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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.7
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.7
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.0
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.9
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.1
Overall User Score (7 votes) 3.6

Critic Reviews

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Game Chronicles (Jun 08, 2010)
Annoying load times aside, I can’t fault ModNation Racers for the nearly perfect package that it is, and for that reason I feel safe in proclaiming Sony’s masterpiece the best kart-racing title in the history of gaming. Period.
Gaming Age (May 24, 2010)
Kart racing is back! It's not much of a stretch to say that ModNation Racers is probably the best kart racing game for HD consoles so far. It has loads of personality, solid gameplay, and enormous potential for a strong community thanks to the addictive create/share tools and online functionality.
GameZone (May 05, 2010)
The first time that this United Front Games title was mentioned, it was one of those “gee, another kart racer” moments – but dismiss all those thoughts. ModNation Racers is an intelligent, deep and enjoyable game that takes the ‘play, create, share’ initiative and runs with it. Fun, entertaining, a pleasure to look at and create in – MNR raises the bar for the genre.
Push Square (Feb 06, 2012)
ModNation Racers is unequivocally fun, and that really is its underlying strength. The limitless possibilities complement the game's simplistic nature, forming a package that's both snappy enough for five minute romps, yet deep enough to keep you hooked for entire afternoons. The crux though, is that ModNation Racers will keep your lips locked in a smile no matter how long you play it. Unmissable.
IGN (May 04, 2010)
It’s a shame that something as seemingly inconsequential as the load times is the main problem with a game as good as ModNation Racers, but I guess that speaks to the overall quality of everything else. The driving is fun, the creating is deep but easy, and the community is going to thrive. Sure, you might have to wait a bit longer than you’d like to get to the racing, but it’s honestly not that bad and this game is worth it.
Impulse Gamer (Jun, 2010)
In conclusion, ModNation Racers is not only one of the best kart racers in a long time (dare we say since Mario) but it also contains a great community of shared content that will shed some amazing tracks, racers and vehicles. Although it works well as a single-player, the real gem is through the local and online multiplayer modes that gives it a great party atmosphere. Recommended in more ways than one!
NZGamer (May 06, 2010)
And that’s ModNation Racers! If you think a user-driven, online-focused kart racer sounds like your cup of hot chocolate, you won’t be disappointed. There are a few niggling problems to be found, but overall this is a very slick package.
87 (Jun 08, 2010)
ModNation Recers shows exactly the kind of strong exclusive title Sony needs. Building off the success LittleBigPlanet had with customization, ModNation shows that racing games can be successful with huge amount of customization as well. Fans of casual racers have a must-have title in their hands. Other PS3 owners should at least check it out to have some racing fun.
87 (Jun 02, 2010)
If you even remotely like Kart Racers and are interested in the deep create tools then ModNation Racers is a must buy. Just be prepared to endure some slightly longer than usual loading times and the insane A.I. difficulty in the Career Mode. If you can deal with that you will discover how great ModNation is.
Game Informer Magazine (May 06, 2010)
Sony's new kart racer might finally evolve the genre of wacky combat racing.
Gaming Nexus (Jun 14, 2010)
ModNation Racers isn't the most original game on the PlayStation 3, but what it lacks in creativity it more than makes up in customization. Make your own levels, avatars and vehicles, then share them with the world. Who knew a simple concept could be done this well? If you've ever enjoyed a kart racing game, then Sony's newest racing game is well worth your time!
Absolute Games ( (Jun 27, 2010)
Своим успехом LittleBigPlanet обязана трудолюбивым пользователям. Судя по коллекции великолепных работ на сайте ModNation Racers, эту веселую, наполовину детскую, наполовину взрослую аркаду тоже ждет всеобщее признание. Тем более что моделировать трассы проще и быстрее, чем выстраивать уровни в «платформере».
