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1999 Eidos game catalogue - Windows/PlayStation (Germany):
    Legacy of Kain - Soul Reaver bietet dem Spieler ein mystisches und monumentales Spielerlebnis. Überschreiten Sie die Grenze zwischen dem Reich der Lebenden und der Geisterwelt ...

    • Raubtierhafte KI verfügt über ein Erinnerungsvermögen und reagiert auf Ihre Handlungen
    • Hochauflösende Grafik schafft ein unheimliches Szenario
    • Keine Ladezeiten durch konstanten Datenfluß
    • Verteufelte Rätsel, 20 verschiedene Widersacher und 11 starke Endgegner

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Press Release - PlayStation:
    Eidos Interactive Announces the Release of the Highly Anticipated Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver for PlayStation

    SAN FRANCISCO, August 18, 1999--Raziel rises to battle the vampire hordes of Lord Kain, in this revolutionary 3D action-adventure game from Eidos Interactive and developer Crystal Dynamics.

    Set amidst eerie, real-time environments with a dark storyline, vengeful vampire Raziel journeys the underworld to Nosgoth where he must become a reaver of souls, as he sets off to destroy his former master.

    In Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, players guide Raziel as he battles his former brethren on the path to his ultimate confrontation with Kain. As Raziel absorbs the clan leader's souls, he gains their powers, which allows him to explore new areas of the world. Featuring dynamic gameplay mechanics such as gliding and soul-devouring to maintain life, plane-shifting, and an innovative hand-to-hand combat system, Soul Reaver revolutionizes the action adventure genre.

    Initial reviews on Soul Reaver from the industry publications and online gaming magazines have been exceptional. recently posted a 9.0 out of 10 score and PS Extreme magazine reported a 98% review score. The PC version will be available in early September. Eidos Interactive, Inc. is a leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment products for the PC, PlayStation Game Console, and Nintendo 64. Eidos Interactive is part of London-based Eidos plc (Nasdaq:EIDSY - news), with additional offices in San Francisco, Paris and Hamburg, Germany.

    Eidos plc also includes Eidos Technologies, a software-based video compression company, and Glassworks, a state-of-the-art post-production facility specializing in digital special effects for the television, feature film and advertising industries.

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    1 000 years ago, the legendary Kain established his power base and embarked on conquering the world for himself. Your soul, Raziel, was captured by Kain and used as one of his henchmen, and as leader of one of the six vampire legions you helped destroy the autonomy of humankind. With the human race completely domesticated, the skies were filled with smoke to block out the sun. . . the vampire age had truly begun; you became the law and Kain was your only master.

    But now you serve a new master. . . Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver places you in a dark netherworld - a world where the soul is your only source of nourishment. As Raziel, you must explore the completely 3D world of Nosgoth - shifting between the material and 'spectral' worlds maintaining the status quo (or not) as you choose. Beware though - your actions follow you like a shadow. The humans may be in your power but the vampires are not and you must be careful who you attack for they may turn against you.

    Though you're not mortal, you must eat to survive in the mortal world. . . and your staple diet is the soul.

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Eidos Interactive Game Catalog:
    Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver pushes the limits of adventure gaming with incredibly fluid graphics and realistic environments. As Raziel, stalk Nosgoth feeding upon the souls of your enemies as you seek to destroy your creator - Kain. Battle five different clans of vampires as you explore a vast 3D world dominated by a ruthless dynasty. Master complex puzzles with your unprecedented ability to interact with objects.

  • Explore the vast 3D world of Nosgoth packed with 60 hours of gameplay
  • Real-time morphing, Shift between the material and spectral realms
  • Seamless gameplay. No load times
  • Over 100 cinematics with 45 minutes of voice-over deliver a dark gothic story

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Back of the box:

    Cast down to the material world, the mysterious entity Raziel seeks vengeance for betrayal by his master Kain. Cursed to stalk the dark realms of Nosgoth, he must slay his undead brethren; only then can he absorb their sould for the energy he craves. Moving between the spectral and material place, Raziel must negotiate puzzles, overcome traps and defy blood-chilling enemies to reach his goal - the final battle with Kain!


    -As Raziel shifts between planes the world 'morphs around him!

    -Bloody hand to hand combat, exploration and puzzle solving.

    -Huge levels with little loading!

    -Stunning gothic architecture with Hi-resolution graphics.

    Contributed by Kic'N (4348) on Apr 07, 2001.