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1UP (Nov 09, 2011)
With the HD Collection, there's not a whole lot to complain about without feeling like an entitled jackass. If I could make one complaint -- one minor complaint -- it's that some of the cooler bonus features from Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance and Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistance are completely absent from the HD Collection (not to mention the ultra-rare Document of Metal Gear Solid 2). It's true that these extras aren't exactly essential, but at the moment they only exist on last-gen hardware, and with limited print runs to boot. Regardless, the sheer immensity of this collection continues to astound me, and while price should by no means be the ultimate deciding factor in a review, with the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, it's impossible to ignore. Simply put, this single disc will keep you highly entertained for several staycations to come.
95 (Feb 23, 2012)
Containing three individual chapters in perhaps the greatest videogame franchise of all time, this package is absolutely unmissable. People interested in Metal Gear should get this game. People who have cleared each campaign multiple times should get this game. In fact I can't think of many people who shouldn't get this game. Do it. Now
The Metal Gear franchise of games can be summed up in many ways. Pretentious and frustrating come to mind, yet they can also be described as the most innovative, inventive, and influential action game series of all time. One thing for sure, there is simply nothing else quite like Metal Gear Solid and even though this doesn’t include the best game in the series, the original, this HD Collection’s great value lays in the gameplay. While this collection doesn’t give you the complete picture, it highlights many of the reasons the Metal Gear Solid series has such a devoted following. At the end of the day the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is a must buy if you consider yourself a real gamer, or if your just someone who is looking to relive some older Metal Gear Solid titles.
90 (Dec 14, 2011)
Pretty much any flaw you’ll find with this collection is simply a statement on the era of gaming for which these games took place. The collection promises little else than updated graphics, and in that sense they knocked it out of the park. All three games look absolutely beautiful, and if you regardless of your Metal Gear Solid knowledge, this is one collection that is worth picking up. It might just be the best deal of 2011.
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is as good as it gets for fans of Metal Gear. The only way it could possibly have been substantially improved is if it had included an HD remake of Metal Gear Solid (which would be more trouble than it’s worth for a collection like this, as it would have to consist of a remake and not a remaster) and a remaster/port of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, the one part of the Metal Gear canon that remains unplayable on a PS3. While a few little things are missing, they’re barely noticeable and hardly detract from the completeness of the collection. As it stands, this collection is a must-have for series fans and a fantastic second step for newcomers (right after downloading MGS 1 from the PSN, if possible). The individual pieces of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection were among the best their respective consoles had to offer, and having these updates all in one place is too good to pass up.
Game Informer Magazine (Nov 08, 2011)
The Metal Gear franchise has a long history and many exceptional moments. While this collection doesn’t give you the complete picture, it highlights many of the reasons this series has such a devoted following. The fight against The Boss, Colonel Campbell going nuts, the haunting tune as Chrysalis flies by – these are the kind of memorable events that define Metal Gear, and they are just as awesome as you remember.
As an overall package, the quality and quantity on offer here is irresistible. Slightly smudgy textures and some framerate issues mean these HD upgrades don’t match the lofty restoration work seen in the Ico/Shadow Of The Colossus HD combo – yet when it comes to supreme stealthy fun, Snake’s collection remains Solid gold.
PlayStation Lifestyle (Nov 21, 2011)
The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection brings five MGS games to this generation of consoles, with three of them bringing full trophy support and three Platinum trophies. Remastered audio and video makes the games not only easy on the eyes, but quite a bit of old school fun in a new package. The transition into HD isn’t as good as it could have been, but you’re still getting three of the best games in the series — of all-time even — on one disc for one low price. If that doesn’t make an exclamation point appear above your head, I don’t know what will.

If you are a true fan of the Metal Gear Solid series, owning this collection was never in question. If you’re not a fan, maybe you should be. This is a must have for everyone’s PS3 game collection.
IGN (Nov 08, 2011)
When you bundle together three games that people define as "classics," you expect an amazing product. The Metal Gear Solid Collection delivers that. The controls, stories and content so many fell in love with years ago are here, but time shows up as Solid Snake's greatest enemy. Modern conveniences have led gamers to expect certain things from their stealth action, and the early titles don't deliver that. Still, games can't move forward without knowing where they've been, and the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is a welcome, enjoyable glimpse at what once was.
90 (UK) (Feb 01, 2012)
Metal Gear Solid is a potpourri of ideas that insists you take the good with the bad. Certainly indulgent, it's also melancholy, exhilarating, clever, and ludicrous. It's never entirely clear what, if anything, Kojima and company are taking seriously - and the end result, in this collection, is a fascinating chronicle of one of video games' strangest successes.
Gamegravy (May 03, 2012)
Even if you’ve never played a Metal Gear before, this is a game to pick up just on value alone. $40 at release for 3 huge games is a damn near unbeatable pricepoint, and it’s actually pretty amazing, since each game could’ve been sold individually for that price and still made fans and newcomers alike quite happy. Do yourself a favor and pick this up. This is a collection that should not be missed.
85 (Jan 26, 2012)
Si on ne répétera jamais assez que ce type de compilation s'adresse principalement à celles et ceux n'ayant pas eu la chance de connaître ces jeux lors de leur sortie initiale, avouons tout de même que Konami nous gâte avec ce Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. En effet, en lieu et place des deux jeux habituellement proposés, on aura ici droit à trois, voire cinq titres si on compte dans le lot les deux Metal Gear sortis sur MSX. Si le travail effectué est une fois encore réduit à sa plus simple expression, le contenu devrait suffire à lui seul à vous convaincre tant les épisodes PS2 restent emblématiques sans oublier un excellent opus PSP, étonnant dans les directions empruntées, mais ayant sa place dans la mythologie de la série.
Gamekult (Feb 01, 2012)
Compilation indispensable pour qui n'aurait jamais approché la série, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection remet sur le devant de la scène deux chefs-d'oeuvre de l'ère PS2, deux épisodes fondateurs de la saga et le meilleur épisode portable, gratifié d'une prise en main améliorée. Si la présence de quelques soucis techniques mineurs, ainsi que l'absence de certains bonus et surtout du premier Metal Gear Solid (même en version téléchargeable) empêchent d'apprécier totalement l'expérience, on tient tout de même une très bonne occasion de (re)découvrir quelques-unes des oeuvres phares conçues par un Hideo Kojima au meilleur de sa forme et ailleurs que sur Twitter.
BlogCritics Magazine (May 22, 2012)
That being said, he games do not give me the same feeling they once did. Sure, the original releases had their faults, but that did not deter from the story or the world. Now, it does. This could be due to the fact that in this generation we have several game franchises that put you in a similar role and which have all had Metal Gear Solid off of which to build.

In any case, if you are a fan of the Metal Gear series this is a must have. Or, if you are a newcomer to the series who wants to get into the game, this is a great collection to pick up, no one will be disappointed. For the great price of $39.99 with the number of hours of playtime and the amount of games in this collection it is hard to resist.
Digital Spy (Jan 26, 2012)
Sporting three all-time classics and two retro gems - all for the price of an average new release - the compilation represents unbelievable value for money. And the fact that the collection houses definitive versions of each game, complete with extras and enhanced visuals, only adds to the appeal. If you wish to re-sample some of the series' high points, or simply want to see what the fuss is about, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is one of the greatest gaming compilations we've ever played. Not a fan? This is one collection that will fail to sneak up on you.