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Gaming Age (Mar 16, 2010)
In the end, does MLB 10: The Show throw a perfect game? Of course no game is EVER perfect, but damn if it doesn't throw a shutout to the other baseball games out there. Honestly, if you have a PS3, PS2, or PSP, there is no other choice as this game outclasses the competition in every aspect of the game for true fans of the sport. If you don't have one, I can honestly say, if you love baseball as much as I do, then this game merits the 300 dollars to grab yourself a PS3 and enjoy the closest thing there is to being there. MLB 10: The Show is simply the best.
Game Chronicles (Mar 14, 2010)
MLB10 The Show is as close as anyone has come to baseball perfection. Everything from head to toe has been tweaked to provide the best baseball game on the market on any platform. The devil is in the details and Sony is scorching hot with MLB 10 The Show. Now they can add the GCM editor’s choice for baseball games in 2010 to their trophy case.
95 (Mar 19, 2010)
As well as adding music and cheers, you can also create a highlight reel of your player’s best moments, choose to play the game in “real time” and even take part in all the aspects of All Star Weekend (Future’s Game, Home Run Derby and The All Star Game) in Franchise, Season and Road to the Show modes. It is easy to spot problems with this game (glitches online, the announcing) because everything else is virtually perfect. This is a baseball lover’s dream game and is deep enough to keep you playing for a very long time.
If you're looking for a completely new baseball experience from last year's version, MLB 10 The Show will dissapoint you. If you do realize that you are buying a sports game and don't mind the fact that there are no vast, sweeping changes, then MLB 10 should be just fine for the sports gaming enthusiast. Yeah, the gameplay hasn't changed much, if at all, since last year, but then again, neither has baseball for the past century. What MLB 10 The Show does is not try and fix what isn't broken, but simply enhance an already great baseball video game franchise.
Brash Games (Dec 08, 2010)
Truth be told, if baseball bores you, then odds are this game will as well. While a few issues keep the game from perfection, by no means should this be a deterrent. Any game with this much to offer will inevitably have a few hiccups, and you will get over them pretty quickly. The wealth of modes and graphical prowess of this game will keep you engrossed well into next year’s installment. If you consider yourself even the slightest fan of the sport then you owe it to yourself to play this game. It’s as close as you’ll ever get to the bigs.
Worth Playing (Mar 16, 2010)
Thankfully, Sony realizes that it's going to take more than a roster update to keep people interested in The Show, so they have taken great strides this year to please the fan base once again. The overhauls in RttS, especially when it comes to catchers, are much appreciated, and here's hoping they serve as a template for future improvements. While the outdated player advancement system and questionable AI logic need to be examined for next year's title, this year's edition is by all means solid enough to keep players stepping into the batter's box, onto the mound and behind the plate again and again.
Thunderbolt Games (Apr 09, 2010)
MLB 10: The Show is by no means a perfect game, but it comes pretty damn close. No baseball sim delivers the amount of game found here, and more importantly, no other sim accurately portrays the nature of the game better. Its biggest and really only weakness is created by its own strengths, baseball is a deep and difficult sport to learn and The Show appropriately reflects that. The hardest thing to do in professional sports is hit a Major League fastball.
PlayStation Lifestyle (Mar 23, 2010)
Growing up I dreamed of one day playing baseball in the MLB. While I am still waiting on that call, MLB 10: The Show is the closest you’ll ever come to experience playing baseball for a Major League Team. The sheer polish and level of detail mostly overcome the share of problems that hinder it. They don’t stop this from being one of the years best sports titles and the premier baseball game for PlayStation 3 owners. Any fan of baseball, owes it to themselves to add MLB 10: The Show to your collection. It will be hard to put down before the release of MLB 11: The Show.
MLB 10: The Show is definitely worth at least a look. Big time baseball fans will be in heaven with all the features and how realistic it looks and feels. While most simulation sports games can be frustrating and confusing, you'll at least be having some fun with it this time around.
IGN (Mar 03, 2010)
Visually, this is a real stunner. Great animations, nice stadiums, the player's look and feel right. And this is as full a feature set as anyone could ask of a baseball game from the deep and engrossing Road to the Show to a ridiculously in-depth Franchise mode to Online Season Leagues. MLB 10 has it all! But it also has some issues. It's impossible to look past the poor trade AI or the odd decisions from your manager that weaken Road to the Show. MLB 10 edges very close to being the best console baseball game ever made. But it doesn't quite make it there. It's still great, just not baseball perfection.
The Video Game Critic (Apr 19, 2010)
The two-man commentary team is intelligent and insightful, and in one instance I even heard a commentator correct himself! In the crowd you'll notice things like people batting beach balls around, and Tampa's stadium has a pool with actual stingrays swimming around in it. The Show's instant replay system is a pleasure to use, and during crucial situations the controller will throb like a heartbeat. The Show is getting some stiff competition from 2K10, but this game remains a winner thanks to its accessible gameplay, gorgeous visuals, and a commendable attention to detail.
GameSpot (Mar 10, 2010)
It's not hard to level complaints at MLB 10: The Show, but that's because the fundamentals of the game are so good that the bad points really stand out. There is room to make things better, especially given the online bugs, issues with pitching, problems with computer batters, and the too-long load times in Road to the Show. Nevertheless, this is still a great game that gets both the big and small pictures largely right, as well as presents a portrait of baseball that is uncannily realistic.
1UP (Mar 12, 2010)
It'll be interesting to see whether 2K's improvements spur The Show to a wider slate of improvements next year, though. Sony still offers the superior baseball experience, but I actually enjoyed certain aspects of 2K10 a little bit more; unlike last year, this is no Yankees-Royals mismatch.