85 (May 21, 2010)
As a tool, ModNation is an amazing game. As an entire package, ModNation gets held back by some inescapable technical issues of long load times and brutal AI that keep it from becoming the end-all, be-all Kart racing game but is still great. Once the hurdles are passed one way or another, ModNation can deliver captivating gameplay that allows gamers to personalize their game and make the world of ModNation a more creative place. The user created content is going to build a huge, vibrant community and that will be plenty of reason to check out ModNation because this game was made to be played with creativity online and with friends.
84 (May 20, 2010)
Als kreativer Baukasten ist ModNation Racers fantastisch! Als Kart-Rennspiel macht man dagegen "nur" eine gute Figur und fährt dem Klempner aus dem Hause Nintendo hinterher. Auf der PS3 zählt der Titel damit dennoch zu einem der besten Vertreter seiner Art, der immerhin bis in den Windschatten von Mario Kart rasen konnte.
AceGamez (May 25, 2010)
Although home to some of the longest load times since the Commodore 64, ModNation Racers is nevertheless a hugely entertaining kart racer and certainly the first major threat to the Mario Kart throne since Diddy Kong Racing way back on the N64. Balancing issues aside, United Front have delivered an extremely enjoyable core racing experience and surrounded it with a set of creation tools that will set many a gamers imagination alight. Based on the first wave of output alone, ModNation is likely to deliver new and exciting content for many months to come. Mario may need to watch his back.
Level (Jul, 2010)
Unul dintre cele mai faine jocuri cu mașini pe care le-am jucat în ultima vreme. Atât split screen-ul, cât și multiplayer-ul online sunt niște adiții minunate aduse jocului, care te vor ține în fața televizorului ore întregi. Mai ales că split screen-ul suportă până la patru jucători odată, ceea ce garantează distracția. Iar dacă vă întrebați de ce a luat atât de puțin la gameplay, este doar pentru timpii enormi de încărcare.
The single-player game in ModNation Racers is the tip of an endless iceberg of invention, the size of which only becomes apparent when you take it online. You can forgive some of the game's more frustrating aspects in light of the excellent tools for creating and sharing content, and the online races are as much fun as you'll find in any kart racer. Now go and download Wobbly Skull Mountain. I really need the XP.
Giant Bomb (May 26, 2010)
Creative users have already made ModNation Racers a ridiculous kart-racing good time.
Reprenant les bases de création et de partage de LittleBigPlanet, ModNation Racers s'oriente quasi exclusivement vers le multijoueur. Troquant son interface principale contre une zone de rencontre entre les joueurs, le titre axe son intérêt sur la communauté. Qui plus est, le soft offre une prise en main confortable, ainsi que des fonctions de création accessibles et bien expliquées par le biais de vidéos commentées. En dépit d'une réalisation honorable, le soft met en évidence des temps de chargement étonnamment longs et pénibles, ainsi que quelques ralentissements çà et là. Véritable alternative à la référence Mario Kart, ModNation Racers sera avant tout apprécié par son orientation vers la communauté, ainsi que par ses courses nettement moins exagérées sur les armes et bonus.
80 (May 05, 2010)
United Front Games réussit son pari avec ModNation Racers. Désormais, les consoles Sony peuvent elles aussi réunir des joueurs autour d'un concept basique mais fun au possible, à la fois amusant et technique, simple et riche de mécanismes très bien pensés et surtout, parfaitement équilibré. De plus, le joueur collectionneur que vous pouvez être est particulièrement gâté et pour peu que vous aimiez créer et personnaliser à outrance, plus rien ne vous empêche de craquer pour ModNation Racers. Enfin, son aspect communautaire satisfera également les habitués des parties multi et des échanges de données et de contenus.
Worth Playing (Jun 01, 2010)
ModNation is a bit of a curious case, as one audience will find it unforgettable while another will despise it almost from the start. On the one hand, the game's creation and sharing features are second to none, and this title can stay incredibly popular and fun so long as the community sticks around. On the other hand, the single-player experience is pretty awful, and even when you manage to win a race, you'll rarely have any fun doing it. In this case, the good mostly outweighs the bad, but gamers who don't come in totally informed about their purchase could end up getting burned.
