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91 (Nov 02, 2007)
Mit NBA 2K8 stellen die Entwickler von Visual Concepts ein weiteres Mal ihre Begeisterung für den Sport und insbesondere die NBA unter Beweis. Wer die amerikanische Basketballliga schätzt, wird diesen Titel lieben. Kein anderes Spiel transportiert die Atmosphäre und Dynamik realer Matches derart glaubhaft auf den heimischen Bildschirm. Gelegenheitsspieler, die vor Allem auf der Suche nach dem schnellen und zugänglichen Spiel für zwischendurch sind, sind trotzdem mit NBA Live 08 gut bedient. Alle anderen kommen dagegen nicht um NBA 2K8 herum!
1UP (Oct 16, 2007)
But in the end, this game's brilliant A.I. on offense, the lightning-quick load times, the remarkably improved faces of Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki, the new dunk competition minigame, and the removal of 24/7 mode are a load of positives that far outweigh the hang-ups. Madden NFL 08 beat All-Pro Football 2K8, NHL 08 torched NHL 2K8, but there's no doubt NBA 2K8 trumps Live by plenty. It's the hoops game to get this year, and an important victory for 2K Sports.
GameDaily (Oct 04, 2007)
Between the superb presentation, the impeccably deep Association mode, the enjoyable gameplay and the multiple online and off-line modes, NBA 2K8 nails the NBA experience better than anything available on the market.
En conclusión, NBA 2K8 es actualmente la mejor opción de este deporte, todo amante del baloncesto debe tener este juego obligatoriamente. Gráficamente es de lo mejorcito de nueva generación, además de que en general el juego es muy real en todos los aspectos. Ofrece una gran cantidad de modos que nos mantendrán enganchados durante mucho tiempo, el control es muy bueno y adaptarse a él es bastante sencillo. La mayor pega es que los comentaristas no están doblados al castellano y, en menor medida, la IA de los jugadores a veces realiza algunos extraños.
GameZone (Oct 08, 2007)
Games don’t have to look the best to play the best. But when both the gameplay and graphic features are at the top of the league, you know you’re playing more than another annual update. You’re playing the next evolution in NBA 2K.
Overall, NBA 2K8 is a great game to play. It feels very different from last year, which means that the developers didn't rest on their laurels and give us the same game with a few additions. Some of the additions are better than others while some hopefully won't find their way into 2K9, but ultimately 2K8 is still the best basketball experience on the market for those that prefer their sports games to feel real.
Game Over Online (Nov 26, 2007)
NBA 2K8 is a great basketball simulation, and it does a lot of things right. This game sticks with the familiar formula that has made it great the last few years, and that's the best and not so best part of it. I would have liked to see some more innovation, as the game, apart from some minor things, plays very similar to last year's entry. But hey, if it ain't broke, why fix it, right? If you're a fan of basketball games, I definitely recommend picking this one up, as it is the best basketball offering this year.
Daily Game (Oct 24, 2007)
Truth be told, though, even in spite of these offensive shortcomings, NBA 2K8 is a fun game to play and, at least in presentation, mimics a real-life NBA game to perfection. The scoring seems nerfed, which undermines a lot of the good things Visual Concepts has done in NBA 2K8, yet the game still manages to impress and entertain. With a bit more user-friendly attention next year, NBA 2K9 could be the one basketball game to rule them all.
85 (Oct 26, 2007)
Gar keine Frage: Das beste Basketballspiel kommt auch dieses Jahr von Visual Concepts. Die wichtigen Stärken von NBA 2K8 liegen nicht nur in seiner imposanten Fanakustik sowie der umfangreichen Karriere, sondern in seinen natürlich wirkenden Bewegungen, die die Schwere der hünenhaften Profis wunderbar simulieren - manche Center fallen wie Bäume, es gibt wuchtige Kollisionen und verdammt elegante Finessen unter dem Korb. Insgesamt hinterlassen die Animationen einen lebensechteren Eindruck als letztes Jahr. Außerdem wurde die Defensive so verbessert, dass sich Doppeldeckung und kluges Positionieren wirklich lohnen. Aber: Diesmal kann uns die Korbjagd nicht auf dem Niveau des letzten Jahres begeistern. Erstens gibt es grafischen Stillstand, zweitens sind die Dribblings immer noch Glückssache, drittens halten sich die spielerischen Neuerungen nicht nur in Grenzen, sie werden auch noch schlecht veranschaulicht.
85 (Nov 26, 2007)
NBA 2K8 est aussi bon que son prédécesseur. Un poil meilleur même puisqu'il s'affine graphiquement et propose enfin une réalisation au niveau du concurrent direct NBA Live. Un titre que les férus de simulation apprécieront sans modération.
USA Today (Oct 18, 2007)
The gap between 2K8 and its competitors has closed, but the franchise's signature controls and diverse modes keep it at the top of the heap.
GameSpot (Oct 02, 2007)
It is rare to find a sports game where you're in awe of the moves you see onscreen, but it's something that happens routinely with 2K8. Rather than get upset about how the CPU is picking you apart, you'll find yourself admiring how it happened and then resolving to return the favor the next time down the court. It's just too bad that such problems as missed layups, poor instructions, and a somewhat stale association mode are present because even with these problems, NBA 2K8 is one of the greatest basketball games in recent memory. Whether you're a casual basketball fan or a total hoops nut, this is the game for you.
