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LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Screenshots (PlayStation 3)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Main menu
Where it all started.
Oops, he missed.
Similarity with Harrison Ford is quite obvious, right.
Switch to other characters to use their skills and items.
Indy's always in search of something relic.
Swinging on a vine to the other side.
There're lot of lego bricks lying around to build stuff.
Indy's whip is as useful as his hat, if not more.
Trashing the Barnett college in order to collect some coins.
Exploring the Barnett college.
Selecting the movie and a chapter to play.
When not adventuring, Indy's just a regular archeology professor.
Even as a professor, Indy's fans are plentiful.
When adventure calls, the professor call will have to wait.
She doesn't seem happy to see him... or wait, maybe she does.
You can pick up objects and use them as a weapon.
Rescuing the slaves, and he's not alone.
Gotta find a working cart in these tunnels to go further down the tracks.
Watch out for lava pit.
Indy can use his whip to pull off some gutsy moves during the fight.
Indy doesn't seem to think the same way as his father which gets them to quarrel a lot.
Interacting with the various devices in order to achieve the goal.
Either he's strong, or legos don't weight much.
Showing off is what usually gets him into trouble.