GameSpot (May 27, 2010)
ModNation Racers boasts some of the most impressive creation tools yet seen on a console, and the active community is already using them to make excellent content. It also makes sharing content completely seamless, constantly promoting a stream of new material to your console. The single player career can be difficult, and the long load times quickly become a bind, but ModNation Racers succeeds in providing outstanding online sharing facilities and great multiplayer fun.
Thunderbolt Games (Jun 12, 2010)
ModNation Racers’ is a huge beast of a kart racer with a never ending list of fun and challenging things to do. The deep, intuitive creation tools will be the obvious draw for many players, but it’s the clever iteration of the core kart racing mechanics that create something truly special and surprisingly deep. Sadly, ModNation Racers is held back by the ModSpot reliance, unnecessary track design and the frequent, buzz killing load times, but this is a case where the good greatly outweighs the bad. ModNation Racers is easily one of the better kart racing games to date and a worthy bearer of LittleBigPlanet’s mantra.
GamersGlobal (May 23, 2010)
Ein lange unterhaltender, durchaus anspruchsvoller und vor allem guter designter Funracer. Langzeitspielspaß kommt vor allem von den vielfältigen Angeboten, eigene Inhalte zu erstellen -- und natürlich auch, die Kreationen der Community herunter zu laden und auszuprobieren. Für Bastelfreunde, aber auch für eingefleischte Mario-Kart-Fans wärmstens zu empfehlen.
Defunct Games (Jun 15, 2010)
ModNation Racers isn't the most original game on the PlayStation 3, but what it lacks in creativity it more than makes up in customization. Make your own levels, avatars and vehicles, then share them with the world. Who knew a simple concept could be done this well? If you've ever enjoyed a kart racing game, then Sony's newest racing game is well worth your time!
1UP (May 11, 2010)
But hey, maybe you won't have the same impotent fist-shaking experience as I did. Maybe you'll just play online. Maybe you'll spend all day crafting tracks and new costumes for your online avatars using the schwag you win in races. If you do, you'll find ModNation to be a thoroughly enjoyable kart-racing knock-off. Plus you can use the extra down time from the loading screens to finally finish that novel you've been working on!
70 (UK) (May 05, 2010)
United Front deserves to be praised for much that they've done here - putting so much creativity and community in the hands of the player is something which only LittleBigPlanet has pulled off on console before. It's just a shame that that success had to be tempered by a somewhat overenthusiastic approach to the unpredictability inherent in the genre. That said, those with a calmer and more artistic temperament than I, with a little more patience, can probably add another mark to the score - especially online.
True Game Headz (May 27, 2010)
The pull of MNR is the great customization it offers. The editors are top notch and easy enough to use. You’ll be up and racing without too much effort. The pull of sharing something and it becoming a hit is there along with basically having unlimited tracks. I just wished UFG would’ve focused more on a tight racing experience to really pull it all together. Like I said the load time really hinders you from jumping from track to track, or editor with any kind of quickness. You will be cursing more than once if you hit exit or cancel by accident and have to sit through two loading screens just to get back to where you were.
70 (Jul 01, 2010)
Although full of life and vibrancy, it still feels like there's something missing in ModNation Racers. The game may be entertaining against human opponents, but that's not enough to place it above the rest. Minor irritations hinder an experience that is meant to put a smile on the player's face, as there's plenty to improve on for the inevitable sequel. We'd get rid of power-ups completely, or at least, implement them so they don't murder the flow of each race. There's room for one more killer idea here, as the doll-like characters are spot-on, the graphical style works well, and the community is a blast. Right now, the potential for a brilliant second outing shines bright, as ModNation fails to capture the imagination for longer than downloading that Stewie Griffin driver skin.
The Video Game Critic (Dec 17, 2010)
You'd think that after sitting through 30 minutes of mandatory installs and updates, the game would run pretty fast, but that's not the case at all. It's takes forever to start Modnation up, and the wait time between races is pure torture. This game should be called Load-nation Racers! I guess it takes time to load all of those customization options Sony thinks we want so much.