hoped it was. The game’s incredibly fun, highly addictive, and offers a decent amount of replay value to those who wish to complete every last challenge, and stay number one amongst their friends on the leaderboards. Hello Games has done a phenomenal job crafting a game that combines some of the best elements of time-trial racing and platforming into one unique package. Joe Danger makes a strong case for the most enjoyable downloadable game of the year so far, and it’s going to be a tall task for any other game to usurp this title from the throne. Now get out there, and return this daring driver to prominence like he deserves.
Extreme Gamer (Jul 09, 2010)
Joe Danger is the perfect example of a downloadable title. It’s fun, infinitely replayable, and 75% cheaper than most discs you would buy in a store. I really had to stretch to find anything to complain about with Joe Danger, and the few complaints that I was able to find, really do very little to hurt Joe Danger as an entire experience. If Xbox has Trials HD, the Wii has Excitebike and Playstation has Joe Danger, I think it’s pretty obvious who one the sidescrolling stunt racer race. It’s Joe Danger by the way. He won, in case there was still any confusion.
85 (Jul 06, 2010)
Bei kaum einem Spiel schlägt das Nur-einen-Versuch-noch-Fieber so gnadenlos zu wie bei Joe Danger. Schuld daran ist vor allem die unkomplizierte Arcade-Steuerung: Sie flutscht so gut, dass man sich ständig einredet, es eigentlich noch viel besser zu können. Das Absolvieren der Kurse fällt bei weitem nicht so unbarmherzig schwer aus wie in Trials HD. Joe macht deutlich seltener den Abflug als der Ragdoll-Pilot der Konkurrenz. Und doch bietet das Spiel jede Menge Potential, sich in Herausforderungen zu verbeißen. Wenn es mal richtig gut läuft, trifft man alle Ziele, knackt das Zeitlimit, sammelt sämtliche Münzen und macht nebenbei seine PSN-Freunde mit einer astronomisch hohen Trick-Kombo nass. Selbst wenn alles schief geht, sorgen die putzigen Animationen und die euphorisch klimpernde Musik für gute Laune. Schade, dass nicht in alle Teile des Spiels so viel Sorgfalt geflossen ist wie in die Herausforderungen.
Gamer Limit (Jul 07, 2010)
Overall Joe Danger is an absolute delight. Fast, colourful, playable and fun it delivers on every front. That this was produced by a small four person team should be a swift kick in the head for some of those bloated development studios out there. Sure it has frustrations and might loose it’s shine after a few months but for under £10 it’s an absolute essential.
1UP (Jun 08, 2010)
At the end of the day, though, Joe Danger is a truly enjoyable game with some minor quibbles. You can pick it up and race in five-minute sprints when you feel like killing a little time, or you can drill down into it with the level editor and the myriad unlockables. Considering the penny-ante cost of this title, if you're at all interested in racing, platformers, or fun generally, you'd be crazy not to give Joe Danger a try. ... With the ladies.
80 (Jun 22, 2010)
Parfait compromis entre Unirally et Littlebigplanet, Joe Danger est une vraie surprise. Des sauts vertigineux, des pirouettes dantesques et des gamelles mémorables, bref, c'est indubitablement fun. Un joli cadeau de la part des développeurs de chez Hello Games qui réalisent pourtant là leur tout premier jeu. Tout juste pourra-t-on regretter l'absence d'un multi online.
GameZone (Jul 02, 2010)
Joe Danger is entertainment at its purest. While I expected it to be a cute game that would hold my attention in the first hour and then become repetitive from thereon after, it was anything but. What I didn’t expect was how addictive unlocking new courses and playing through the game on multiple playthroughs would be. Enjoyable from beginning till end, even with the spikes in difficulty as challenges became harder at the tail end of the game, Joe Danger has helped put Hello Games on the map as a developer to watch out for.
Gamereactor (Denmark) (Jun 11, 2010)
Jeg håber stadig på lidt ekstra indhold og muligheder i form af DLC, men det skal ikke afholde mig fra at anbefale Joe Danger til alle Playstation 3 ejere med hang til action og pointjagt.
Gamestyle (Jun, 2010)
On the whole though Joe Danger is still popcorn entertainment at its finest. To let its few faults spoil the ride would be like moaning ice cream is too cold. As vivid, frantic and addictive as an arcade-style title should be, this is not just one of the year's brightest additions but also a fantastic calling card for a developer that clearly wants to spread gaming joy. Return the favour and pick this up; it’ll be like giving them back the big thank-you hug that they deserve.
GameSpot UK (Jun 11, 2010)
Joe Danger's single-player action is enormous fun, and it's not just the big things that make it a great experience. Little touches, such as the comic-book visual kaboom when you hit a bomb, the noises made by the crowd as you wow them, or the level name's myriad obscure '80s cartoon references add to the game's already abundant charm. Joe's personality comes through too--his little waves, cheers, and grins as he pulls off outlandish stunts really can't help but make you smile. His crowning glory, though, comes when trying to escape from the game's many shark tanks. The lack of sharing and multiplayer options stop Joe Danger from quite reaching its potential, but the single-player career is brilliantly done. Joe may not be the fastest, the bravest, or the best, but after a few hours with the world's most determined stuntman, you'll be converted to his ways, wowing the crowds and racing toward that coveted Master of Disaster title.
Teletext (2010)
A cheerier, more versatile alternative to Trials HD, that manages to make trial-and-error fun.
80 (UK) (Jun 08, 2010)
If you like collecting things, going fast, beating times, posting scores... If you like videogames, basically, you ought to like this.
NZGamer (Aug 04, 2010)
All in all Joe Danger is great fun wrapped around a retro sound track and some clean cartoon graphics. He’s a likeable little motorhead with a goofy grin and, as with all daredevils, a rather unhealthy obsession with fame and a charming little death wish. So rev up your PS3, bust out your fat Elvis style jumpsuit and cape, and get ready for Danger.