NBA 2K8 excels at just about everything with only minimal gripes that could easily be ironed out next year. I know it is a cliché statement to make that with these improvements the game could really take off next year, but it is true. However, fans of the sport, whether casual or hardcore, should really do themselves a favor and pick up this fantastic hoops sim. The animation system is absolutely enthralling to view, the association mode is deeper than Scrooge McDuck’s money bin, and the overall game looks and plays better than any other title in the genre. Don’t wait for next year if you are in the market for a new NBA title when there is plenty here to love right now.
However, given how this franchise is adapting to stay on top, I have no doubt that it will do whatever it takes to stay there.
84 (Dec 27, 2007)
NBA 2K8 is an impressive game and one which sports fans should add to their PS3 collections. The graphics and audio are great and the gameplay also engrossing. There's a lengthy franchise mode here too which could have you playing for months, unless you tire of the game by then. If there are a couple of downsides to this years title it's that there hasn't been any radical changes or additions to the game to push it up to the next level, and the loss of the 24/7 mode is a little disappointing. NBA 2K8 is on the shelves now, do yourselves a favour and check it out (and certainly choose this over the dire NBA Live 08.
While NBA 2K8 may have some kings to work out in its post game, it's still the best basketball sim on the market.
Retrogaming History (Nov 20, 2008)
NBA 2k8, in attesa dell’ormai imminente seguito, rappresenta quindi il vertice delle simulazioni di basket con buona pace degli estimatori della serie NBA Live di EA. Non è un capolavoro ma sicuramente fornisce ottimamente tutto quello di cui gli appassionati di questo splendido sport hanno bisogno per sfamarsi.
JeuxActu (Dec 18, 2007)
Plus fin que son prédécesseur, NBA 2K8 se présente sur le fond comme la meilleure simulation de basketball actuelle, notamment grâce à une I.A. qui ne fait pas banquette, et un réalisme bien prononcé. Le titre n'est pas mal non plus sur la forme, puisque la réalisation, déjà excellente la saison dernière, s'est améliorée grâce à quelques ajouts visuels agréables. Le gameplay parvient à contenter aussi bien les rookies que les anciens de la discipline. Le jeu en ligne, quant à lui, ne commet aucune faute de goût, et on est déjà curieux de savoir ce que nous réservent 2K Games et Visual Concepts pour la prochaine édition. Bref, si NBA 2K8 n’a pas encore atteint la perfection, il s’en approche.
Gamekult (Nov 29, 2007)
NBA 2K8 remplit son contrat en détrônant son prédécesseur pour devenir du même coup la nouvelle référence du basket sur consoles. Plus beau, mieux animé, plus riche aussi, le titre signe un quasi sans-faute pour le plus grand plaisir des fans qui trouveront là de quoi s'occuper des mois durant. Avec de la consistance en ligne, mais aussi en solo, NBA 2K8 n'a plus qu'à travailler encore un poil le réalisme de certaines phases de jeu pour se rapprocher de la perfection qu'il côtoie déjà par moments.
AceGamez (2007)
NBA 2K8 is still far and away that best game of basketball you are going to find. EA might have got their act together this year, but they are still a way off challenging the almighty 2K series. Naysayers might argue that the engine is due an overhaul, but honestly, when you can release a game this good with the engine that you have, what's the point of starting from scratch? The day that 2K sports have to completely revamp their NBA title probably isn't all that far away, but for the time being this more than suffices; the animations are breathtaking, the gameplay as solid as ever and the list of game modes is as robust as any game on the market. Believe me, this might only be a refinement of previous instalments, but it is a game refined to the point of near perfection.
Gamernode (Nov 11, 2007)
There a number of other problems as well, but it's hard not to suggest 2K8 to anyone in the market for a solid NBA game. The new Association mode will provide plenty to do offline, while online leagues will do the same for those who like playing multiplayer. The core game just plays so well and looks so realistic that it's hard not to forgive it for having all of these other issues.
It’s rare that a series takes as serious a step backwards as NBA 2K8 has this season. It’s missing modes and gameplay features from last year’s game, while adding subtle changes that few players will notice or make use of. Last year the 2K series was the best roundball game on the market by a landslide. This year, it’s dribbled the ball out of bounds with no defender in sight.
IGN (Oct 02, 2007)
In many ways, NBA 2K8 is an improved game on the court. But there are a lot of minor issues that really drag it down. Over the course of my first dozen games, I was in love. But as the season wore on, the issues began piling up to a point that it became a source of frustration. The Lock-on D gaff is inexcusable and the lackluster defensive AI allows decent players to tear it up on offense. Jason Williams should not be dropping 30 points a game. Yet he won the MVP in year two of my franchise. Still, any hoops fan should give NBA 2K8 a look. It's certainly the best basketball game on any system this year. The Association is a solid franchise mode and, if VC can iron out its AI and gameplay issues, next year's model could be something very special.
GamesRadar (Oct 09, 2007)
Ultimately, NBA 2K8 is another superbly entertaining basketball sim with some of the sickest visuals you've ever seen. Hoops aficionados will appreciate the attention to player detail and even-more-intensive franchise mode that's bound to suck away dozens of hours without you realizing it. However, room for improvement abounds, and there's also some serious competition from NBA Live 08, which sports more user-friendly shotmaking and ballhandling controls. Unlike last year, it's no easy cruise to the PS3 basketball championship for 2K this time around.
Game Revolution (Oct 25, 2007)
At the end of the day, NBA 2K8 is a pretty fun jaunt. It's not quite as satisfying as the Celtics adding Kevin Garnett and, Ray Allen to support Paul Pierce in one off-season, but what is? At least you can play as Larry Bird, via the 1980’s Eastern All-Stars. Don't for one second think I didn't spend a couple of hours draining threes from half court with my childhood hero, “Larry Legend”. Just don’t expect me to play NBA 2K8 for much longer than that.